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Tracy D. Hoelscher (トレイシ・D・ヘルシャー, Toreishī D. Herushā?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

She is the eldest daughter of Emperor Gahard and the first princess of the Hoelscher Empire. Later, she becomes a member of Fleur Knights.


Tracy is a young attractive woman with blonde hair with ringlet curls, blue almond-shaped eyes, and voluptuous breasts.


Tracy is known for being a battle nut among the Imperial Family, to the point that even her own father considers her to be abnormal. Whenever she engages in a battle that she enjoys, she can be overcome with ecstasy.

Tracy is blunt and unafraid to disrupt the atmosphere in the area due to her obsession with fighting. She is fundamentally apathetic toward other people, including members of her family, and will only interact others that she is genuinely interested in. She is also belligerent and hates to lose.

While she is not fighting, Tracy is able to present herself in a regal manner, as befits a princess.

Tracy is somewhat naïve due to her blunt and honest nature, and can be easily manipulated with the right incentive.

Despite possessing a warrior's mentality that is shared amongst her family, Tracy is considered to be the most open-minded out of all of them, and acknowledges that the future of the empire's prosperity is dependent on being able to adapt to the changing times, and the importance of teaching its future rulers on being able to learn new values.


When a party to commentate the engagement between Prince Baius and Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh of the Heiligh Kingdom was taking place in the empire, Tracy did not attend due to the apathy she had for her half-brother. During the event, she was confronted by members of the Haulia Tribe rabbitmen when they invaded the imperial palace. They had infiltrated her room (with the aid of Hajime Nagumo) and filled it with sleeping gas. Tracy, however, managed to remain conscious by stabbing her arm with a knife in order for the pain to keep her awake. Shocked by Tracy's fighting spirit, the rabbitmen in charge of capturing her would eventually subdue her after she was hit with many paralyzing blow-darts from a distance. After Cam Haulia bested Emperor Gahard in combat and forced him to comply with his demands, Tracy, along with the rest of her family (except for Prince Baius due to having been killed during the Haulia's attack) were forced to wear cursed Artifacts called the "Necklace of Vows" that would kill them if they either failed to honor their promise or attempt to remove them.

When the empire was preparing for the final battle against humanity's self-styled god Ehit, who was planning to wipe out all life on Tortus, Gahard forbad Tracy from participating due to her position as next in line for the thrown after her two eldest half-brothers Baius and Trek were killed during the Haulia's attack against the empire. Tracy, however, refused to comply, and instead snuck out to fight. Before heading off into battle, she visited the empire's treasury in order to procure an Artifact tow would be of use to her. The guards at the treasury attempted tp stop her, but she managed to overpower them. It was then that one of the weapons in the deepest recesses of the vault, the scythe "Egxess", unleashed a wave of black mana in response to Tracy's desire to fight. Tracy then took Egxess and participated in the battle against Ehit's forces, while using her father's earring Artifact that disguised her appearance in order for her not to be discovered.

When the battle against Ehit ended in victory for Tortus' forces, Gahard soon learned of Tracy's involvment, and punished her by refusing to properly heal her from using Hajime's Artifact "Last Zell", which temporarily granted her the Skill "Limit Break", but left her in a severely weakened state. In addition, Egxess was draining Tracy's mana to the point that she was dying from the severe fatigue. Gahard attempted to heal Tracy after three days, but she refused due to wanting to overcome her ailment without any help. After a month of enduing such physical hardships, Tracy managed to fully recover, as well as obtaining the ability to use "Limit Break" on her own. At some point during her recovery, Tracy and her family had their cursed necklaces removed.

Despite having just survived such a horrible ordeal, Tracy wished to challenge Hajime's companion Shea Haulia to combat due to the lingering impression the Haulia Tribe had on her when they invaded the imperial capital. By the time she arrived at the beastman nation of Verbergen, however, Shea had already left to go to Earth with Hajime and the others. Tracy then devoted herself to training in order to prepare herself to fight Shea one day. She even went so far as to challenge the Great Reisen Labyrinth, but was unable to conquer it after losing to the final guardian golem (which had actually been replaced by Hajime with his own golem "Super Miledy G").

When Hajime and his family was visiting the empire as part of their holiday vacation in Tortus, Tracy barged in the imperial throne room where they were and demanded to fight with Shea, to which she reluctantly accepted. Despite Tracy's best efforts (including using Egxess and activating her "Limit Break"), she was defeated when Shea punched her while using her "Body Strengthening Level V" and her "Steel Form" spell. After Tracy was healed up by Kaori Shirasaki, Hajime spoke with her in private about recruiting her to be part of a top-secret project after having been impressed with her combat skills, and promised her to upgrade Egxess for her if she accepted, as well as the opportunity to fight with Shea again, to which she happily agreed to. Gahard, however, wish for her to succeed him as the empire's next ruler, and attempted to stop her from accepting Hajime's mysterious proposal, but was stopped when both Hajime and Tracy exposed a controversial painting hanging in the thrown room that he tried to conceal after it had been previously forced upon him by the Haulia Tribe. As Gahard and his retainers were frantically working at covering up the painting once more, Tracy offered Hajime and his family to be their guide while they were visiting the empire.


  • Gahard D. Hoelscher - Despite being her father, Gahard did not show too much affection towards Tracy growing up, and did not have a large role in her upbringing. After the death of his two oldest sons, Gahard wants Tracy to succeed him as ruler of the empire due to her incredible strength and skill as a fighter.
  • Baius D. Hoelscher - Tracy's older half-brother. Despite having earned the title of Crowned Prince through combat, Tracy would consider him unworthy to be the next emperor and does respect him.
  • Handler D. Hoelscher - Tracy's younger half-brother. Handler has a one-sided rivalry with Tracy and aspires to best her in combat in order to become the empire's next heir.
  • Ariel D. Hoelscher - Tracy's youngest half-sister. Ariel is the only one of her siblings that she has a good relationship with.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Hajime is impressed enough with Tracy in terms of her skills and character that he recruits her as a member of the Fleur Knights. Upon accepting Hajime's offer, Tracy treats him as though he is her master.
  • Liliana S. B. Heiligh - Tracy would initially act antagonistic towards her whenever they met, but secretly admired her very much due to her strong character. After becoming a member of the Fleur Knights, Tracy appears to have hid any presence of animosity towards her and is now willing to serve her as her maid.
  • Shea Haulia - Tracy has developed an intense one-sided rivalry with Shea as a result of her admiration for the Haulia Tribe and their methods of fighting. She would repeatedly flirt with Shea to get her attention.
  • Nea Haulia - Nea is Tracy's sparring partner when the Haulia Tribe establish their presence in the empire to act as ambassadors for Verbergen after the battle against Ehit. Tracy greatly respects Nea's combat skills, and considers her to be the Haulia Tribe's second best warrior (the first being Shea).

Weapons & Equipment

  • Egxess - A scythe that originally belonged to the Liberator Badd Virtus. It is capable of absorbing the mana of any spell it touches and can then send that spell back at its caster. It is also capable of unleashing a barrage of jet-black mana blades. Unfortunately, it required a large amount of mana to be wielded, to the point where its user would have to fight for the rest of their life in order for it to absorb the mana of its enemies, or else they would die from having their own mana drained by it. It is later upgraded by Hajime, which includes a bombardment mode, are well as a transformation feature to make it more compact and easier to carry.
  • Barrier Rings - Tracy possesses ten rings connected to a chain, with each of them able to generate the barrier magic spell "Hallowed Ground".

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Expert Combatant - Tracy is one of best fighters in the empire. According to Garhard, she is the strongest only after him following the deaths of her two older brothers. She specializes in utilizing magical tools for her battle tactics.

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - Tracy possesses a large quantity of mana to the point that he is able to properly wield the scythe Egxess (which has been known to drain the mana of its user).


  • Body Strengthening - A skill to use magic to strengthen the body.
  • Limit Break - A skill to go over one's limits; amplifying their power by three times one's basic stats, but this power comes with a rebound - once used the user will be heavily fatigued. Using it for long periods of time will damage the user's body.



  • Hoelscher is an English language surname derivative, primarily used in the United States. Its origins are from the North German "Hölscher", the occupational name for a maker of clogs (wooden shoes), which in turn comes from the Middle Low German "holsche" (prefix holt- meaning "wood"; suffix -scho meaning "shoe"; with the agent noun suffix "-er"). The name is strongly associated with Westphalia in Germany, although it is also associated with the Netherlands. Bearers of the name almost universally descend from individuals originally from the Paderborn region of Westphalia or the Netherlands.
  • Tracy often ends her sentences with "desuwa" (ですわ) as her copula.
  • The codename Tracy uses after becoming a member of the Fleur Knights "Torenia" is genus of plants from the Linderniaceae family.
  • The upgrades that Hajime offers to incorporate onto Tracy's scythe are based off of Ruby Rose's scythe "Crescent Rose" from RWBY.



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