Reej (レイジ, Reiji?) was a character from the from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

She was the dagon mother of the Liberator Meiru Melusine

Appearance Edit

Reej was a beautiful woman with long emerald-green hair. Due to her dagon heritage, she had fins for ears. Despite her beautiful appearance, Reej's body was quite frail and was ultimately what killed her.

Personality Edit

Reej was both kind and strong willed. She would endure any hardship for the sake of the ones she loved. In addition, no matter what gifts her captor Baharl Devault had given her, she hadn’t shown him any interest.

Biography Edit

Reej was romantically involved with a Vampire noble, and had conceived a child with him. The noble wished to marry her, but she left him in order to protect both him and their child from any consequences of their relationship due to his high-ranking position as a noble, as well as vampires being known as a solitary race. She eventually settled in the Outlaw City of Andika and gave birth to Meiru there. When Meiru was out playing one day, Reej was abducted by the ruler of Andika, Baharl Devault, due to being infatuated with her. Reej decided not to resist when being taken away in order to protect Meiru from being discovered by Baharl due to her incredible aptitude with magic. Despite living with Baharl for years, she refused to indulge in his advances. At some point, Reej gave birth to her's and Barharl's daughter Diene. She died several years later due to her frail body.

Relationships Edit

  • Meiru Melusine - Reej loved Meiru and ultimately sacrificed herself to protect her from Baharl Devault.
  • Diene Devault - Despite being the child of her captor, Reej loved her second daughter very much. She was always encouraging her to stand up for herself when dealing with her father, as well as telling stories about her sister Meiru.
  • Baharl Devault - Baharl was infatuated with Reej from the moment he first laid eyes on her, and forcibly confined her to his home. Although he took her by force, Baharl did everything he could to treat her well. Even so, Reej did not reciprocate his feelings and made to protect Meiru from being discovered by Baharl.

Quotes Edit

  • (Reej telling Diene about Meiru): "Your older sister’s a real tomboy, so she’ll probably break into your room when she comes.[1]

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