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True World Astral (かいアストラル, Makai Asutoraru?) is the origin world that is the root of the nine other alternate universes.

Description and Features

「――The sky become the ground, and the ground become the sky. The time is flowing while also going in reverse at the same time. Life and death are circulating infinitely. Past, present, and future all lost their meaning there. It’s an eternal world where every possibility is converging.」

Its Great Tree is simply named "The World Tree" as it is the root of the other great trees. The Great Trees in the nine branching worlds are named "World Tree’s Branch". Within this world contains "The Grand Record Depository of the World" where any and all knowledge that one wishes for can be gained. However due to the vastness of the information, it would overwhelm even divine existences like gods, let alone a human. The very moment a being would try to obtain knowledge from the repository, they would perish. This feature of the world is similar in concept to the famed Akashic Record of Earth by Hajime. Due to the differences between this world and the other worlds, Hajime theorized this world to be a conceptual one that isn't even a planet.

Nine Branching Worlds and its World Tree's Branch


  • Official Names of the Alternate worlds and their World Trees are created by Hajime.
  • Residents of the Desert World oppose the name of their world given by Hajime because they plan to transform the Desert World into a world that is abundant in nature. "Plentiful Nature World" and "Koone World" were candidates of names for their world that the residents themselves have thought of, with "Koone World" being the name that they decided on in honor of their current queen.