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This article is about the character Oscar. You may be looking for the manga chapter with the same name.

Oscar Orcus (オスカー・オルクス, Osukā Orukusu?) is a character who appears both in the main "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest" series as a minor character, and in the spin-off "Arifureta Zero" series as one of the main protagonists.

He is an Atavist, with the ability to use one of the Ancient Magic from the "Age of God". He is also the creator and caretaker of the Great Orcus Labyrinth. He is also one of the leaders of the "Liberators". He was a companion, but at the same time an enemy of one of the other leaders of the Liberators, Vandre Schnee.


Oscar is young man who has gentle feminine features and a long, slender build.

He wears black-rimmed glasses and has shoulder-length black hair tied up in a ponytail.


Oscar has a gentlemanly personality and demeanor. He is highly capable of taking care of others due to spending his childhood at an orphanage and helping to look after the younger children. As a result, he has become very adept at various household chores, such as cooking and cleaning. He also cares greatly about his family and will go to great lengths in order to protect them. He is very easily enraged when someone in his family is injured or exposed to danger.

Initially, Oscar tries not to stand out too much and avoids confrontation whenever possible. He is afraid that doing so will get him noticed by the Holy Church for his incredible abilities and be forced to serve them for the rest of his life. That all changes, however, after his family was put in danger due to his inability to stand up for himself. Afterwards, Oscar is no longer afraid to fight in order to keep those close to him safe.

Oscar is very intelligent, as well as inquisitive. He enjoys learning about various things and to discuss them in great length with anyone who shares a mutual interest in them.

While in battle, Oscar is a highly capable strategist, whether it is coming up with a well thought-out plan before entering a fight, or having to immediately improvise a new fighting strategy.

Oscar believes that true beauty lies in its simplicity and is unimpressed with anything that may appear too flashy.

Despite possessing the common Job of a "Synergist", Oscar views it as giving him the opportunity to create things will be remembered throughout history.[1]

Beneath his gentle and caring persona, Oscar has his share of bad qualities. He is quick to lose his temper at times (especially around Miledi Reisen), and is prone to get into arguments. In addition, the way in which he uses his weapons when fighting certain enemies is considered to be cruel and even a little sadistic by some of his comrades (such as stripping them of their clothes and blinding them).

Oscar has a huge fetish for maids. He considers himself a connoisseur of them and is extremely critical when judging their outfits.

Oscar is very proud about his artifacts and will often go off on a tangent whenever he discusses them. He will also give them various features that are useless, as well as being dangerous on multiple occasions. He is especially proud of his glasses and will boast about them at any chance he gets. Even so, he gets upset when people (specifically Miledi) considers his glasses to be his only defining trait.

Powers & Abilities

  • Genius Intellect - Oscar was the most intelligent of all Liberators, Oscar is a genius of the highest caliber, having tremendous intellect that far surpass his fellow Liberators and his contemporaries.
    • Master Inventor - Oscar has shown scientific talents and knowledge that are at least several millennia ahead of his time, having used his Creation Magic to create Artifacts with designs that incorporates advanced applications of scientific knowledge. He is also the one who designs and creates the Great Labyrinths of his fellow Liberators, including inventing a method that can instil knowledge of the Liberators's Ancient Magic into the minds of those who cleared the Labyrinths as a reward, and even designed them to perfectly self-repair and maintain itself should it ever be destroyed.
    • Master Craftsman - Oscar is a genius master Synergist, being the most powerful user of creation magic of all time and having crafted numerous variety of Artifacts, some that are even considered legendary with the most prominent being the Seven Great Labyrinths, incorporating all the Ancient Magic of his fellow Liberators into his creations. His creation magic successor, Hajime Nagumo, who became Tortus's greatest Synergist, noted that Oscar's craftsmanship is far superior to his own.
  • Expert Combatant - While living in the Kingdom of Velka, Oscar was trained to fight by several of his adventurer associates. He later trains under Vandre Schnee in order to further improve his combat prowess.
  • Immense Mana - As a wielder of Ancient Magic, Oscar's mana pool is much larger than most beings. He is capable of operating a multitude of his mana-powered Artifacts simultaneously for an extended period of time.


  • Transmute - The base skill of the "Synergist" Job class. It allows the user to control, transform and manipulate any kind of ores, minerals or materials in any way or shape the user desires. In order to Transmute any object, the user has to be in contact with the object within the maximum range of 3 meters.
    • Ore Appraisal/Mineral Appraisal - Allows the user to identity and understand the basic structure of ores, minerals and materials. In some cases, properties like magical affinity or hardness of the ore or mineral is also notified in numerical range of "1" (weakest) to "10" (hardest).
    • Precision Transmutation/Precise Transmute - Increases the precision of transmutations.
    • Increased Transmutation Speed - Increases the speed of transmutation.
    • Ore Perception/Mineral Probe - Allows the user to sense and locate any kind of ores, minerals and materials within a certain range.
    • Ore Desynthesis/Mineral Isolation - Allows separation of ores and minerals.
    • Ore Synthesis/Mineral Fusion - Allows the fusion of ores and minerals into alloys.
    • Duplicate Transmutation - Allows the user to create duplicates of an already existing transmuted object or item. It's possible to also replicate an item created by someone else.
    • Accelerated Transmutation/Automatic Transmutation - Allows for continuous transmutation until the engraved magic circle is drained of mana, even if the caster isn't present during the transmutation process.
    • Image Supplementation - A skill to transmute through imagination.
    • Compression Synthesis - Allows compression of transmuted items.
    • Reduced Mana Consumption - It decrease the magic consumption for using transmutation.
    • Ore Decomposition/Mineral Decomposition - It allows mana to slowly seep into objects and break down their structural bonds. It can disassemble objects to the smallest unit of mass possible, but it takes time, so it cannot be used in for combat.
    • Image Composition - Allows the user to use imaginary magic circles to cast spells. This skill is considered as the final derivative skill for the Synergist Job.
  • Body Strengthening - A skill to use magic to strengthen the body.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • Creation Magic - One of the "Ancient Magics" originating from the "Age of God", which grants the ability to imbue a magical properties to minerals, creating a new ore with special traits. It is the only form of Magic which allows the creation of an "Artifact". Creation magic requires one to have the transmutation magic to fully utilizes its true capabilities which is why Yue did not intend to learn it at first as it was useless for her. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any inorganic material'.


  • (Oscar's recorded message): "I congratulate you on overcoming my trial. My name is Oscar Orcus. I am the man who created this labyrinth. I suppose to the world I’m known as a maverick. By the way, please spare me the questions. This is nothing more than a recording I left behind, so I unfortunately cannot answer any queries you may have. I wanted to tell those who made it this far why it was that we, who learned the truth of the world, chose to fight against the gods... so I decided to leave a message. And this was the simplest form to convey that message in. I want you to know... that though we were mavericks, we were not truly rebels.— I have no idea who you are, or why you chose to fight your way down here. Nor do I have any intention of forcing my own dreams of the gods’ demise onto you. I simply wanted you to know what it was we fought, and died, for... As a reward for hearing me out, I shall grant you my strength. How you use it is entirely up to you. I can only pray you won’t use it for evil. That’s all I have to say. Thank you for listening to the end. May the ‘blessings’ of the gods never reach you."[2]


Oscar's ring

  • Ryo Shirakome based Oscar off of Harry Hart from the Kingsman film series (in particular the way he fights with his umbrella).[3]
  • In Roman mythology, "Orcus" was a god of the underworld.
  • Oscar enjoys open-air baths.[1]
  • Oscar's Labyrinth is currently the one with the least amount of people known to have successfully cleared it, despite it being the most frequented.
  • Oscar's Labyrinth was intended to be the most difficult of them all, and was meant to be conquered last.[3]
  • Proof for conquering Oscar's Labyrinth is a ring that is engraved with a circle and cross splitting it into even sections. It's based off of the crest of the Orcus Workshop.[4]