Yue (Anime Artwork)

Yue, Princess and later Queen of Avatarl 

Vampires (吸血鬼きゅうけ​つき, Kyūketsuki?) are the near extinct species of supernatural beings from Tortus, where Yue hails as their queen. However, her uncle and subjects (supposedly) betrayed her and seal away within the Labyrinth to protect Yue from Ehit who desired to possess her as a "host body" due to her immortality and high level strength as well they are unable to kill her. Yue is the last of her kind.

Vampires love drinking human's blood to increase their strength, life force and mana. Some vampire's often engage in biting their blood donors as a act of sexual pleasure as is often seen when Yue always bites Hajime only to indulge her bloodlust.

Unlike normal Vampires, they don't die from sunlight or hate the sense of garlic as well cannot be killed by wooden stakes or a vampire cross.

Description Edit

A unique and powerful race of Tortus that is presumed to be extinct around 300 years ago. Vampires were stated to reside southwestern tip of the southern continent. Vampire's were the least populous race of Tortus, even compared to the likes of demons. Compared to every other race in Tortus, Vampire's affinity for magic was stated to be the highest, even higher then demons. Vampires are a long lived race, being able to live up to 200 years and possibly more by drinking the blood of other races. The most unique characteristic of vampires is their ability to strengthen them selves by drinking the blood of other races, being able to strengthen their body strengthening, magic and extend their lifespan by regularly drinking blood.

Most vampires lived in the isolated country of Avatarl. It had chosen to cut off all diplomatic ties with other kingdoms. Because of their power, various countries have tried to subjugate the country of Avatarl, in order to use the power of the vampire race to defend their own kingdoms as well as obtain the princesses hand in marriage.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As a nearly immortal race of the night, Vampire's possess a variety of abilities which make them a feared race across Tortus. The vampire race is said to be the smallest in terms of numbers but due to their abilities, they were able to repel of invaders to their homeland. Vampire's have the highest magical affinity on Tortus, surpassing that of Demons, who are known for their strength in magic combat.

Physical Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Physical Abilities - Vampires have superhuman physical attributes, having superhuman strength, speed and endurance. They can further empower themselves by draining blood from humans. There abilities are greater than humans who are blessed with physical strength and demons.
  • Extended Longevity - Due their physiology and their ability to strengthen themselves by sucking blood, Vampire have a extended life span, being capable of living for 200 years or even more depending on the power they can draw from the blood they absorb.

Magical Abilities Edit

  • Immense Mana - Due to their natural magical aptitude, Vampire have an above average mana capacity, surpassing all other races on Tortus as their mana are greater than mana blessed humans and demons. They can use the blood of others as nurishment to replenish their mana.
  • Skilled Magic User - Due to their high magical aptitude, Vampires can invoke magic at a faster rate than any other race and their magical circles tend to be smaller and more compact while still retaining their strength.

Skills Edit

  • Blood Conversion - a skill to use blood for healing stamina and wounds.
    • Body Strengthening - a skill to strengthen the whole body by using blood.
    • Mana Conversion - a skill to convert blood into mana.
    • Stamina Conversion - a skill to turn blood into stamina.
    • Mana Strengthening - a skill to use blood to strengthen the magic used.
    • Blood Oath - a drastic increase in status of the person whom is chosen to suck blood from.

Members Edit

  • Lambert Galdea Vesperitio Avatarl (Former King) (Deceased)
  • Yue's Mother (Former Queen) (Deceased)
  • Yue (Former Princess later Queen) (Sole Survivor)
  • Dienleed Galdea Vesperitio Avatarl (Deceased)
  • Ubaldo (Former Primeminister) (Deceased)
  • Other Vampires living in Avatarl (Deceased)
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