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Remia (レミア, Remia?) is a character from the "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest" series.

She is Myu's mother.


Remia is a beautiful lady in her mid 20s with long green hair and green eyes. Unlike humans, her ears are fan-like fins. She also has maple-like hands with a folded thin film in between her fingers.

After arriving on Earth, Remia is given a pendant by Hajime to make herself appear Human. Her emerald-green hair now appears as emerald blond, and her fin ears now appear as Human ears.


Remia is a kind and strong-willed woman who would risk her own life for her daughter and her daughter's benefactors. She is a bold woman, as said by Hajime's female companions, because of the reason that she speaks bold words and flirts with Hajime if there was a chance by address Hajime as Darling (ダーリン, Dārin).

Remia is a perceptive woman who's good at understanding the thoughts of others. In the short time Hajime stays with her, she understands that he would have to leave for his journey eventually, but subjected it would be more sad if he leaves Myu so soon. She further helps Hajime with his conflict about leaving Myu, understanding he really has come to see her as his daughter.

In addition to being perceptive, Remia is able to hide her own objectives while acting as if she had merely stumbled upon a situation that would benefit her. Her abilities at hiding her true nature is refined to the point where not even someone like Tio Klarus, who is an expert at discerning a person's true motives, can tell what Remia is truly thinking behind her innocent smile.

Remia has a great sense of fashion, as she is the one who provides Hajime with various jewelry designs for his business after she returns to Earth with him, as well as even stating her own clothing business with Tio.

Powers & Abilities

  • Expert Swimmer - As a Dagon, Remia can swim much faster than a Human, and breathe underwater.


  • Remia tends to start her sentences with "Ara ara" (あらあら).
  • Ryo Shirakome based Remia off of Alicia Florence from Aria.[1] Both of them are also voiced by the same Japanese voice actress, Sayaka Ohara.
  • Due to an incident that occurred during her first Valentine's Day on Earth that involved Tio, she has a tendency to get extremely embarrassed to the point of entering a form of extreme depression whenever she remembers what happened.
  • Remia is somewhat unique among Hajimes' wives; she's the only one who can't use magic, and is also the only one who's been married before, even having a child (which is how she end up meeting Hajime).


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