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Vanessa Paradis (ヴァネッサ・パラディ, Vuanessa Paradi?) is a character introduced in "Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou After Story".

She is a member of Britain's National Security Bureau.


Vanessa is a tall woman with long slit and sharp eyes, and has very short grayish-beige hair.


Vanessa first presents herself as a serious agent, but is actually a hardcore otaku that only became an agent because she wanted to get involved in a secret conspiracy like the ones she read about in manga. She is also very perverted, which often makes situations around Kousuke and Emily more awkward than they want.


She was part of the group of agents that went to secure Dr. Emily Grant and her research time with regards to their drug Berserk. In the mid of the operation, she was betrayed by her squad mate, Kimberly Warren and their squadron got killed after Emily's drug was accidentally released and turned many bystanders into mindless creatures that killed them. Venessa, however, managed to locate Emily, who was hiding in a closet during the outbreak, and they two of them amanged to escape. While they drove away, Vanessa almost ran over Kousuke Endou (who was in the area for an unrelated matter), when the car that she was driving with Emily went temporarily out of control and ran over a restaurant patio where he was eating a sandwich. Although they hit some tables (his included), they were stupefied seeing that he jumped whilst securing his meal, the plate and some of the beverage he was drinking (back to the cup) and landing back sitting on the restaurant´s sign.[1]


  • Kousuke Endou - Vanessa is deeply devoted to Kousuke after witnessing his powers. She wishes to be by his side at all time as either his apprentice or his lover. While Kousuke is annoyed with Vanessa's over-enthusiasm, he does care about her, and eventually comes to terms with his feelings for her after confronting Yaya no Hidzuki over her desire to have him to herself.
  • Lana Haulia - Vanessa fully acknowledges Lana as Kousuke's first wife.
  • Emily Grant - Vanessa fully acknowledges Emily as Kousuke's second wife.
  • Sharon Magdanese - Vanessa's boss at the Security Bureau. She fully respects Sharon.
  • Davy Hughes - Davy is Vanessa's direct superior at the Security Bureau. Vanessa greatly respects him.
  • Allen Parker - The two of them are co-workers, but Vanessa is not particularly fond of Allen.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Handgun - Her primary weapon while on duty.

Powers & Abilities

  • Expert Combatant - Vanessa is a highly skilled agent and is able to operate a handgun well.


  • (To Lana Haulia about joining Kousuke's harem): "This loyalty is higher than mountain. This love is deeper than sea."[2]


  • Vanessa's relationship with Kousuke is similar to Tio's relationship with Hajime. Both become attracted to their respective man after witnessing their abilities and offer themselves to them in their own manner (an apprentice and an slave respectfully) but are usually rejected by them as they consider them no good (though Kousuke doesn't punish Vanessa like Hajime does to Tio). The two are also very perverted, which causes further problems for Kousuke and Hajime.
  • After meeting Kousuke, Vanessa has developed a habit of wearing a bunny ear headband to work.


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