Yogun Gruen Caliente (ヨグン・グリューエン・カリエンテ, Yogun Guryūen Kariente?) was a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

He was the childhood best friend of the Liberator Naiz.

Appearance Edit

Yogun is a young man with black hair.

Personality Edit

Yogun is very ambitious. He wanted to fight for important people in important places and rise up in the world. Overtime, his ambitions grew into jealousy towards his best friend Naiz due how powerful the latter was as both a fighter and with magic. It had gotten to the point where Yogun would sell out his friend in order to rise to prominence.

His obsession with achieving greatness for himself left him somewhat naive and unable to consider the consequences of his actions.

Biography Edit

Yogun grew up in Gruen Village in the Caliente Fiefdom of the Sharod Federation. He would constantly train in the art of swordsmanship with his best friend Naiz under the guidance of Naiz's father Solda.

When Naiz and Yogun were both 15, Solda took them to hunt down a pack of monsters that was plaguing the village as a training exercise. Unfortunately, there were more monsters than they anticipated and were about to be eaten by one of them, but the trauma forced Naiz to awaken his spatial magic at the last moment and managed to kill it just in time to save everyone. Solda had Yogun and Naiz keep what happened a secret in order to protect his son from being taken by the Holy Church.

After Yogun and Naiz joined the army, Yogun became increasingly jealous of Naiz due to prowess as both a fighter and also his skills in using magic. It at reached a point where Yogun betrayed Naiz by telling the ruler of the Caliente Fiefdom, Bolemos, about Naiz's ability to use spatial magic with the hope of receiving recognition for his efforts. After leaning of Bolemos' plan to adopt Naiz by killing his entire family, Yohun and a change of heart and warned Solda of this. Solda sacrificed himself in order for Naiz to escape and rescue his family, but even, Naiz was about to be captured by Bolemos' forces. Before that, however, Yogun arrived at the last moment to rescue Naiz and held off the soldiers. Unfortunately, Yogun was mortally wounded by Bolemos' soldiers and died after begging Naiz to forgive him.

Relationships Edit

  • Naiz Gruen Caliente - Naiz was Yogun's best friend since childhood. While they trained together until they could enlist in the army, Yogun grew increasingly jealous and resentful of Niaz for his incredible skills in both combat and magic. It would reach a point that Yogun told the ruler of the Caliente region about Naiz being in possession of Ancient Magic in order to obtain recognition. Even after Yogun regretted his actions and sacrificed himself to save Naiz, his feelings towards Yogun remain conflicted. While he is unable to forgive him for his betrayal and essentially being the reason that his family was killed, he will always remember fondly of the times they spent together, as well as regretting the fact that he didn't try to help Yogun overcome his jealousy when he had the chance to.
  • Solda Gruen Caliente - Yogun greatly respected Naiz's father as a soldier.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Expert Combatant - Yogun spent years training how to fight. After joining the army, he had managed to rise in the ranks.

Quotes Edit

  • (Yogun's motto): "No true hero meets their end in a backwater village."[1]
  • (His last words to Naiz): "I’m sorry. I’m so, so, sorry, Naiz. I-I’ve done something terrible. Please forgive me."[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Caliente" means "Hot" in Spanish.

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