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Tio Klarus (ティオ・クラルス, Tio Kurarusu?) is one of the main female protagonists from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

Tio is the princess of the exiled Dragonmen and later becomes one of Hajime's companions. She becomes a pervert and masochist after her first encounter with Hajime while being brainwashed into attacking him.


Tio's dragon form and human form

Tio's appearance is that of a beautiful, voluptuous woman in her 20's and is over 170 cm tall. She possesses long black hair and golden eyes. Her dragon form is 7 meters long with golden eyes and has black scales.

She wears a set of black traditional Dragonmen robes that are similar to a Japanese kimono with unique floral designs along the bottom, and a pink undershirt similar to a hadajuban. She also wears a red Japanese-styled hairpin and piercings on the top of her hair, as well as worn oiran's sandals.


We have yet to learn our purpose in this world. Is this body man or beast? If all things were made with a purpose, then the answer to that question must lie somewhere. For centuries we have been unable to find the answer. In which case, it is time we decided on an answer for ourselves! A dragon’s eyes see the truth, piercing all lies and deceit! A dragon’s talons tear through fortresses, striking down the evil sequestered within! A dragon’s fangs shred through one’s own weakness, biting through hatred and wrath. For once a dragon loses its benevolence, it is naught more than a beast. So long as the blade of reason is my weapon—Then we are not beasts, but dragonmen!
— Tio reciting the Dragonman creed, Light Novel Volume 10

Tio is initially strong-willed, kind, and wise. After her first encounter with Hajime Nagumo, Tio becomes a pervert and a masochist who is loyal to him due to being bested by him in combat and for awakening this new sensation for her. Her perversion only grows as the series goes on, like when after she spoon-fed Hajime she licked around the used spoon.[3]

The wise, respected princess (top) and the hopeless pervert (bottom).

Tio eventually realizes that she loves Hajime as more than just a master. When Hajime was injured by Freid Bagwa (an Ancient Magic user within the demon race), she protected him before confessing her love for him and later almost killing Freid leaving scars of her wrath on him. Though at times she is a perverted woman, she is also sharp and gives useful advice when needed. She is extremely loyal to her comrades, and would be more than willing to lay down her life for them. Tio is blunt and prefers to get straight to the point whenever speaking with others. This is not her intention to be rude but however due to her honest nature.

Despite her perverted nature, Tio is shown to have a reasonable amount of embarrassment at times. She is especially ashamed that her newly awakened fetishes has dishonored the reputation of the Dragonmen as a race of noble beings. As well, Tio possesses the greatest mental strength among all of Hajime's wives and even Hajime himself. She is very strict with herself, never making any excuses or denying any failures on her part and will accept any punishment for her wrongdoings. This allowed her to overcome all the mental challenges she had faced in the Labyrinths with ease.

Due to her loyalty towards her "master", Tio is immensely disrespectful towards other men and belittled them when they've tried to flirt with her or insult her "master" in any ways as she is disgusted those men that are not her types such as Kouki Amanogawa. Aside from Kouki, Tio also hates Daisuke Hiyama and look down on him because she heard all of the stories from her "master" and Kaori as well she made sure to keep Hiyama away from Kaori shown she saved her from her temporarily death including the part that she holds no qualms when she watched on pitilessly as Hajime brutally thrashed and feed Hiyama to the monsters.

During the final trail of the Frost Cavern of Schnee, it is revealed that Tio has a strong hatred for Ehit and the Holy Church as she wanted revenge upon them. Despite her people's noble intentions to protect all the races of Tortus and maintain themselves as noble beings, it was all ruined when the Holy Church declared Dragonmen as "heretics". This lead to the destruction of her village by the very people they swore to protect and even the death of her parents. While Tio does her best to keep these feelings in check, they do influence some of her choices, as the reason why she decided to join Hajime was because she though she could use him to fight the false gods to suit her vengeance upon the so-called "gods" and the Holy Church to avenge her parents and people. Under the order of Hajime of destroying the Holy Church temple, Tio is highly pleasured to extended her revenge to the Holy Church by destroying the temple which purposely killed the pope and his bishops for their interference.

After the destruction of the Dragonmen kingdom as well as the deaths of her parents, Tio inherited her father's will and mission of defeating the pseudo gods. She trained herself to the point of surpassing her grandfather, who was known as the strongest Dragonmen in her village. It is because of her mission that she swore to never take a spouse that was weaker than herself and why she wanted to investigate the otherworld summoning as she had hoped that it could lead to the false gods' deaths. She is grateful to Hajime for offering to fight the so-called "gods" on her behalf but wished for him to fulfill the prior promises he made. After Hajime said he would make a new promise with her should she need to return to Tortus to fight, she expressed her deep gratitude and became shy as she was very grateful that he treasures and cares for her that much. She also shown in joy when Hajime killed Ehit fulfilling her vengeance.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Divinity Stone Ring - A ring made by Hajime that works like a battery magic container to help Tio fight efficiently. It also has various ore's that has the effect of telepathy and etc...
  • Mini-Treasure Trove - It is a ring-shaped Artifact created by Hajime using Spatial magic and is a smaller version of Treasure Trove. It had small one centimeter ruby set in its center that is an artificially created dimensional space where things could be stored. It has the size around a house’s storage.

Black Whip of Slavery (Light Novel)

  • Black Whip of Slavery - a whip created by Hajime that is capable of transforming any monster caught in it into a black dragon that serves Tio. It can also extend its length by using Spatial magic and cut space.
  • Smartphone - A hybrid smartphone that combines modern technology with crystal display made in another world. It can contact other worlds, fire lasers of concentrated super small sunlight with the thickness of a needle, and it also continuously takes the vital data of the owner, and in the case the owner’s vital entered critical stage because of some abnormality, the smartphone automatically opens a small gate, firing the light of the satellite type resurrection magic artifact operating outside the earth’s atmosphere, "Bel Agarta".

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Genius Intellect - Being over 500 years old, Tio is an extremely knowledgeable and intellectual individual with immense wisdom. She is the first among Hajime's party to realize that the Great Labyrinths are trials meant to better prepare challengers for the sake of defeating Ehit, even considering what the trials themes are based on what she is told about them before exploring them firsthand. She is considered the smartest member of Hajime's companions, with even Hajime respecting her insight and opinion.
  • Immense Physical Abilities - Being a Dragonmen, Tio possesses superhuman levels of physical capabilities, even in her human form. In her dragon form, all of Tio's physical abilities increase to monstrous levels.
    • Immense Strength - Tio is far stronger than the average human strength in her human form. Her strength is even greater than humans (including who are blessed with physical abilities) and demons. She can easily fire Donner while controlling it's recoil. She can also lift other humans over her head without any effort. In her true form as a dragon, it is stated that her strength surpasses her grandfather Adul Klarus, who was stated to be the strongest Dragonmen in her village. She is capable of fighting a army of Ash Dragons by herself. Her strength can even severely injured Freid Bagwa (the supposedly strongest member of Garland).
    • Immense Speed - Tio has great speed in both her human and dragon forms. In her dragon form, she can easily traverse the distance of the Gruen Volcano to the Dukedom of Ankaji despite her injuries. She is also faster than mounted animals such as a wyvern as she catch up to Freid Bagwa while riding his wyvern so quickly. After living on Earth, she is shown to be capable of flying faster than the speed of sound by combining her "Dragonification" and "Pain Conversion". She has also studied the aerodynamics of Earth's jets in order to utilize them for her own flying.
    • Immense Durability - In her human form, Tio has proven to be quite sturdy, which is enhanced by her being a masochist, as she turns pain into pleasure. She especially possess a high heat tolerances, as she could maintain a calm composer in the Grand Gruen Volcano where the extremely heat increased with each level. In her dragon form, Tio's durability is considered one of her strongest points, being famous in her village for her unbreakable scale. She was able to take several brutal attacks from many of Hajime's weapons including when she was whipped by Yue for her perverted neglecting.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Having trained for five centuries, Tio is powerful hand-to-hand fighter, both in her human form and dragon form. She was considered the strongest in the dragonmen village before leaving, being said no one there could match her in a fight.

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - Being the strongest member of the already powerful dragonmen, Tio possess incredible levels of mana. Her mana is even more superior than normal mana blessed humans and demon.
  • Magic Master - Tio is an extremely skilled and experienced veteran master of magic. While not to the same degree as Yue, she can cast large scale magic spells and use small ones with excellent control. With over 500 years of experience in practicing magic, Tio has accumulated immense knowledge of different magic. During the battle to protect the town of Ur from the 60'000 monsters, she was able to wipe out thousands of monsters with a few powerful spells without transforming into her dragon form, impressing Hajime.


  • Draconification - Like all members of her race, Tio can transform into a dragon with an incredible level of defense.
    • Dragon Scales Hardening - A skill to harden Tio's dragon scales using magic. It is possible to further increase the dragon form's basic status and resistances.
    • Mana Efficiency Up - A skill that makes the user efficient in using magic.
    • Physical Strength Up - A skill that makes the user efficient in physical attacks.
    • Draconic Roar II - A skill to use "Dragonbreath" when "Dragonification" is not activated.
    • Wind Veil - A skill similar to Hajime's "Lightning Field", but uses wind. When using "Dragonification", a cloak of wind is used to assist in flight.
    • Pain Conversion II - A skill to convert pain into energy, and can temporarily boost all stats. In addition it is possible to store the converted energy. However the energy can only be stored when still feeling lingering pain. It is an ability Tio learned when she first meet Hajime.
    • Partial Dragonification - The dragon scales that originally could only came out in Tio’s black dragon form can be used as chainmail so that they won't obstruct the movement of her human form.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
    • Mana Emission - A skill to emit mana and use it to upgrade certain motions, such as shouting.
    • Mana Compression - A skill to compress mana.
    • Remote Manipulation - A skill to control the magic emitted.
  • Fire Magic Affinity - It allows the user to use fire magic at a capable rate.
    • Decreased Mana Consumption - Decrease in mana consumption for using fire magic.
    • Increased Efficiency - The effects raised when using fire magic.
    • Increased Duration - The duration in using fire magic raised.
  • Wind Magic Affinity - It allows the user to use wind magic at a capable rate.
    • Decreased Mana Consumption - Decrease in magic consumption for using wind magic.
    • Increased Efficiency - The effects raised when using wind magic.
    • Increased Duration - The duration in using wind magic raised.
    • Lightning Element - Lightning magic is classified as higher ranked wind magic, this allows lightning magic to be used at the same level as wind magic.
  • Spell Melding - A skill to fuse 2 kinds of magic.

Ancient Magic

  • Restoration Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows the user to restore the state of anything to either its previous or original condition. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the time', meaning it has the ability to manipulate the time of anything, anyplace or anyone to a point the user desires to.
  • Spirit Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows the user to manipulate the soul of a living being directly. It's possible to revive a living being back from the dead (time restriction applicable), or transfer the soul of a living being from one body to another, or even into a non-physical body as well, practically granting any living being immortality. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the negative material possessed by living thing'. To be more specific, this magic could also interfere with things like energy inside the body that was mana, heat, electricity, then thought, consciousness, memory. Those who have mastery over this magic can even create an artificial consciousness, and allow it to inhabit any body they wish.
  • Evolution Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows the user to enhance or evolve all other forms of power, be it strong or weak. It can work on even other "Ancient Magic" as well, boosting their power and scope. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the information about existing things'. This magic enhanced or evolved an ability or power by a stage of 1, by interfering with the targets information, and the increased it one-by-one stage.
  • Metamorphosis Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of Gods", which allows a user to remake the form of a normal being and reform them into a different form. Normally it's used to remake a normal organism and turn it into a monster, or even manipulate the magic stone of a monster and remake them. But the true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any organic material'. Meaning not only animals, but it's also possible to remake plants or intelligent beings, and reform their structure as needed. Even byproducts of organic material, like paper or food, can also be manipulated by this magic. The magic stone which gets created during the process is just a byproduct of the process. Tio has high compatibility with this magic, most likely due to her mastery of her "Dragonification" skill.


Fire Magic

  • Flame Breath - When in dragon form, Tio can breath fire.
  • Flame Bullet - It shoots small flame breath bullets rapidly
  • Flame Fangs - It summons a cluster of powerful flames.
  • Purgatory Blaze - It summons a flame tornado dozens of meters in diameter. "Rise up, O furious gale, imbued with the crimson inferno of hell itself— Purgatory Blaze!"
  • Spiral Flame - It shoots out spiralling magic flames.

Wind Magic

  • Cloudburst - An intermediate-rank wind spell that creates a compressed wall of air.
  • Infinity Gust - An intermediate-rank wind spell that creates a tornado emitting blades of wind.
  • Tempest Void - A mid-ranked defense magic of a wind element wall.
  • Updraft - A basic spell that can lift objects using wind. Skilled practitioners can briefly make someone fly with this spell.
  • Wind Blades - A beginner-level wind spell that summons a barrages of blades of wind.
  • Breeze Breath - A support-oriented wind spell that allows the caster to amplify sounds using the power of wind, or to carry specific noises over long distances.

Ancient Magic Spells

  • Limiter Removal - Evolution magic that exponentially increases her strength, senses, and reflexes.

Original Composite Spells

  • Dragon Scale Armor - A composite of "Dragonification" and metamorphosis magic, using "Partial Dragonification" and "Dragon Scale Hardening" that increased the hardness of the scale in respond to the mana consumption along with metamorphosis magic, there was not that much difference in defensive capability aspect compared with the state of complete Dragonification, although her physical strength dropped.
  • Dragon King’s Corpse Life Army - Spirit and metamorphosis composite magic――this magic uses Tio’s own blood and scales as the medium, where the soul magic "Dragon Soul Reproduction" and metamorphosis magic "Sixth Heaven’s Demon Transformation" were applied on the monsters’ corpse to create black dragons. By offering flesh and blood, making use of corpse, it creates a new army――in addition, the created dragons were all black dragon with an evil and atrocious appearance that could be mistaken as an evil dragon.
  • Dragon God Manifestation - Spirit and metamorphosis composite magic――using spirit magic ‘Magic Clad Alignment’ that aligned the soul with magic so that the body could wear the magic itself with the highest class flame magic "World Destroyer Flame Wave" and the highest class wind magic ‘Sky Miracle’, and then adding to those the metamorphosis magic ‘Sixth Heaven’s Demon Transformation’, secret medicine to strengthen the body, sublimation magic, and then, the "Pain Conversion II" that was the derivative skill of characteristic magic "Dragonification", only after using all of those at the same time this ultimate skill of Tio could be activated.
  • Black Dragon God’s Authority - Spirit and metamorphosis composite magic that could transforms creatures into black dragons by roaring. In order to use it, Tio needs to have stocked up power from using "Pain Conversion II", and the targets need to be creatures that are biologically similar to dragons. Furthermore, by using an arrangement of "Divine Statement" and "God Dragon’s Word Soul", it can also awaken their dragon instincts.


Level 89 93
as "Human" while in "Dragon" form as "Human" while in "Dragon" form
Strength 770 +4620 880 +8800
Vitality 1100 +6600 1250 +12500
Defense 1100 +6600 1250 +12500
Agility 580 +3480 700 +7000
Magic 4590 4990
Magic Defense 4220 4620
"as per" Light Novel - Volume 04 WN - ch122

Note :-

  • The base stats given above aren't Tio's current stats, as the last time the author provided stats for her in the Web Novel was before she acquired "Evolution Magic" from the Haltina's Labyrinth.


  • (Tio introducing herself to Hajime Nagumo and the others): "I have caused you all much grief. Please understand that I truly, truly am sorry for what I have done. My name is Tio Klarus. I’m a dragonmen of the Klarus clan.."[4]
  • (Expressing her grief and anger to Hajime): "Master, are you saying I alone am not worthy to fight with you until the end? Are you truly asking me to abandon you all? I will not—"[5]
  • (Tio expressing her trust in Hajime): "Master is the kind of man who can overturn any kind of hopeless situation and make it look easy. You can’t help but trust in him..."[5]
  • (To Hajime Nagumo after reuniting at Erisen): "I believed in you. I believed... you would return... Still, you made me wait quite some time, Master."[5]
  • (To Aiko Hatayama): "If you’ve committed to this path, then I suppose I have no choice. I’m sure Master won’t mind if this is truly what you want. Very well. Let us slaughter those fools together!"[3]
  • (To Hajime Nagumo): "I am your servant and your servant alone, Master! Such tepid pleasure cannot hope to compare to the exquisite pain which you grace me with on a daily basis! Please do not think of me as some loose woman who’ll let any old sadist slap her arse!"[6]
  • (To Kaori Shirasaki about Shea Haulia): "Through all the tears, through all the terror, she continued to press forward. All so that she could stand together with those she loved. While this world seems to have granted Kouki the title of hero... I believe that neither he nor even Master are worthy of holding that title. If the word hero defines someone who possesses limitless courage, then no one is more deserving of that moniker than Shea Haulia."[6]
  • (Tio describing her comrades): "Every one of my comrades is a miracle. That we were all able to meet each other is a miracle as well. We have a normal boy who crawled his way out of the abyss. A 300-year-old vampire who escaped from an eternal seal. The only rabbitman in generations to be born with mana. A strong-willed priest who made the body of an apostle her own. Who could possibly have imagined such absurd people could exist? Surely not even god predicted this. Everyone’s existence, and our chance meetings, are all miracles. Right now, my life is filled with miracles. And nothing could make me happier."[6]


  • Tio has an old fashion way of speaking.
  • According to Hajime, she has two modes within her: the hopeless perverted dragon Tio, and the True Tio (which is the more mature and wise version).
  • Tio is the oldest of Hajime's wives.
  • Tio is entitled to spatial magic due to having officially completed the labyrinth at the Grand Gruen Volcano, but was unable to claim it due to the intervention of Freid Bagwa.
  • Tio secretly writes poetry.[7]
  • During her childhood, Tio often destroyed her clothes after transforming from a dragon to a human due to not having fully mastered her Draconification.[8]
  • Ryo Shirakome based Tio off of Ophis from High School DxD.[9]
    • Her Japanese voice actress, Yōko Hikasa, also voiced thee series' main female protagonist Rias Gremory.
  • Both Tio's Japanese and English voice actresses also voiced Seraphim from Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka?.