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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest - Short Story Collection (ありふれた職業で世界最強 小篇集, Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Shōhenshū?) is collection of Short Stories, written by "Ryo Shirakome" and is illustrated by "Takaya-Ki". It was first released on September 25, 2019 in Japan.

It is a collection of all the Bonus Short Stories released by different publishers in Japan (Bonus Stories from Premium editions by "J-Novel"), along with some new and original stories as well.


A compilation of all the extra short stories written for the early volumes of Arifureta, along with one brand new short story written specifically for this volume! After clearing the Sunken Ruins of Melusine, Hajime and the others encounter a massive creature, and are transported to a strange new world. Separated in transit, our heroes start searching for each other, and a way out. But though they don’t know it, a miraculous encounter is waiting for them at the end of this journey!


  • Chapter I: Detour Compilation
    • The Liberators' Game (Volume 1)
    • A Man's Dream (Volume 1)
    • A Nightmare in the Abyss (Volume 1)
    • The Holy Goddess' Descent unto Paradise (Volume 1)
    • Dreams of Family (Volume 1)
    • HALLOWEEN? (Volume 2)
    • The... Not So Worthless Rabbit!? (Volume 2)
    • Cat Ears of Terror (Volume 2)
    • Parent-Teacher Conference (Volume 2)
    • A Store Owner Like This... Might Really Exist (Volume 3)
    • Catfight (Volume 3)
    • Shea's Cooking Lesson (Volume 3)
    • A Wise Woman's Dream (Volume 3)
    • Valentine's Day in a Parallel World (Volume 3)
    • A Certain Peaceful Hero Party (Volume 4)
    • Midnight Tag (Volume 4)
    • Don't Call Me A Goddess! (Volume 4)
    • Yue's Magic Lessons (Volume 4)
    • Rabbitman Costumes are a Dangerous Weapon (Volume 5)
    • Fantasy World Mini-Skirt Santas (Volume 5)
    • The Stands (Volume 5)
    • A Falcon's Daughter is Still a Falcon (Volume 5)
    • The Evolution of the Bunny Girl
    • The Handsome Rabbit and the Iron Boy
    • A Delicious “Something”
    • The Most Beautiful Perverted Dragon
    • Drink, but Don’t Get Drunk Part I
    • Drink, but Don’t Get Drunk Part II
    • Unforgettable Warmth
  • Chapter II: Arifureta Magic Academy Compilation
    • Arifureta Magic Academy (Volume 2)
    • Arifureta Magic School (Volume 3)
    • Arifureta Magic Academy 3 (Volume 4)
    • Arifureta Magic Academy 4 (Volume 5)
  • Chapter III: Arifureta Fairy Tales Compilation
    • Arifureta Folk Tales ~The Honest Woodcutter~ (Volume 6)
    • Arifureta Fairy Tales: Alice in Wonderland (Volume 4)
    • Tales From the Arifureta: The Match Sellers (Volume 5)
  • Chapter IV: The Miraculous Meeting and the Phantasmagorical Adventure

Bonus Short Stories

  • Arifureta Magic Academy Field Trip
  • Remia's True Intentions
  • Arifureta Fairy Tales: Little Mermaid
  • (Forced) Metamorphosis
  • Myu Remodeling Project


  • The armor that Hajime wears in "The Handsome Rabbit and the Iron Boy" is based on the armor worn by Iron Man from the Marvel franchise.
    • In addition, the Kickmaster Rabbit is based on Inaba.
  • The moment when the Liberators were pulled through time by the whale in "The Miraculous Meeting and the Phantasmagorical Adventure" takes place weeks following the destruction of Andika in Volume 2 of the Zero series.
  • The Artifact that Hajime designs in "Myu Remodeling Project" is based on the Neuralyzer from Men in Black.



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