Ping Waress (ピング・ワレス, Pingu Waresu?) was a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

He was the the third son of the Waress family in the Kingdom of Velka, as well as a craftsman for the Orcus Workshop. He also helped the Holy Church in abducting children in order to turn them into mindless soldiers.

Appearance Edit

Ping is short and fat, with slick hair.

Personality Edit

Ping is arrogant, condescending and petty. He would insult others behind their backs and bully anyone weaker than him.

While in the presence of influential people, Ping will act very accommodating towards them, in direct contrast to his regular persona.

Biography Edit

Ping joined the famous Orcus Workshop that was run by Topp Karg D. Orcus. He was only accepted due to him being from a noble family. While working as a craftsman, Ping and his friends Torpa Parson and Raul Streya would bully another young craftsman named Oscar, as well as unload their jobs on to him. When Miledi Reisen arrived at Oscar's workshop to visit him, Ping attempted to get her attention due to his belief that she was from a noble family. Miledi, however, was uninterested in his flattery and expressed her interest in seeing Oscar, much to Ping's shock.

When the Holy Church began abducting children throughout the kingdom's slums, Ping and his friends assisted them by scouting out different area areas at night. Ping was responsible for kidnapping the children from Oscar's old orphanage as a way to get to Oscar. When Oscar went to rescue the children, Ping secretly saw him defeat many of the church's templar knights with an array of powerful Artifacts and went to warn Bishop Forneus Abyssion before he could be spotted. After discovering that Ping and his friends were involved, Oscar blamed himself for previously acting vulnerable and have his family members kidnapped as a result. He attacked the remaining members of the church with his arsenal of Artifacts. Ping and this friends attempted to escape during the fight, but were stopped by Oscar's chain Artifacts. After Oscar, and later Miledi Reisen, defeated the members of the church, Ping and his friends were captured and tied up. While the two of them were distracted, Ping managed to free himself by using a hidden knife that was under his sleeve. He then attempted to kill Oscar, but was suddenly killed when a giant ball of fire struck him that came from a dragon that was guarding the Artifact the church was using on the kidnapped children.[1]

Relationships Edit

  • Oscar Orcus - Ping hates Oscar due to the constant attention that Topp Karg D. Orcus gives him, while under the impression that he is nothing more than a failure. He would bully Oscar every chance he got, as well and have him deal with his workload in addition to his own. While Oscar is not happy with Ping's treatment towards him, he does not try to fight back and does everything he can to placate the young noble. This, however, only serves to intensify Ping's hatred towards Oscar, which eventually leads to him kidnapping the orphans from Oscar's old orphanage.
  • Topp Karg D. Orcus - Karg does not like Ping and only hires him as a craftsman in order to avoid the hassle of having to confront his influential family.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

  • Transmute - The base skill of the "Synergist" Job class. It allows the user to control, transform and manipulate any kind of ores, minerals or materials in any way or shape the user desires.

Trivia Edit

  • Ping's death isn't explained in the LN.

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