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Sharon Magdanese (シャロン・マグダネス, Sharon Magudanesu?) is a character from "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō After Story".

She is the chief of Britain's National Security Bureau.


Sharon is a woman in her 60s.


Sharon Magdanese is a serious person that understands the importance of her job. She will go to any lengths in order to keep her nation safe; even if it means breaking the law. Despite her cold demeanor, she cares greatly about her nation and is willing to lay down her life for it. She has earned a fearful reputation among the underworld as an iron woman of Britain that could make even the most hardened terrorists scared.

As someone who as spent years dealing with various criminal organizations, Sharon is very shrewd when dealing with her enemies. When she spoke with Kousuke of providing a means to contact him in case of any future incidents, she managed to get him to agree to her concessions, despite her being at an overwhelming tactical disadvantage.


When Doctor Emily Grant created a drug that unexpectedly turned people into mindless monsters, Sharon Magdanese assigned several agents to guard her and her lab team. She also assigned agent Allen Parker to infiltrate Emily's school and steal her drug in order to weaponize it. It resulted in failure when one of the agents guarding Doctor Grant, Kimberly Warren, betrayed his comrades and attempted to steal the drug for his secret benefactor. The drug infected the entire building that turned most of the people inside into monsters that killed those that weren't infected.

After Emily escaped the agents custody and met up with Kousuke Endou, Sharon abducted her family in order to recruit Emily to make the drug for the agency. She and her entire task force, as well as Kimberly and his associates who showed up later, were easily defeated by Kousuke and was offered a choice of either death or to try and convince her nation that the drug could not be properly weaponized. She decided to accept Kousuke's ultimatum after learning that someone far more powerful could wipe out her nation if she refused. She was soon contacted by Kimberly's benefactor and was demanded to hand over Emily to him or he would infect many innocent people with her drug. Sharon, Kousuke, Emily, and several agents were lead to the mastermind behind the entire incident after Kousuke managed to persuade one of the kidnappers assigned to take Emily to lead them to him. He was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company named Kaysis Wentworks that wished to contaminate to world's drinking supply with Emily's drug and have her create a new drug to temporarily halt the effects of the first drug unless it was taken at regular intervals. He was stopped by Kousuke and managed to extract the locations of all the facilities that would create the drug.

After the case with Doctor Grant's drug was closed, Sharon wished to maintain strong relations with Kousuke and his faction and offered her support if he ever returned to Britain.

Three months later, an army of demon-worshiping cultists began to attack the "returnees" and anyone affiliated with them. Sharon arranged for Emily and her family to take shelter at the Security Bureau in order to keep them safe. She was suddenly approached by Yue and was teleported to Japan, along with Emily's family and several agents. Sharon managed to further strengthen Britain's relations with the returnee faction and even managed to impress Myu. She soon teleported back to Britain with Yue after several members of the anti-demon organization Omnibus arrived at the Security Bureau to meet Kousuke. Sharon pledged her agency's support for Omnibus after learning about the demons plan to invade Earth. The two groups worked together, along with the returnees, to stop the army of demons from invading Earth and established good relations with one and other, with Kousuke assigned as the mediator between them in the future.

Later on, Sharon is one of the people that Myu visits during Christmas, and is gifted an enchanted necklace that could improve her blood flow and eliminate fatigue. She is also given the address to a group of terrorists that were stopped by Myu before she was visited by the young dagon.

Years later, Sharon supported Liliana S. B. Heiligh when she was preparing a press conference in order to legitimize her aid network in front of the United Nations.


  • Kousuke Endou - Sharon wishes to maintain good relations with Kousuke and his friends after witnessing the power that he displayed during their first meeting.
  • Emily Grant - Emily initially has antagonistic feelings towards Sharon since it was her orders that lead to the deaths of her classmates that she considered to be family. Over time, however, she is able to move on and maintains a professional relationship with her.
  • Allen Parker - Sharon highly value's Allen's skills, but finds it pathetic whenever he complains about his inability to find a girlfriend.
  • Vanessa Paradis - Sharon is impressed with Vanessa at first, but soon loses much respect for her after seeing her otaku habits.
  • Myu - Myu takes an instant liking to Sharon due to the latter's job of protecting her nation, and calls her "Sharon-obaachan". She is also the only person that has ever caused Sharon to lose her cold demeanor and turn into a kind and caring woman.
  • Hajime Nagumo - After witnessing the pillar of light created by Hajime's satellite weapon "Hyperon", Sharon is made extremely wary of Hajime. She also wishes to maintain a connection with him.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Paperweight Gun - A gun disguised as a paperweight in Sharon's office.

Powers & Abilities


  • (To Myu): "They, the bureau staffs who are putting their trust on me, they are my strength. And then, I’m also putting my trust with them. They are exactly the “amazing power” that the chief of the national security bureau is wielding."[1]



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