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Tio Klarus (ティオ・クラルス, Tio Kurarusu?) is one of the major character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

She is a "pervert" with the main status of M but she is honest and the words this one speaketh are similar to the old legends. But somehow along the line, she became an all around pervert, like when after she spoon-fed Hajime she licked around the used spoon.[1]


  • Tio as a human
  • Tio as a dragon

Her appearance is a woman of her 20's. She is also a black-haired, golden-eyed beautiful girl. Her glossy, straight, black hair reached her waist. Her dragon form is 7 meters long with golden eyes and has black dragon scales.


She is a pervert and an M (Masochist) who is loyal to Hajime Nagumo. Though at often times she is a perverted woman, she is also sharp gives useful advice when the time is needed. She also realizes her feelings for Hajime was not just being a slave and master relationship, but also true love when Hajime was almost beaten by Freid Bagwa (an age of the god's magic user within the demon race) and protected him then confessed to him that she loved him.

Weapons & Equipment 

  • God Crystal Ring - a ring made by Hajime to give a battery like magic container to help Tio fight efficiently. It also has various ore's that has the effect of telepathy and etc..
  • Mini-Treasure Trove - created by Hajime using spatial magic and is a smaller version of Treasure Trove. It has the size around a house’s storage.
  • Black Whip of Slavery - a whip created by Hajime that is capable of transforming any monster caught in it into black dragon that serve Tio. It can also extend it's length by using spatial magic



  • Draconification - can transform into a dragon with a very huge defense.
    • Dragon Scales Hardening - dragon scales can be further hardened using magic. It is possible to further increase the Dragon Form basic status and resistances.
    • Magic Efficiency Up - ability that makes the user efficient in using magic.
    • Physical Strength Up - ability that makes the user efficient in physical attacks.
    • Draconic Roar II - uses a roar that can deflect attacks, When Dragon Form is activated, a breath attack can be utilized even when not activated.
    • Wind cloak - ability similar to Hajime's lightning clad but uses wind, When Dragon Form is activated, a cloak of wind is used to assist in flight.
    • Pain Conversion II - ability to convert pain into energy, and can temporarily boost all stats. In addition it is possible to store the converted energy. However the energy can only be stored when still feeling lingering pain. It is an ability Tio learned when she first meet Hajime.
    • Partial Dragonication - The dragon scale that originally could only came out in Tio’s black dragon form was now being put on like a chainmail so that it wouldn’t obstruct the movement of her small human form.
  • Magic Manipulation - ability to use magic without chants and magic circles.
    • Magic Emission - ability to emit magic and use it to upgrade certain motions like shouting and also a variant of Magic Manipulation.
    • Magic Compression - ability to compress magic and also a variant of Magic Manipulation.
    • Remote control - ability to control the magic emitted.
  • Fire Resistance - ability to use fire magic.
    • Decreased Magic Consumption - decrease in magic consumption for using fire magic.
    • Increased Efficiency - effects raised when using fire magic.
    • Increased Duration - duration in using fire magic raised.
  • Wind Element Aptitude - allows the user to use wind magic at a capable rate.
    • Decreased Magic Consumption - decrease in magic consumption for using wind magic.
    • Increased Efficiency - effects raised when using wind magic.
    • Increased Duration - duration in using wind magic raised.
    • Lightning Element - lightning magic is classified as higher ranked wind magic, this allows lightning magic to be used at the same level as wind magic.
  • Spell Melding - ability to fuse 2 kinds of magic.
  • Regeneration Magic -one of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of God", which allows the user to restore the state of anything to either its previous or original condition. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the time', meaning it has the ability to manipulate the time of anything, anyplace or anyone to a point the user desires to.
  • Spirit Magic - one of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of God", which allows the user to manipulate the soul of a living being directly. It's possible to revive a living being back from the dead (time restriction applicable), or transfer the soul of a living being from one body to another, or even into a non-physical body as well, practically granting any living being immortality. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the negative material possessed by living thing'. To be more specific, this magic could also interfere with things like energy inside the body that was magic power, heat, electricity, then thought, consciousness, memory. Those who have mastery over this magic can even create an artificial consciousness, and allow it to inhabit any body they wish.
  • Evolution Magic - one of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of God", which allows the user to enhance or evolve all other forms of power, be it strong or weak. It can work on even other "Ancient Magic" as well, boosting their power and scope. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the information about existing things'. This magic enhanced or evolved an ability or power by a stage of 1, by interfering with the targets information, and the increased it one-by-one stage.
  • Metamorphosis Magic - one of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of God", which allows a user to remake the form of a normal being and reform them into a different form. Normally it's used to remake a normal organism and turn it into a monster, or even manipulate the magic stone of a monster and remake them. But the true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any organic material'. Meaning not only animals, but it's also possible to remake plants or intelligent beings, and reform their structure as needed. Even byproducts of organic material, like paper or food, can also be manipulated by this magic. The magic stone which gets created during the process is just a byproduct of the process.


Fire Magic

  • Flame Breath - when at dragon form, Tio can breath fire.
  • Flame Bullet - shoots small flame breath bullets rapidly
  • Worldly Flame Tempest - summons a flame tornado with 10 meters of diameter.
  • Tempest Void - is a mid-ranked defense magic of a wind element wall.
  • Spiral Flame - shoots a magic of spiralling flames.

Original Composite Spells

  • Dragon Scale Armor - a composite of Dragonification and metamorphosis magic, using ‘Partial Dragonification and ‘Dragon Scale Hardening’ that increased the hardness of the scale in respond to the magic power consumption along with metamorphosis magic, there was not that much difference in defensive capability aspect compared with the state of complete Dragonification, although her physical strength dropped.
  • Dragon King’s Corpse Life Army - spirit and metamorphosis composite magic ‘Dragon King’s Corpse Life Army’――this magic was using Tio’s own blood and scale as the medium, where the soul magic Dragon Soul Reproduction and metamorphosis magic Sixth Heaven’s Demon Transformation were applied on the monsters’ corpse to create black dragons. By offering flesh and blood, making use of corpse, it created a new army――in addition, the created dragons were all black dragon with an evil and atrocious appearance that could be mistaken as an evil dragon. It could be said as a worthy deed for a woman who looked up at a man who was titled as demon king that she called as goshujin-sama… perhaps.
  • Dragon God Manifestation - Soul and metamorphosis composite magic――using soul magic ‘Magic Clad Alignment’ that aligned the soul with magic so that the body could wear the magic itself with the highest class flame magic ‘World Destroyer Flame Wave’ and the highest class wind magic ‘Sky Miracle’, and then adding to those the metamorphosis magic ‘Sixth Heaven’s Demon Transformation’, secret medicine to strengthen the body, sublimation magic, and then, the ‘Pain Conversion II’ that was the derivative skill of characteristic magic ‘Dragonification’, only after using all of those at the same time this ultimate skill of Tio could be activated.


Level 89 93
as "Human" while in "Dragon" form as "Human" while in "Dragon" form
Strength 770 +4620 880 +8800
Vitality 1100 +6600 1250 +12500
Defense 1100 +6600 1250 +12500
Agility 580 +3480 700 +7000
Magic 4590 4990
Magic Defense 4220 4620
"as per" Light Novel - Volume 04 WN - ch122
Note :-
  • The base stats given above aren't Tio's current stats, as the last time the author provided stats for her in the Web Novel was before she acquired "Evolution Magic" from the Haltina's Labyrinth.


  • (Tio introducing herself to Hajime and the others) “I have caused you all much grief. Please understand that I truly, truly am sorry for what I have done. My name is Tio Klarus. I’m a dragonman of the Klarus clan..”[2]
  • (To Kaori Shirasaki about Shea Haulia): "Through all the tears, through all the terror, she continued to press forward. All so that she could stand together with those she loved. While this world seems to have granted Kouki the title of hero... I believe that neither he nor even Master are worthy of holding that title. If the word hero defines someone who possesses limitless courage, then no one is more deserving of that moniker than Shea Haulia."[3]


  • According to Hajime, she has two modes within her: the hopeless perverted dragon Tio, and the True Tio (which is the more mature and wise version).
  • By combining her Dragonification and Pain Conversion she is capable of travelling at much faster then thought originally possible as shown in her After Story Arc.
  • Tio is entitled to Spatial Magic due to having officially completed the labyrinth at the Grand Gruen Volcano, but was unable to claim it due to the intervention of Freid Bagwa.
  • Ryo Shirakome based Tio off of Ophis from High School DxD.[4]
    • Her voice actress, Yōko Hikasa, also voiced the main female character from the same series Rias Gremory .


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