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The Soul Sisters (ソウルシスター, Sourushisutā?) is a female-only fan club that idolized Shizuku. They are mostly comprised of students from Shizuku's school, but due to her popularity in Tortus, many of the female knights and servants have devoted themselves to her that some are calling them the Tortus branch of the Soul Sisters. The Soul Sisters seem to hate Ryutarou and has mistreated him. They also hate Shizuku for being with Hajime as they see him as no good for her. When they are trying to break Shizuku's relationship with Hajime and declaring him their sworn enemy, Hajime responded by bullying and publicly humiliating the Soul Sisters completely for their insolence.

Known Members Edit

Earth Branch Edit

  • Mitsuki Amanogawa (President and Founder)
  • Manami Endou (Vice President)
  • Unnamed high school student ("Kohai-chan")
  • Various unnamed high school girls

Tortus Branch Edit

  • Various unnamed maids and female knights
  • Unnamed knight (Primary Representative)

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • After getting saved by Shizuku, United States President Artold Schwarnenegger and the members of his secret service also started a fan club for her much to her dismay.
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