History Edit

Oscar was an orphan from the Kingdom of Velka. He was abandoned as a baby and was taken in by Moorin at her orphanage. At the age of 10, Oscar discovered his abilities as a Synergist after the orphanage's sponsor, Topp Karg D. Orcus, visited it. Oscar witnessed Topp use his own Synergist skills to repair a broken plate and tried to imitate what he saw him do. From then on Oscar crafted many toys for the other orphans. Topp would eventually see the new toys that Oscar created and was very impressed by their quality. He decided to take Oscar as his apprentice and employed him at his workshop. Though Oscar was a very skilled craftsman, he never made anything more that common everyday items for Topp, as he was afraid to stand out too much if he used his skills to the fullest. This would earn him the ire of many of the other craftsmen, particularly Ping Waress, as he felt that Topp was giving Oscar special treatment, while believing that Oscar was a failure due to him not creating any weapons.

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