Saleos Holt (サイレオス・ホルト, Saireosu Horuto?) was a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

He was one of 12 twelve squad captains for the Holy Church's Holy Templar Knights.

Appearance Edit

Saleos had a very thin build with sunken cheeks.

Despite his frail appearance, he had a fanatic fervor in his eyes.

Personality Edit

Like all members of the Holy Church, Saleos was absolutely devoted to Ehit.

Biography Edit

Saleos was among the church's templar knights that attacked the Melusine Pirates in order to capture the "Saint of the Western Seas". He approached the pirate Chris on his ship's crowns nest and immediately attacked him with his "Sacred Beast Fangs" special magic. Chris, however, managed to dodged the attack will jumping off the deck. Saleos then redirected his attack to Chris's new position while Chris attempted to intercept it with his own special magic "Vorpal Slash". Though Chris’ Vorpal Slash had cut through Saleos’ Sacred Beast Fangs, it hadn’t destroyed all of the magic jaw’s teeth. Those that remained tore through Chris arms, legs, and shoulders. Chris lost his balance and was about to crash onto the deck when a torrent of water buoyed him up the was created by his captain Meiru. It then passed through him and turned into a whip that assaulted Saleos. Saleos unleashed his Sacred Beast Fangs again, swallowing up one of Meiru’s whips, and was about to hit Chris again, but he managed to break through it with another Vorpal Slash. As Chris' attack was about to hit him, Saleos shot out another, smaller Sacred Beast Fangs and let the impact of it crashing into Chris’ Vorpal Slash push him backward, which allowed him o escape with only a small graze.

Saleos could soon see that Chris' injures from the fight had completely healed and demanded how he recovered so quickly (unaware that it was due to Meiru's Ancient Magic), to which Chris responded by mockingly telling him to ask his god about it. Hearing that insult caused Saleos to become a lot more vicious in his efforts to kill Chris and proceeded to battle the pirate.

Saleos Holt's death

Saleos's death

As the tide of the battle was going against the pirates, the were soon rescued by several members of the Liberators. Saleos and Boutice Vaan attacked Naiz Gruen Caliente after the Liberator teleported to their location and killed several other knights with his own Ancient Magic. He was easily able to block the two knights' attacks and countered Saleos' Sacred Beast Fangs with a much more powerful version (much to his shock). As Saleos was about to be struck by Naiz's attack, Boutice fired a shockwave from his tower shield to knock Saleos away to safety. Naiz then killed several more knights before preparing to kill Saleos and Boutice, but was stopped by the arrival of Templar Knights Division Commander Araym Orcman. Despite the extra assistance, Saleos was eventually killed by Naiz.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Breastplate of Nullification - Standard for all templar knights. It has a barrier that nullifies magic.
  • Gauntlet of Nullification - Standard for all templar knights. It has a barrier that nullifies magic.
  • Iron Boots - Standard for all templar knights. It allows the wearer to walk mid-air.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immense Mana - As a knight of the Holy Church, Saleos has a large quantity of mana.
  • Expert Combatant - Like all templar knights, Saleos is physically fit, able to adjust to the situation as necessary, and well-coordinated when fighting alongside his comrades.
  • Master Swordsman - Like all templar knights, Saleos is incredibly skilled at swordsmanship.

Skills Edit

  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • Sacred Beast Fangs - A spell which unleashes invisible energy in the form of beast jaws to cut through space.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Chris): "A filthy pirate like you doesn’t deserve such powerful special magic![1]

Trivia Edit

  • In demonology, "Saleos" is a mighty Great Duke of Hell, ruling thirty legions of demons. He is pacifist by nature that and causes men to love women and women to love men. He is depicted as a gallant and handsome soldier, wearing a ducal crown, and riding a crocodile.

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