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"Skills" (のう, Ginō?) are the abilities that a person in Tortus knows, learns or possesses, depending on the Job they have, as Skills are directly linked to them. Skills can also be considered as sort of hidden talents which helps boost the power and abilities of a person. Skills that either a person or Race is naturally attuned to without the need to train for them is often referred to as "Special Magic" (ゆうほう, Koyū Mahō?).

A normal person who possess a Job, usually knows or learns around 2-3 Skills at maximum in their lifetime. It is also possible for a person to never gain access to some of their Skills, because the right condition for them to bloom or be accessed haven't appeared before them. But on the other hand, if a person goes through arduous training, they maybe able to unlock more of their hidden Skills.

While its extremely rare to gain a new Skill; it is on the other hand easily possible to learn or gain a "Derivative-Skill", which as the name suggests are Skill which are derivative of the original Skill. These Derivative Skills could either be a power-upped version of the original Skill, or might be an alternate type with a different function, but works similar to the original Skill. A Derivative-Skill can be gained from practice, increased experience or heightened emotions. In addition, some Skills can only be obtained as Derivative Skills, such as different types of appraisal Magic.

There are some Skills which are extremely unique in characteristics and have the ability to affect the overall abilities of a person. The Skill "Mana Manipulation", for example, allows a person to directly control their own Mana, and allows them to either activate or use spells without the need of incantation or a Magic circle.

There are also Skills which help increase the 'affinity' of certain aspects for a person, to allow them a easier access to use them, like if a person has an elemental 'affinity', that person can utilize a spell of the said element with more efficiency, power and is able to cast them at a much faster rate.

The are several Skills that are unique to certain Races. The Skill "Blood Conversion", for example, was one that was only accessible for Vampires. In addition, some Skills were only accessible for people with a specific Job, such as the Skill "Limit Break", which was normally only available for a person with the "Hero" Job.[1]

Artifacts can be imbued with Skills so as to grant their users abilities that they otherwise could not use.

The Ancient Magics are also considered Skills.


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