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Sona Masaka (ソーナ・マサカ, Sōna Masaka?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

She is the daughter of the owner of Masaka Inn in Brooke Town.


Sona is a young girl with short hair.


Sona has an interest in adult's affairs and would go to any length to peek on Hajime's nightlife.


Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities


Sona's Skills set as per "Web Novel - Chapter 262 (After Story)"

  • Accounting
  • Love Smell Sensing
  • Sharp Ear
  • Night Vision
  • Rope Descent
  • Wall Climbing
  • Infiltration
  • Diving
  • Elusive Phantom


Sona's stats as per "Web Novel - Chapter 262 (After Story)"

Level Strength Vitality Defense Agility Magic Magic Defense
22 9 15 6 5 3 3


  • Hajime Nagumo - Sona always tries to spy on Hajime while he stays at her family's inn, in the hopes of catching him doing illicit acts with Yue or Shea.
  • Crystabel - Sona and Crystabel are well aquatinted with each other as Crystabel would escort Sona whenever she would leave to get supplies.



  • Sona's name appears to be a play on the Japanese words "Sonna" (そんな) and "Masaka" (まさか), both of them mean "It can't be".
  • It has been hinted that one of Sona's ancestors on her mother's side is the rabbitman-human mix-blood Kiara Wanda.[1]


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