Topp Karg D. Orcus (トップ・ガーグ・D・オルクス, Toppu Gāgu D. Orukusu?) is a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

He is the head craftsman for the Orcus Workshop in the Kingdom of Velka, as well as Oscar's adopted father.

Appearance Edit

Karg has a massive build, as well as his entire body covered in thick hair.

Personality Edit

Karg is stern and blunt. He does not tolerate any nonsense at his workshop and expects the best from the craftsmen that work for him. Deep down, however, Karg is very kind and does what he can to help those that he cares about.

Biography Edit

Karg worked as a craftsman for the Orcus Workshop in the Kingdom of Velka. His skills as a Synergist eventually lead him to take over the shop, as well as earning him the last name "Orcus", as per its tradition. Karg would often give money to his old friend Moorin in order to support her orphanage, as well as visit her on occasion. During one of his visits, he saw that the orphanage had a lot of new toys. He asked Moorin if they were from a new sponsor, but she claimed that they were all crafted by one of the orphans named Oscar. Impressed with their quality, Karg met Oscar and asked how he managed to create those toys so fast. Oscar explained that he first attempted to transmute after witnessing Karg do it to repair a broken plate during his previous visit one month prior, and it had just been natural for him ever since. Karg was stunned with how quickly Oscar managed to master the art of transmutation and immediately decided to take him as his apprentice. After tutoring him personally for three years, Karg admitted him into the Orcus Workshop.

When Oscar was being ridiculed by another craftsman named Ping Waress, as well as having to his workload in addition to his own, Karg intervened by claiming that the workmanship on Oscar's pieces was excellent, despite them only being common items. Karg then sternly invited Oscar into his office and asked him why he didn't show his true talents as a craftsman. He felt that Oscar was far more talented than him at this point and did not feel that he deserved to be treated much better than he was. Oscar happily claimed that despite the ridicule he frequently faced, he liked his job and the type of items that he crafted. Just as Karg was about to claim that Oscar had already surpassed him as a craftsman, Oscar stopped and told in a most serious tone that his skills were so impressive that they were considered abnormal, much to Karg's surprise. Oscar then reaffirmed that he liked his job and would continue working for him, to which Karg begrudgingly accepted. After Oscar left to deliver his order, Karg spoke to himself about how Oscar should do something that he actually likes, rather than pretending to be smiling all the time.

When Oscar confronted the Holy Church after they had kidnapped the children from his old orphanage, he decided to leave Velka in order to keep the people that he cared about out of any danger that he may face as a result. He visited the Orcus Workshop once more to deliver his farewell letter to Karg before the store opened. To his surprise, however, Karg and the other craftsmen were waiting for him when he arrived. As they said their goodbyes to each other, Karg asked Oscar to honor his last request and accept the "Orcus" name for himself, to which Oscar happily agreed to.

Relationship Edit

  • Oscar Orcus - His adopted son. He sees how talented the boy is and wishes to train him as a craftsman. While he is stern with him a lot, he cares greatly for him and thinks of him as his own son.
  • Moorin - Karg is good friends with Moorin. He helps support her orphanage financially, as well as visit it to check up on her.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

  • Transmute - The base skill of the "Synergist" Job class. It allows the user to control, transform and manipulate any kind of ores, minerals or materials in any way or shape the user desires.

Trivia Edit

  • Karg may be based on the Roman god of the underworld "Orcus", who was depicted as a hairy, bearded giant.

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