Fish-san (リーマン, Rīman?) is a character from the Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō series.

He is a human-faced fish monster that it constantly traveling.

Appearance Edit

Riiman has an appearance of a fish, however his unusual appearance is his head which looks like that of an old man.

Personality Edit

Riiman has a grumpy personality pretty much like that of an old man's, but he is actually very friendly and humble with Hajime and really appreciates Hajime's help when he was rescued him from captivity in Fuhren. Another proof of his gratitude is when he stalls the monster near the Sunken Ruins of Melusine that attacks Hajime and his companions.

Riiman loves to travel and explore the world. He can't stand to be in one place fo too long, which usually puts him at odds with his wife since she wishes for him to spend more time with her and their children.

Biography Edit

Riiman was swimming in a river not too far from Brooke Town when it suddenly erupted due to Hajime and his companions getting flushed away from the Great Reisen Labyrinth by Miledi Reisen. The only one who spotted Riiman was Shea. Riiman looked at her and asked what she was looking at using "Telepathy". This shocked Shea and nearly caused her to drown after she inhaled some water.

The rupture in the lake caused Riiman to be ejected onto dry land, where he was found by some humans and taken to the Meerstadt Aquarium in Fuhren. While in captivity, Riiman would once again meet up with Shea while she was on a date with Hajime. Shea was surprised to see the strange fish again and began to stare at it intensely. This caught Hajime's attention and prompted him to speak with Riiman using his own Telepathy after reading that his species had that ability from the plaque on his tank. Riiman was surprised that Hajime could use Telepathy since it was a skill that was normally used by monsters. The two of them got into a long telepathic conversation before Shea intervened. Hajime decided to free Riiman by using one of his Cross Bit Artifacts after he and Shea left the aquarium.

Riiman would meet up with Hajime again, along with the rest of his party, outside of the Sunken Ruins of Melusine. They were fighting an ancient gelatinous aquatic monster called a devourer. Riiman used his Telepathy to control a school of fish to aid Hajime. Though the devourer eliminated all of Riiman's fish, he was still able to give Hajime the time he needed to defeat it.

Riiman later encountered the young dagon Myu after sensing the magic from her pendent that Hajime gave her. Among other abilities, it gave Myu the power of "Telepathy". Initially, Myu was scared of Riiman, but calmed down after learning that he was a friend of Hajime. After learning that Myu was Hajime's adopted daughter, Riiman vowed to help her if she was ever in trouble and also advised her on the type of wife that Hajime should be with. Just then Riiman's wife appeared and dragged him down to the bottom of the ocean while complaining to him about not spending enough time with her or his children.

Relationships Edit

  • Hajime Nagumo - Riiman is considered to be Hajime's first male friend since he was summoned to Tortus. The two of them instantly bond when they first meet at the aquarium in Fuhren where Riiman was being held.
  • Shea Haulia - Shea is scared of Riiman during her first encounter with him, but she is later grateful to him since the shock of their meeting inadvertently lead to Shea's first kiss with Hajime.
  • Myu - Riiman vows to help Myu when in need after discovering that she is Hajime's daughter.
  • Remia - Remia does not like Riiman due to him filling Myu's head with misconceptions about the type of wife that Hajime should be with.
  • Inaba - The two of them are good friends. Inaba greatly respects Riiman due to him having Hajime as his benefactor.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Treasure Trove Scales - Riiman's scales are remolded by Hajime so that they can act like personalized Treasure Troves. They contain many Artifacts that Hajime has given him.
  • Triana v.2 - A small submarine that can be used for underwater, as well as flight. The cockpit is full of water and is controlled by Riiman's "Telepathy". Its propulsion system is based on Hajime's design for a perpetual energy system that he devised after his encounter with the Sky Dragon World . Like most of Hajime's vehicles, it's outfitted with many weapons.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

  • Mana Manipulation - It allows direct manipulation of mana without the need for magic circles or incantations.
  • Telepathy - It allows the user to communicate with people by transference of thoughts in their mind within a certain range.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Hajime Nagumo): “My dear boy, what kind of creatures are humans? If I asked you that right now would you be able to answer? You wouldn’t, right? All I can say is I’m me. Nothing more, nothing less. I can’t say I have a name either, so just address me however you wish.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Riiman's appearance in the Light Novel and Manga is similar to the fish from the video game "Seaman".

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