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Samaire Yunker (サミーア・ユンケル, Samīa Yunkeru?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō After Story" series.

She is the granddaughter of the Yunker Company president More. She later ends up joining and becoming Rank 5 of the Fleur Knights, and serves Hajime Nagumo and his family.

Appearance Edit

Samaire is a lovely young woman with dark brown hair worn in braids that is tied with scrunchy.

She wears a similar Victorian style maid outfit to Helina and the rest of the Fleur Knights.

Personality Edit

Samaire shares her grandfather's merchant spirit and is eager to go wherever a profit can be made. After enduring Hajime's training regime, her personality changed to the point that it shocked her grandfather.

Biography Edit

Samaire was sent to Hajime by her grandfather More Nos to become his wife in hopes of making a connection between the Yunker Company and Hajime's family. Though aware of the motivations behind this arrangement, she also wished to make a connection on her own purely for money. She was then selected by Hajime to become a member of his newly formed Fleur Knights combat maids after discovering that she was among the list of candidates made by Helina. She would endure Hajime's intensive training, and eventually rose to rank 5 under the alias "Salvia", and was responsible for managing goods and information.

When Hajime's wife Liliana was targeted by various foreign government black ops units, Hajime ordered Helina (a.k.a Heliotrope) to neutralize the agents that were spying on Liliana near the studio of Hajime's mother Sumire. Helina successfully subdued the agents and ordered er subordinate Primula to escort the subordinates of "Returnee Response Division" agent Koutaro Fukube to them. While Koutaro was explaining the situation to Hajime and the others, Helena and Samaire were tasked with assisting Sumire with her job as a shoujo mangaka.

Relationships Edit

  • More Nos - Samaire shares the same merchant's spirit with her grandfather. Despite More wishing to use his granddaughter as a potential wife for Hajime as a way to strengthen his relationship with him, Samaire does not see herself as a political tool and is just as eager to be one of Hajime's future wives as her grandfather.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Samarie initially wants to be accepted by Hajime as a wife in order to seek new business ventures through him. After enduring Hajime's difficult training regimen, Samarie becomes absolutely devoted to serving him as a member of the Fleur Knights.
  • Sumire Nagumo - Samaire's loyalty to Hajime extends to his entire family, including Sumire. She is a huge fan of her work as a shoujo mangaka and considers it a great honor to assist in the artwork for her manga.
  • Helina - Her direct superior as the leader of the Fleur Knights.

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  • Expert Combatant - Samaire, along with all of the members of the Fleur Knights, were trained to fight by the Haulia Tribe.

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  • Her Japanese-translated surname “Yunker“ is a parody on the Japanese health tonic “Yunker“ by "Sato Pharmaceutical Corporation".

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