Solda Gruen Caliente (ソルダ・グリューエン・カリエンテ, Soruda Guryūen Kariente?) was a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

He was a soldier in the Caliente Fiefdom of the Sharod Federation, as well as the father of the Liberator Naiz.

Appearance Edit

Solda is an older man with spiky red hair. Solda is also noted to greatly physically resemble his son Naiz that he could more or less be confused as an older version of his son.

Personality Edit

Solda was brave and compassionate. He loved his family very much and was not afraid to sacrifice himself to protect them.

Unlike many within the Sharod Federation, Solda did not conform to the teachings of the Holy Church, bur secretly practiced the region's original ideology of worshipping nature.

Biography Edit

Solda lived in Gruen Village with his wife and two sons Naiz and Est. He was a soldier in the Caliente Fiefdom and spent much of his time away from home, but would return for every few days of each mother. While he was at home, Solda would train Naiz and his best friend Yogun until the two boys were old enough to enlist in the army.

When Naiz and Yogun were both 15, Solda took them to hunt down a pack of monsters that was plaguing the village as a training exercise. Unfortunately, there were more monsters than they anticipated and were about to be eaten by one of them, but the trauma forced Naiz to awaken his Spatial Magic at the last moment and managed to kill it just in time to save everyone. Solda had Naiz and Yogun keep what happened with Naiz a secret in order to protect his son from being taken by the Holy Church.

After Naiz joined the army, his secret of using Spatial Magic was known to the lord of the region, Bolemos, due to Yogun telling him out of jealousy towards his best friend. When Bolemos decided to kill Naiz's family and adopt him after killing his family, Solda got wind of his plan after Yogun had a change of heart and warned him in advance. He had Naiz to find his mother and brother and rescue them while he stayed behind in order to give his son time to escape. Unfortunately, Solda was killed by Bolemos' soldiers.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Expert Combatant - Solda was considered to be the greatest warrior in Gruen Village.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Caliente" means "Hot" in Spanish.
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