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Roze Phiris Avenst (ローゼ・ファイリス・アーヴェンスト, Rōze Fairisu Āvuensuto?) is a character from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest After Story.

She is the queen of what remains of the Avenst Kingdom, as well as the last surviving member of its royal family.


Roze is a beautiful woman with long silver hair.


Roze cares greatly for both her people and the Dragons of her world. She would not hesitate to sacrifice herself to save them.

Her respect for the Dragons is at a point that she is angered at the thought that other nations are killing them to use their cores as fuel. She even gets offended when Hajime asks her if her people also use Dragons for energy when he is trying to understand her world's customs.

Although she holds true to her ideals, Roze is able to understand the circumstances that drove the people of her world to kill the Dragons.

As a queen, Roze tries to present herself in a dignified manner, but gets flustered at times with regards to romance.



  • Kuwaibel - Roze is Kuwaibel's partner and has raised him since he was an egg.
  • Sabastian Orto - Roze's butler that has raised her since childhood. Roze loves him dearly and treats him like a grandfather. Sabastian cares for her as well, but tends to be overprotective of Roze (especially with regards to matters of love).
  • Olga & Jean Crow - Roze's bodyguards. They care for her and would sacrifice themselves to save her.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Roze is amazed at Hajime's powers. She initially mistakes him to be the "Dragon Knight" that she hears from stories of her childhood. After getting to know Hajime and seeing how he mercilessly treats his enemies, Roze now views him as a demon god, but still holds him in high regard. It is also implied that she has romantic feelings towards Hajime.
  • Tio Klarus - Similar to Hajime, Roze greatly respects Tio and initially mistakes her to be the "True Dragon" from the stories of her childhood.
  • Liliana S. B. Heiligh - Roze and Liliana get all well with each other since their first meeting.[1]



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