Dukedom of Ancadi - A trading transit in Gruen Great Desert, which also served as an important oasis.

Great Orcus Dungeon - One of the Seven Great Dungeon that is said to be located at the center of Gruen Great Desert

Gruen Great Desert - After passing through the Western Sea, one will reach the 【Gruen Great Desert】. In this desert, there is the trading transit, which also served as an important oasis, the 【Dukedom of Ancadi】, there was also the 【Grand Gruen Volcano】.

Grand Gruen Volcano - One of the Seven Great Dungeon somewhere in Gruen Great Desert.

Haltina Sea of Trees - The demi-humans were discriminated and holed up deep in the 【Haltina Sea of Trees】 that spread across the North and South on the East side of the continent.

Faea Belgaen - The country of Demi-Humans located in Haltina Sea of Trees.

Raisen Great Canyon - Speculated to cut across the North to South of the continent.

Schnee Snowfield - Speculated to be in the snowy Southern region of the continent.

Neutral Commercial City of Fhuren - As the name implies, 【Fhuren】 was an independent trading city which remained neutral. This country was managed properly, by utilizing its economic power to the limit, it was able to maintain its neutrality. One can get anything they want in this city, it was not known as the commerce center for nothing.

The Maritime City Elisen - Located at the coast of the West Sea and known as the seafaring demi-human’s city. This was the only tribe of the demi-humans that received the protection of the kingdom. The reason was because this city supplied 80% of the seafood and marine-related materials to the Northern Continent’s markets.

Donner - The first gun Hajime created in the Great Orcus Dungeon. It has electromagnetic acceleration and combustion charge, but that was its limit.

Schlagen - An Anti-matter Rifle (Railgun version) Hajime created in the Great Orcus Dungeon. An even more powerful version of Donner. Its barrel was 1.5 m long when Hajime first created it but after the fight with the hydra, he lengthened it to 3 m

Shtar Ore - High magic affinity. A special ore where its hardness is increased by the amount of magic power used.

Taur Stone - A hard black rock. Hardness 8 (out of a 10 grades rating, with 10 being the hardest). Resistant against impacts and heat. Weak against cold. It will become brittle when cooled. Heating it will cause it to bind again.

Blast Rock - A flammable stone. Can explode when pressure and heat is applied in an enclosed space.

Faedraean crystals - Crystals the size of fists, they emit soft blue light that appeared to have the ability to ward off the fog and demonic beasts in Haltina Sea of Trees.

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