Returnees, formally known as Hajime's Party, are a group formed by Hajime Nagumo, a former member of the Hero Party, who after being betrayed and left to die in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, decided to desert his former comrades who betrayed him and focus on returning home to Japan. During his travels he was joined by various Tortus inhabitants who decided to follow him on his quest of returning home to Japan, mostly due to falling in love with him that includes Kaori Shirasaki (also joined Hajime's party due to her feelings for him that she harbored since middle school). After Hajime and his companions managed to repel the Demon attack on the Heiligh Kingdom capital, the Hero Party renounced their loyalty to Ehit and allied themselves with Hajime in hopes of finding a way to return to Japan and kill the God himself. Their leader is Hajime Nagumo.

All who joined Hajime's party are females who fell in love with Hajime and the party does not have any males members other than Hajime himself. Despite small people and not part of the so-called "Hero Party", They are renowned as the Strongest Party.

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Hajime Nagumo Edit

Hajime is their leader. He cares deeply for his harem. He initially has romantic feelings for Yue until he accepted others as his lovers. Since all of his companions are female members, Hajime will never let anyone who will take his harem or lay a single finger on them even through pointless and useless challenges such as Kouki after Hajime easily defeated him in an unarmed duel. He will protect them from men who wished to seduce or try to flirts them and pulverize them to run away from his harem. When one of his harem is (supposedly) died by anyone's hands, Hajime shows his wrath as he murdered the temporary murderer such as Hiyama after he temporarily murdered Kaori. Hajime is willing to revive his fallen harem for the sake of those they care about as he revived Kaori for the sake of Shizuku (Kaori's best friend who indebted Hajime later fall in love with him) but he agreed to her promise to place her in a stronger body as she doesn't want to stay weak anymore.

Female Companions Edit

The Harem is absolutely loyal to Hajime as well as love him so deeply. They ignored and disgusted by other men who are trying to flirt and greatly annoyed by them when insulting Hajime such as Kouki Amanogawa (Hajime's idiot classmate and Kaori's stubborn childhood friend) for his delusional pride habits of "justice" and childish idealism. They've competed against each other to win Hajime's affections by flirting and seducing him. They are protective of Hajime's adoptive daughter, Myu. When anyone attacked Hajime, they get furious and will kill them without hesitation.

Allegiances with the "Hero Party" Edit

After the war on Heiligh Kingdom and Hiyama and Eri's betrayals, Hajime and his party (harem) formed an alliance (which is fragile due to Hajime and Kouki's disliked for each other) with the "Hero Party" when sharing a common enemy by giving them second chances due to Suzu Taniguchi, Ryutarou Sakagami and Shizuku Yaegashi's begging. Hajime initially believed that he has no concern about the false god or Tortus as he only focused on his quest to return to Japan. When learned of Tio's parents and tribe were murdered due to Ehit's manipulations, Hajime decided to kill Ehit to avenge Tio's parents and people. Hajime revealed he allowed them to join him in his trip to conquer the remaining Labyrinths for Tio's sake, not for Kouki's delusional idiotic ideals. When Kouki was corrupted by his doppelganger, he attempted to kill Hajime but only to be easily defeated by Hajime but spared him. Although from Kouki's previous attempt, Hajime maintained the alliance with the "Heroes" due to Kaori and Shizuku. After fulfilling their journey by conquering the Frost Cravens of Schnee and slaying Ehit, Hajime and Yue created a crystal key to open dimensions back to Japan. Hajime is willing to bring his classmates back. While returning to Japan, Hajime's classmates shown their appreciation to him by nicknaming him as the "God Slaying Demon King".

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