Yukitoshi Shimizu (清水しみずゆきとし, Shimizu Yukitoshi?) was an antagonist from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He was a member of Aiko Hatayama's bodyguard, but later betrayed them and joined hands with the demons.


Yukitoshi is a young man with black hair and black eyes. He also has freckles.

Due to his moodiness and generally very negative emotional state,Shimizu is shown to have a very crazed/haggard physical appearance and is typically shown to have black bags underneath his eyes.


He is an isolated person who doesn't have any friends, so he is described as a mob character. He is always reading books in his seat while he never talks to others in anything louder than a mutter. This is in part due to the fact that he was bullied in junior high and did not want to experience that again. Due to his hobbies and outcast personality, he becomes a habitual truant and constantly has dark thoughts floating around in his mind about his family and classmates.

Yukitoshi had always wanted to be special. However, he also wanted to be the only one who was special among his surroundings. When he thought he got his wish after being transported to Tortus, he learned he wasn't the only one special and wasn't even the hero he wanted to be, which didn't sit well with him. Even when he thought he could proven he was better than everyone else, things didn't go the way he wanted and became depressed. These desires grew into insanity when the demons offered to treat him as their "hero" if he killed Aiko.

Despite wanting to be a hero, Yukitoshi wasn't so strong willed and never cared about anyone. When things didn't go the way he hoped they would, he blamed his failures on everyone around him. This made him rather cowardly and shameless, as seen when he was about to die, he begged someone to save him even after everything he tried to do before.


Yukitoshi Shimizu was an otaku who was bullied in his junior high school life, but he hid the fact to avoid the kind of treatment that would come from it, having seen how Hajime was constantly bullied for it. His anti-social behavior got to a point where even his family was concerned about him. After being transported to Tortus, he was exited to be a hero but had his spirits crushed when he found out he was no more than a side character. He took up the opportunity to travel as one of Aiko's bodyguards in order to experiment with his monster subduing magic.

Yukitoshi was approached by demon named Reiss while he and the rest of Aiko's guards were at the seaside town of Ur. He requested that Yukitoshi subjugate the town and kill Aiko for the demon kingdom. Yukitoshi agreed due to Reiss' promise of being treated like a hero in the demon kingdom. Yukitoshi fled to the mountains in the north to gather and army of monsters for his plan. While there, he encountered the dragonman Tio Klarus who was sleeping in her dragon form. He managed to control her after a day of using his magic and tasked her to kill all approaching adventurers in the area so that no one could warn the town of his plans.

Yukitoshi managed to assemble an army of 60,000 monsters and headed for Ur, but was stopped by Hajime Nagumo and his companions (including Tio, who was freed from Yukitoshi's control thanks to Hajime). Hajime brought Yukitoshi back to Aiko as per her request in the hopes that she could rehabilitate him. Unfortunately, Yukitoshi managed to grab Aiko and threatened to kill her with a poison needle from one of his monster minions and demanded Hajime to give him his revolvers. He was about to kill her, but was stopped by the intervention of Hajime's companion Shea. It was then that Reiss appeared and mortally wounded Yukitoshi with the water spell "Rupture". As he laid dying, Hajime approached Yukitoshi and told him that he could heal him, but he first wanted to know if Yukitoshi was his enemy. Yukitoshi replied by promising Hajime that he would serve him and use his powers to grant him whatever he wanted. Hearing this confirmed Hajime's belief that Yukitoshi was beyond saving and killed him by shooting him twice (in the heart and the head).

Weapons & Equipment

  • Staff - An Artifact given to him by the Heiligh Kingdom in order to better channel his magic. It was destroyed after Hajime shoots it with his handgun while he captures Yukitoshi.

Powers & Abilities

  • Magic Master - Yukitoshi has an incredible aptitude for dark magic. Dark magic is able to influence the target’s thoughts and perception. In combat, its main purpose was to debuff enemies. Yukitoshi quickly grew proficient at creating illusions to disorient foes, interfering with their ability to cast magic, and even making them hurt themselves in confusion. His talents in the art grew to a point that he could control the minds of monsters, even thousands of them. Despite his aptitude for it, however, he couldn't control the mind of any intelligent beings unless he cast magic on them for a day and without any resistance. When he could, he was able to take control of a powerful dragonmen like Tio Klarus.


  • Dark Magic Affinity - It allows the user to use dark magic at a capable rate.
  • Language Comprehension - A base skill granted to all those who got summoned. It gives the user the ability to understand any language and be proficient in it.


  • (Explaining to Aiko Hatayama on why he betrayed her): "Why? You can’t even tell why? That’s why you’re all a bunch of incompetent losers. You all always look down on me... and go on about hero this, hero that. Even though I’m way better than that prick Kouki... none of you ever noticed. You always just pretended like I wasn’t even there... You’re all a bunch of retards! That’s why I wanted to prove my worth to all of you...[1]


  • The name "Yukitoshi" means "good luck" (幸利).
  • Yukitoshi's surname "Shimizu" means "clear" or "pure" (清), and "water" (水).
  • Yukitoshi was the first member of his class to be killed and first to be killed by another classmate (Hajime).
  • It has been speculated by Hajime that the reason the demons recruited Yukitoshi is because they actually viewed him as the greatest threat since he had the power to control monsters, and could steal their monster army if he remained on the side of the humans.


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