Will Cudeta (ウィル・クデタ, Wiru Kudeta?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He is the third son of Count Cudeta in the merchant city Fuhren. He aspired to become an adventurer. He was saved by Hajime's party from Tio's attack when she was mind-controlled by Yukitoshi Shimizu.


Will is a young man.


Will did not want to live the life of a typical noble and instead wanted to be an adventurer. Will is a very kind individual with a noble heart, something that was praised by Hajime, Yue, and Shea. He is also noticeably sharp as well, having managed to pick off the fact that Hajime didn't need to kill Yukitoshi because he was going to already of the injuries he received from Reiss, thus he couldn't figure out his reason for it.

Will has an oedipus complex, as he caries a locket with a picture of his mother.


Will ran from his home in Fuhren to be an adventurer. He managed to join a party at the recommendation of Ilwa Chang, that was tasked with exploring the northern mountains. He and his party went missing after several days of exploring. He was discovered by Hajime Nagumo (who was tasked by Ilwa to find him) after sensing his presence behind a waterfall. He lay unconscious inside a cave, but was immediately woken up after Hajime flicked his forehand. Will explained to Hajime and his companions about how he and his party were attacked by horde of bulltaurs, but were then ambushed by a black dragon as they attempted to retreat. It attacked them with its fiery breath, but caused Will to fall into a nearby riverbank. The current washed him up to the cave where he managed to hide since then. Will soon broke down in tears and expressed his guilt at the fact that he was the only one of his party to survive. Hearing how Will's story was similar to his own caused Hajime to berated Will for his guilt and told him to live on in order to honor the memory of his fallen comrades. The sudden outburst of emotions from Hajime caused Will and the others to be momentarily taken by surprise.

As Will and the others left the cave, they were immediately confronted by the black dragon. It had intended to kill Will with its flame breath, but was stopped by Hajime after he took out a giant shield to repel the attack. Hajime and his companions proceeded to attack the dragon. At first, it was still focused on killing Will, but then turned its attention soon after to Hajime after he proved too powerful to ignore. Hajime eventually managed to subjugate the dragon and decided to finish off by sticking a giant stake from his pile bunker up its anus. The impact caused the dragon to scream out in pain in human language. The dragon revealed that she was actually a member of the dragonmen race and was mind-controlled into attacking anyone who approached the mountains. Will did not believe her story and demanded for her death, but he was interjected by Hajime's companion Yue by claiming that she was telling the truth due being taught that the dragonmen were honorable and trustworthy beings. Will still demanded that she still pay for the death of his comrades. It was then that Hajime took out a locket with a picture of a woman that he found while on his search and asked Will if it belonged to one of the deceased adventurers. To his surprise, however, it belonged to Will and the woman was actually his mother when she was younger. The dragoman accepted her death as recompense for her actions, but she first wanted to stop the one that was controlling her. After Hajime removed the stake from her anus, the dragonman transformed into her human form and revealed her name to be Tio Klarus. After explaining how the one who was gathering an army of monsters to attack the lakeside town of Ur. Hajime confirmed it with his Ornis drones, and drove everyone down the mountains with his vehicle "Brise".

As Hajime and the others arrived at Ur, Will immediately headed for city hall in order to warn the town's leaders about the monster army, much to Hajime's annoyance. As Hajime and the others arrived at city hall, Will asked him to defend Ur from the monsters. While Hajime respected Will desire to help others, he claimed that his only job was to escort Will back home. He soon changed his mind, however, when his teacher Aiko Hatayama convinced him to help. Will was among those that were helping the townspeople evacuate while Hajime was preparing to fight.

Before Hajime's battle with the monster army began, Will whispered to Tio about how he would forgive her for killing hia comrades if she defended Ur as well, to which she did. After Hajime and his companions defeated to the monster army, they brought back the leader to Ur. It turned out to be Hajime's classmate Yukitoshi Shimizu. He was prepared to kill Aiko, but was stopped with Hajime's companion Shea pushed her out of the way just before he was struck down by a magic attack from a demon. Hajime then killed Yukitoshi and left Ur with his companions and Will. As they were driving back to Fuhren, Will asked Hajime why he killed Yukitoshi since he would have been dead in a few minutes from the surprise attack. Hajime was surprised at how astute Will was, but claimed that he killed him because he was his enemy. It was soon revealed by Yue that he did it in order to spare Aiko the pain of knowing that one of her students died due to her actions.

Hajime managed to safely bring Will back to Ilwa, and was rewarded for his efforts, which included a promotion to gold-rank adventurer, and a room at Fuhren's most expensive hotel. Will and his parents later visited Hajime at his hotel room in order to thank him for his efforts. Hajime used to opportunity to gain favor with Will's family in order to procure their support for when he would come into conflict with the Holy Church. His plans were almost ruined, however, when Shea and Tio where acting surprised by how uncharacteristically polite Hajime was being.

After the demons invaded the Heiligh Kingdom, many nobles were killed due to the treachery of Eri Nakamura. As a result, Will and his family rose to prominence as one of the kingdom's ruling families due to their relationship with Hajime. Will was granted the role of overseeing the distribution of aid in Fuhren, as well as being the official representative for the Cudeta house.[1]


  • Hajime Nagumo - Will idolizes Hajime after he is saved by him.
  • Tio Klarus - Will resents Tio at first since she is the one who killed his comrades (albeit while mind-controlled), but he forgives her after she help saves the town of Ur from Yukitoshi Shimizu's monster army.
  • Ilwa Chang - Ilwa knows Will and his family well and feels a strong sense of guilt when Will and his party are missing.


  • Will's surname "Cudeta" may be based on the term "Coup d'etat", which means to forcefully overthrow a government.


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