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Yue (ユエ?) , formerly known as Aletia Galdea Vesperitio Avatarl, is one of the main female protagonists from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

She is a Atavist vampire with the unique skill to regenerate her body. She was once a princess (later queen) until she was imprisoned in the abyss after her uncle and vassals betrayed her and sealed her away but later revealed the truth as they were protecting her from Ehit because of her monstrous level of magic and regeneration. She is Hajime's main lover and first wife after freeing her.


Yue (Anime Artwork).png

Yue is a vampire with wavy golden blonde hair, crimson red eyes, and a porcelain complexion. Despite being over 300 years old, she has the appearance of a 12-year-old child due to the side effects of her immortality. After being freed from Ehit control, Yue can change her body's maturity at will, going from a teenager to an adult. Yue usually has a stoic expression but always shows a smile towards Hajime.

Yue's adventure outfit consists of a frilly white dress shirt and a black mini skirt with frills. She also wears a white coat with a blue lining as well as a short pair of boots and knee-high socks.


Main story

Everything I hold dear was given to me by Hajime. If he hadn’t freed me that day, I would likely still be trapped in the dark depths of the abyss. He gave me a reason to live. Thanks to him, I met my best friend, a member of the race I admire so much, and a friend I can be myself around. I’m sure that from here on out, I’ll keep receiving things from Hajime, which is why I want Hajime to find things important to him as well. Whether they be people, objects, or something else entirely. Once this journey is over, I want to see Hajime smiling in the sunlight, surrounded by tons of people he treasures.
— Yue describing her feelings for Hajime, Light Novel Volume 8

Yue's personality is greatly affected by Hajime. Yue always priorities the safety or happiness of Hajime above even her own. She is a pervert as she often bites Hajime to suck his blood and has no problem with seducing him while they were bathing, and sleeping while she was naked. Due to her undying love for Hajime, Yue declared that she only belongs to him as his property. She always obeys every single command Hajime gives her including killing those who are considered enemies. She always believe everything Hajime told her. As a sign of her undying love and loyalty for Hajime alone, Yue will never leave or betray Hajime as she claimed her loyalty is Hajime alone as she will never listen to or believe anyone else who is delusional in their thinking of Hajime (such as Kouki Amanogawa and Freid Bagwa).

From her undying loyalty and love for Hajime alone, she is quickly annoyed and disgusted by any other men who would try to flirt with her or insults Hajime in any way and looks down on them as well as being both cruel and abusive toward them when she disrespected all other men and viewed them to be worthless and stupid such as David (a delusional Templar knight commander who she insulted by calling him a small man) and Kouki (an idiot classmate of Hajime and a stubborn childhood friend of Kaori and Shizuku who is the only man Yue hates worse than any other man due to his delusional habits and his childish ideals and self-righteous ignorance). While she viewed Hajime as handsome and attractive for freeing her from her imprisonment, she considered all other men including handsome and good looking ones to be ugly and unattractive such as Freid and Kouki. Yue is especially resentful to anyone who would hurt Hajime in any way and will not be satisfied until they get either suffer greatly or die. Those are both shown when she goes after Freid Bagwa during the attack on the Kingdom for injuring Hajime during their first encounter and she dealt a serious injury to the demon general and she and Shea were also be willing to kill Kouki Amanogawa for his weak attempt to kill Hajime only to be easily defeated by their lover. Aside from Kouki and Freid, Yue also resented Daisuke Hiyama and looked down on him when she heard all of these stories of his actions from Hajime and Kaori and viewed him to be annoying and worthless as well considered him as the worst pervert due to his selfishly lust on Kaori even when she doesn't hold any qualms as she watched on pitilessly as Hajime brutally thrashed and later feed Hiyama to the monsters.

For her love rivals, this can also be applied to females who flirted for Hajime as shown in her diary entries concerning Shea, Tio, Kaori, Shizuku and Remia. However, she is willing to fight fairly for Hajime's affections against women who she believes earnestly love Hajime as seen with her initial relationship with Shea and later Kaori.

Outside of her extreme loyalty and love for Hajime, Yue has abandonment issues or fear of abandonment because due to her past. This is shown during her time in the Schnee Frost Caverns, where the traps in the labyrinth manifest her insecurities. Those insecurities extend to her being unable to remain at Hajime and her friends side as she worries that her past will come back to haunt her, which caused her to entrust Hajime to Shea should something happen to her.

Being a former Queen, Yue still carries the air of someone who stands above others, giving off a regal and majestic air around herself. Combined with her breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring magic, many find themselves easily drawn towards her and wouldn't mind serving her. Stemming from this, Yue doesn't hesitate to enforce her will on others without caring about what they think or say, not even giving them the option to say anything but what she wants to hear, something Hajime experiences many times. When someone does defy her orders or annoys her, Yue doesn't hesitate to punish them in the cruelest possible manner (usually smashing the balls of men by kicking them).

As someone who resided in the same era as the Dragonmen, Yue held a deep respect for them until she meets Tio. However, she still carries that respect for proper Dragonmen as seen whenever Tio acts like her refined and noble self, which causes Yue to become amazed.

Yue is very lustful and seductive when it comes to Hajime and is proud of it, not even trying to hide what she's done with him and would actually boast about it in front of others (much to Hajime's embarrassment). Being a vampire, she also has a lot of blood lust for Hajime's blood, as she usually bites him and sucks his blood, which she did even before they entered a relationship. She enjoys using any opportunity to flirt with him, drink his blood or have sex with him, much to the other girls annoyance and dismay. Yue is even known to attack Hajime sexually when they're alone or when she see's a opening. As found out in her diary, these desires border on addiction and she can't stand going long periods of time without having Hajime. Hypocritically, Yue has called Kaori a pervert for small reasons when she herself is far more perverted than Kaori, having done many of things she criticize Kaori for thinking of. Yue is willing to admit this, if only to further rub her relationship in Kaori's face.

Despite her advanced age and maturity, Yue is very childish and is shown to lack a great deal of common sense. Usually, she comes off as an attention seeker when it comes to Hajime, as she's always looking for praise from him and can't stand when he leaves her out of a conversation. She enjoys acting smug, which makes her a sore loser to the point of being too serious about the smallest things.

After story

Everyone including Yue has their own room in the Nagumo household, Yue's room is one that has an antique European theme, while include many genuine antiques that she bought whenever she was on date with Hajime. Yue is typically the one who go to Hajime's room to wake him up in the morning, though that has the tendency to develop into sex if no one comes to intervene.

Yue joined Hajime's class in school and typically she is the one who reined Hajime in before situation got out of hand.

During her first Valentine's Day since arriving on Earth, Yue is shown to have developed a slight inferiority complex when it comes to beating Myu in terms of her homemade chocolates. As well, even though she's proud of her looks, she can't stand having her child-like figure mocked or her age pointed out. She's also very irresponsible and dislikes being lectured about what she's done wrong, usually trying to avoid the subject or shift the blame onto others (even when she's clearly at fault). Her childishness is more noticeable when it comes to her love rival Kaori; she has often shown to pull inappropriate pranks on Kaori, boasting about what she's done with Hajime in front of her and getting into small fights with her. After moving to Earth, Yue has become mentally more childish to point where she's become a NEET, something she only realized when she noticed that she was the only member of the Nagumo family that wasn't constantly busy. Even when she tried to find work, she couldn't hold onto them for long for different reasons.

Yue is a extremely ruthless and sadistic woman and has never shyed away from killing her enemies as she is considered to be a yandere. She has never felt any hesitation or guilt in killing or torturing others as she mostly brutalized men, justifying it's the other side's fault for getting killed or tortured. Unlike with Shea and Kaori, Yue's ruthlessness wasn't influenced by Hajime, as even before her imprisonment she would wipe out invading army's herself. However, she admit that her imprisonment did make her more violent to the point where she wanted to destroy everything but Hajime. She has also proven to be extremely cruel, unleashing agonies when she smashed the balls of many men who are annoying her to the point of being called the Legendary Smasher. Hajime considers Yue to be even more cruel than him in some cases as well as the worst out of all of Hajime's lovers/companions due to her sadism and cruelty towards men.

Being a magical prodigy, Yue carries a great deal of pride in her magic. She would uses magic in almost everything she does and doesn't mind using Age of Gods magic in pulling her pranks on Kaori. This largely contribute to her becoming a NEET on Earth, as she used magic to make everything easier for her to the point where she had nothing to do. While both her mother-in-law and her husband couldn't help but laugh really hard when Yue brought up the NEET question, it was Hajime who finally gave her question a solution: that being a housewife is a proper occupation too...while that indeed resolved Yue's worry regarding NEET issue, her understanding of being a housewife somehow slide more towards sexual aspect...

Due to the experience while possessed by Ehit, Yue has the gained the ability to switch her feature between grown-up and her original loli modes. While she could, depending on her mood at that time, change her form at will, most often she remain in her loli mode for no other reason than that it's easier to snuggle in Hajime's embrace.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Divinity Stone Accessories - A necklace, ring and a pair of earrings that were made by Hajime to act as a form of battery-like magic container to help Yue fight more efficiently. However, as the set came with a ring, it first raised a misunderstanding (or joke?) that Hajime was proposing to her...nonethesless, she wears the ring on her ring finger.
  • Water Canteens - Four water canteens with two on her shoulder and one on each side of her waist. They can shoot out powerful streams of water. Yue uses these during her time in Miledi Reisen's labyrinth due to its ability to drain a being's mana.
  • Mini-Treasure Trove - A ring-shaped artifact that had small one centimeter ruby set in its center. The ruby was actually an artificially created dimensional space where things could be stored. It is a smaller version of his Hajime's Treasure Trove, and has the size around a house’s storage.
  • Smartphone - A hybrid smartphone that combines modern technology with crystal display made in another world. It can contact other worlds, fire lasers of concentrated super small sunlight with the thickness of a needle, and it also continuously takes the vital data of the owner, and in the case the owner’s vital entered critical stage because of some abnormality, the smartphone automatically opens a small gate, firing the light of the satellite type resurrection magic artifact operating outside the earth’s atmosphere, Bel Agarta.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Physical Abilities - As a magical prodigy, Yue has few close combat abilities, but she is physically stronger than the average human (including those who are blessed with physical abilities) and demons. She increases her strength and life force further when biting humans and suck out their blood as she usually drinks only Hajime's blood. Her strength is strong enough to pulverize other men by kicking and smashing their balls as it demonstrated when she (along with Shea) easily pulverized the Bastard Four and a group of thugs.
  • Genius Intellect - Along with being a magical prodigy, Yue also possess a genius mind. From a young age, she easily learned everything she was taught and has displayed great knowledge on many topics.
  • Immortality - Unlike her fellow vampires, Yue possessed immortality due to her "Automatic Regeneration" which has halted her natural aging process, rendering her appearance that of her 12-year old self, despite her being over 300 years old. However, Yue can be killed if she runs out of mana.
  • Willpower: Yue has an immense willpower to barely free herself from mind controls as it shown when she freed herself from Ehit's influence which enabled Hajime to kill the fake god once and for all.

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - Yue possesses extraordinary levels of mana, capable of chanting powerful, large scale spells. Her reserves had grown with every labyrinths she completed with Hajime. Her Mana is even greater than normal mana blessed humans and demons. After the defeat of Ehit, she has gained all of the capabilities of the Evil God and has surpassed him in the time after arriving on Earth. Her mana has become strong enough that she can even use magic deep within the Great Reisen Labyrinth, a place where using magic becomes near impossible to use (thus it still drains her mana reserves nonetheless).
  • Magic Master - Yue was a magic prodigy from a young age, being perhaps the most powerful mage in the series. She can make full uses of countless different types of magic from simple ones to master class. Furthermore, she can control them flawlessly and even merge preexisting spells together with the Ancient Magic she learns from completing the Great Labyrinths. Tio, a powerful Dragonmen who is both older and more experience than Yue has openly acknowledged Yue's skills in magic are greater than her own, which is more impressive by the fact that Yue was locked away for 300 years, being unable to do anything during that time. Before being sealed away, Yue was powerful enough to easily wipe out a whole army by herself as she was acknowledged as the strongest vampire in Avatarl besides her uncle. After the defeat of Ehit, Yue's magical abilities have reached divine levels, even being capable of traveling across worlds on her own if she needs to.


  • Automatic Regeneration - Yue's signature skill which manifested at the age of 12. It automatically regenerates any injuries or lost body part, but also prevents her aging and dying. If she has mana remaining, she will not die unless she is instantly disintegrated. Conversely, any injuries she suffered while her mana is depleted would not readily heal.
    • Pain Dampener - A skill that numbs all pain.
    • Regeneration Control - Yue can freely control her regeneration ability.
  • All Elemental Affinity - A skill to use all kinds of magic.
  • Spell Melding - A skill to fuse 2 kinds of magic.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
    • Mana Emission - A skill to emit mana and use it to upgrade certain motions like shouting.
    • Mana Compression - A skill to compress mana.
    • Remote Manipulation - A skill to remotely control mana from afar.
    • Increased Efficiency - Efficiency of using mana is increased.
    • Ether Absorption - A skill to absorb mana from the environment.
    • Body Strengthening - A skill to strengthen the whole body by using mana.
  • Image Composition - A skill that creates a magic circle can be just by imagining it.
    • Increased Imagination - A skill to make magic through imagination.
    • Multiple Spell Image Composition - A skill to compound more than two magics.
    • Delayed Casting - A skill to use magic at a later time when cast.
  •  Blood Conversion - A skill to use blood for healing stamina and wounds.
    • Body Strengthening - A skill to strengthen the whole body by using blood.
    • Mana Conversion - A skill to convert blood into mana.
    • Stamina Conversion - A skill to turn blood into stamina.
    • Mana Strengthening - A skill to use blood to strengthen the magic used.
    • Blood Oath - A drastic increase in status of the person whom is chosen to suck blood from.
  • High Speed Mana Recovery - A skill that quickly regenerates the mana used.

Ancient Magic

  • Creation Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which grants the ability to imbue magical properties to minerals, creating a new ore with special traits. It is the only form of Magic which allows the creation of an "Artifact". Creation Magic requires one to have the transmutation magic to fully utilizes its true capabilities which is why Yue did not intend to learn it at first as it was useless for her. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any inorganic material'.
  • Gravity Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", it gives the user control over gravity. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the energy of star', and just not gravity. Theoretically, it could also interfere with things like earth vein or terrestrial heat, bedrock or magma; and it isn’t impossible to use this magic to purposefully generate earthquake or volcano eruption.
  • Spatial Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", it allows the user to manipulate the space around themselves, allowing them to either bend or expand the space near them or move themselves to another space or location. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the boundary'. Meaning it can allow the user to manipulate anything, like the elimination of race-creature gap, or formulating new boundary to create a spirit world; it's possible to achieve those kinds of things.
  • Restoration Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows the user to restore the state of anything to either its previous or original condition. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the time', meaning it has the ability to manipulate the time of anything, anyplace or anyone to a point the user desires to.
  • Spirit Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows the user to manipulate the soul of a living being directly. It's possible to revive a living being back from the dead (time restriction applicable), or transfer the soul of a living being from one body to another, or even into a non-physical body as well, practically granting any living being immortality. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the negative material possessed by living thing'. To be more specific, this magic could also interfere with things like energy inside the body that was mana, heat, electricity, then thought, consciousness, memory. Those who have mastery over this magic can even create an artificial consciousness, and allow it to inhabit any body they wish.
  • Evolution Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows the user to enhance or evolve all other forms of power, be it strong or weak. It can work on even other "Ancient Magic" as well, boosting their power and scope. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the information about existing things'. This magic enhanced or evolved an ability or power by a stage of 1, by interfering with the targets information, and the increased it one-by-one stage.
  • Metamorphosis Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows a user to remake the form of a normal being and reform them into a different form. Normally it's used to remake a normal organism and turn it into a monster, or even manipulate the magic stone of a monster and remake them. But the true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any organic material'. Meaning not only animals, but it's also possible to remake plants or intelligent beings, and reform their structure as needed. Even byproducts of organic material, like paper or food, can also be manipulated by this magic. The magic stone which gets created during the process is just a byproduct of the process.
  • Concept Magic - It is a form of "Ancient Magic art" which is a combination of many other ancient magic, the main ability of Concept magic is that allows one to interfere with the laws of the world and impress concepts upon it. By raising up a powerful wish or desire with Spirit Magic and Evolution Magic, it can be raised to a level of a concept before being forcefully materialized with magical power. However, since the user's desire at of the time of use, is used as the base of the magic, to raise up and create the concept, the spell may not remain stable in subsequent uses, thus a single spell can only be used once under most circumstances. However if the desire is still needed, it can be used more than once, like in the case of Hajime's crystal key which had the concept of "I want to return home" in it, was destroyed by Ehit he was still able to recreate the crystal key again because his desire of wanting to return home was still there. It should be noted however that concept magic requires the user to concentrate on raising up their wish in order to materialize the concept, as such it wouldn't be useful in a battle where the user is under attack. Also, some concepts aren't possible to materialize by the user on their own, for example, Hajime could only make degraded versions of the crystal key without Yue.


Fire Magic

  • Fireball - One of the most basic fire spells; but with Yue's huge mana-pool and proficiency, her version is a lot more powerful than standard ones, plus she can easily conjure and fire more that a hundred Fireballs at once and is even able to change their form to transform them into a heart shape.
  • Crimson Javelin - A flame that would turn into a spiraled shaped spear and can pierced through its target.
  • Azure Blaze - A supreme rank magic that could summon a sphere of blue-white flames 6 to 7 meters in diameter, that would everything melt in it surrounding.

Ice Magic

  • Glacial Sleet - It creates needles of ice to attack the enemy.
  • Crystal Coffin - It freezes a targeted person.
  • Frost Prison - A supreme rank magic that would freeze it surrounding in 50-meter dimension, anything in the affected area will be unable to resist.

Wind Magic

  • Tempest Flash - An intermediate-level wind spell.
  • Updraft - A basic spell that can lift objects using wind. Skilled practitioners can briefly make someone fly with this spell.
  • Force Lasher - It unleashes spiraling whirlwinds created from the force of a vacuum.
  • Wind Wall - It creates a wind of walls and can used to blow objects away.
  • Wind Blades - It creates a barrage of sharp wind blades of to cut the enemy.
  • Storm Gust - It creates a powerful whirlwind.
  • Air Cannon - An advance-rank spell that could create a sphere with the size of 1 to 2 meters in diameter which contained numerous vacuum wind blades that would attack the target

Lightning Magic

  • Thunder Hammer - Magic that summons a dark cloud then shoots lightning.
  • Thunderlord's Judgement - The most powerful lighting magic in existence. Creates six spheres of lighting that encircle a enemy then connect to each other to a ring of lighting then forming a larger sphere at the center of the ring, which electrifies the enemy while preventing them from escaping.

Water Magic

  • Liquid Rampart - It produces barriers of water.
  • Rupture - An intermediate-level spell that gathers water from the atmosphere, compresses it and then shoots it out as a high speed cleaver/slicer. It is possible to reduce the mana consumption of the Spell by using an available water source, rather than gathering water from the atmosphere.
  • Water Castle - Magic that creates surging water that can make a wall.
  • Tidal Wave - A high-ranked water element magic which can create a huge wave to crush the enemies. For an ordinary magic-user, though it was called a huge wave, it would only be a tsunami around ten to twenty meters, squarely. However, that number changed once Yue used it. A tsunami with width of 150 meters and height of 100 meters will be created.

Barrier Magic

  • Hallowed Ground - It creates an impenetrable barrier that can't be broken by normal means, but does have some limitations. It separates a particular area from other areas and not people from people, so enemies within the AOE would not be pushed away. It also consumes a lot of mana and can only be used for a minute.

Binding Magic

  • Divine Shackles - It sends out a light magic chains to restrain enemies. "Holy light of judgment, bring retribution upon the wicked and crush those restrained by justice."

Ancient Magic Spells

  • Obsidian Vortex - Beginner-level gravity magic that is used to create a gravitational field around either the caster or a nearby target by touching it. It alters gravity's hold on the target to make them lighter or heavier.
  • Heavensfall - Gravity magic which forms a black hole that is four meters in diameter.
  • Spatial Severance - A defensive gravity magic spell that Summons a black hole to absorb any incoming spells and attacks. It can be used to redirect any attacks it absorbs.
  • Asura - Gravity magic that creates a black hole 500 meters in diameter, which can be smashed into the enemy.
  • Black Hole Nova - An extremely powerful form of gravity magic that can normally only be used when tapping into the planet's energy.
  • Cosmic Rift - Spatial magic that connects two separate points in space and forms a gate.
  • Illusion Cage - Spatial magic that locks a section of space in place. It can be used as both a barrier, and as a means of capturing a target, but it requires a lot of mana to be used.
  • Void Fissure - Spatial magic that forcibly contracts, then rapidly expands space in a certain area. The resulting shockwaves cause explosions that can't be defended by regular means.
  • Void Shatter - Spatial magic that splits space along the lines that Yue defines and cuts anything caught along them.
  • Tetragrammaton - Restoration magic variant, a magic which restores all destruction regardless of whether it was organic or inorganic matter.
  • Revival Reversal - Restoration magic that reproduces the wounds and destruction that an object once received in the past. Although not direct or indirect, if it’s not touched within a radius of less than 3 meters it wouldn’t work, the wounds that can be reproduced is proportional to the mana being used.
  • Forbidden Release - Evolution magic that substantially increases one's power.
  • Divine Existence - An extremely advanced spatial magic spell that allows the user to do instant teleportation without the need of "Gate".

Original Composite Spells

  • Flurry Waltz - Compound magic using the wind spell "Air Cannon" and gravity magic. It creates balls of wind to bombard the enemy while being freely manipulated due to gravity magic. Additionally, the gravitational field surrounding them meant anyone struck would be continually spun around the ball until the spell vanished. Then, once they were crucified in the air, the opponent would be vulnerable to other attacks.
Lightning Wyrm (Anime).png
  • Draconic Thunder/Lightning Wyrm - Compound magic that combines the spell "Thunder Hammer" and gravity magic to summon a dragon made of lightning.
  • Sapphire Serpent - Like "Draconic Thunder", it is a compound spell that creates a dragon, but of the fire element made by combining gravity magic and "Azure Blaze".
  • Storm Dragon - A compound of wind magic and gravity magic to form a storm dragon.
  • Frost Wyrm - A compound of ice magic and gravity magic to form a frost worm.
  • Stone Wyvern - A compound of earth magic and gravity magic to form a stone wyvern.
  • Five Heavenly Dragons - Magic that summons the extremely powerful five elemental dragons (Thunder, Azure/Flame, Storm, Ice, Earth) simultaneously.
  • Divine Purgatory - A spell that combines fire, gravity, and spirit magic. First, Yue would use gravity magic to compress ten instances of the fire spell "Azure Blaze" into a single point, then she’d use the spirit magic spell "Cull" to choose who would be affected by her magic.
  • Bestial Advent - A spell that uses creation, spirit and metamorphosis magic to turn inorganic material into animal-like golems.

Notable Spells

  • Field Pierce - Yue's original spell that creates gates connected to another space. Basically, it's a portal.
  • Evil Dragons of Seven Heavens - An improved version of "Five Heavenly Dragons", which also included a dragon made from light magic, and one made from dark magic that unleashes all forms of debuffs.

Divine Skills The following skills were originally used by Ehit but were later acquired and used by Yue

  • Divine Edict - An extremely powerful form of spirit magic that allows the user to control anyone that hears their voice regardless of who they are or how powerful. Though it may not affect gods or similarly powered persons.
  • Soul Transformation - A spell that combines spirit and evolution magic. It can alter a person's being in order for them to be granted new abilities, as well as losing abilities.


Level Strength Vitality Defense Agility Magic Magic Defense "as per"
75 120 300 60 120 6980 7120 LN - Volume 04
82 220 450 100 220 9180 9320 WN - ch122

Note :-

  • The base stats given above aren't Yue's current stats, as the last time the author provided stats for her in the Web Novel was before she acquired "Evolution Magic" from the Haltina's Labyrinth.


  • (To Hajime Nagumo when she seduced him): "That makes me happy. Because I belong to you, Hajime. So look as much as you want."[1]
  • (To Kaori Shirasaki): "Fine, you can come. I'll show you just how huge the gap is between us."[2]
  • (To Sharon Magdanese): "I am Yue. First wife of the demon king!!"[3]


  • Yue often starts her sentences with "Mmm" (ん) and then follows up with a brief pause.
  • Whenever Yue gets into a heated confrontation with Kaori, an apparition of a golden dragon and storm clouds appears above her.
  • After arriving on Earth, Yue becomes sensitive to being called a NEET.
  • Due to her former status as a Queen, Yue was never properly taught to cook for herself. This doesn't seem to have changed even during the After Story. Worse, she would always add dangerous ingredients, believing Hajime would like it without tasting it herself, which caused Shea to lecture Yue.
  • The day Yue was betrayed by her subjects when she was Queen of Avatarl was on Ehit's birthday.[4]
  • Other names Hajime considered for Yue when they first met include "Tsukuyo", "Luna", and "Selena".[5]
  • Ryo Shirakome based Yue off of Yukari Yakumo from Touhou Project.[6]
  • Yue's English voice actress, Tia Ballard, also voiced Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. She was romantically involved with Hiro, who was voiced by Hajime's English voice actor Matt Shipman.