Stats (Anime)

Kouki Amanogawa's stats displayed on his status plate.

Stats (ステータス, Sutētasu?) are a set of values of a person's abilities in Tortus. They can be displayed use the status plate artifacts. A person's base stats includes their level, job, occupation, numerical values of their strength, vitality, defense, agility, magic, magic defense, and skill list. The more a person trains, the more advance skills they can acquire. Those with a high magic stat are able to grow faster than others.

The maximum level a normal person can reach in their life is 100, though not too many people are able to achieve this. The average for most stats at level 1 is around 10, with most humans having maximum stats of around 100 to 200, while those who possessed a job normally range from 300 to 400. Demons and beastmen could have stats ranging from 300 to 600, depending on the individual race and its characteristics.[1] Certain spells, artifacts, and skills can be used to temporally augment a person's stats (such as "Limit Break").

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike in video games, where a person's level determines the stats, a person in Tortus can only reach new levels after increasing their stats.

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