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Oscar Orcus (オスカー・オルクス, Osukā Orukusu?) is one of the Liberators and the Creator of the Great Orcus Labyrinth. User of creation magic.

Appearance Edit

He was a young man who had a gentle feminine features and a long, slender build. He wore black-rimmed spectacles and had his shoulder-length black hair tied up in a ponytail.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Oscar Orcus is the creator of the Great Orcus Labyrinth, and one of the 7 Liberators and the user of the Creation magic, who attempted to stop the mad god Ehit.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Obsidian Spectacles - An artifact which has various spells and features enchanted into it, ranging from Heat-vision, Night-vision, Mana tracking, Magnification, Flash Bang , "Farsight", immunity to Dark Magic, heightened perception.
  • Black Umbrella - An artifact created using an compound alloy consisting of azantium and Sealstone. It is really heavy as it weighted 8kgs. The tip of the umbrella has an open cavity, like a syringe, which ejected the contained stuff inside, like liquefied "stillstone". It has various spells and function enchanted to it, like
    • "Wall Blast" - 2nd ability, a fusion of Wind and Fire Magic, which creates an explosive blast.
    • "Flash Freeze" - 4th ability, an intermediate Ice Magic Spell.
    • "Godstorm" - 6th ability, able to create a powerful windstorm capable of sending heavy armoured people flying.
    • "Whit Prison" - 7th ability, high level Earth Magic Spell "Petrification".
    • "Spark Plasma"/"Thunderlord's Judgement" - 9th ability, strongest Lightning Magic Spell, later changed to the most powerful Lightning Magic Spell
    • "Hallowed Ground" - 10th ability, strongest Barrier Magic Spell
    • "Benison Aura" - 11th ability, high-ranked healing spell
    • "Prismatic Haze" - The 12th ability of his umbrella, this skill lets him warp the space around the umbrella and project a field thereby making him invisible to anyone outside the umbrella.
    • "Self-Destruct" - Final ability.
  • Ebony Coat -
  • Metamorph Chains - An artifact created using Spirit Stone, which help overcome the restriction of "Transmutation", by allow the user to channel their mana through them, and exert their abilities further than normal. These chains later get enchanted with Gravity Magic, allowing the more free movement in the air, and Spatial Magic "Spatial Anchoring".
  • Sliver Slate - An artifact used for tracking, and are primarily linked with special "Sliver Coins" crafted using a special ore and are enchanted with Light Magic "Tracking", which acts as a beacon to help find the location of the coin holders. The "Tracking" spell can also be attached to other materials such as thread, and be link with the Slate. Later, a new function was added which detects the presence of mana within a certain radius, thus making it sort of an radar.
  • Onyx Boots - An artifact which increases the wearers leg strength exponentially, and are enchanted with Wind Magic "Updraft" to aid the wearers leaps. They are also enchanted with mini-barriers magic "Holy Shield" at the soles, to which create temporary platforms to help leap in mid-air.
  • Sable Gloves - An artifact created using superfine threads of Spirit Stone enchanted with Gravity Magic, which allows for free control of them. Primary used for killing, as the threads are sharp enough to cut flesh.
  • Disposable Throw Weapons - Artifacts in the form of throw weapons with various effects enchanted on them, including Gravity Magic for free control in mid-air.
    • Combustion Blades - exploded with considerable force.
    • Heater Knives - gets heated up to high temperature upon throw, that they are easily able to melt heavy armour and flesh.
    • Ice Daggers - are enchanted with Ice Magic, and are able to freeze an area to a certain distance starting from the point they struck.
  • Dragon Killing Sword - A sword created by Oscar as answer to "Vandol Schnee". It has power to cut through a dragon scales easily.
  • Treasure Trove - A ring-shaped artifact that had small 1 centimeter ruby set in its center. The ruby was actually an artificially created dimensional space where things could be stored just by putting some mana in it Orcus could retrieve the stored item, the withdraw item could appear anywhere within a 1 meter radius of him.
  • Divinity Stone - based on the Legendary Crystal with same properties, using the theory behind how it's a lump of concentrated mana, Oscar created it using his own mana over the course of 6 years. Couldn't create "Ambrosia" yet. Was lost during the fight in Velnika Greenway, the mines which later after thousands of years came to be known as the Orcus Dungeon.
  • Shadow Knights - golems Oscur controls by transferring mana through his threads. The golems are made of pure azantium, and are enchanted with nearly as many spells as his umbrella.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

  • Transmutation - it allows the user to freely control a mineral or metal like a clay and transform it. into any kind weapons or equipment as they desired
  • Mana Manipulation - the ability to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • Creation Magic - one of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of God", which grants the ability to imbue a magical properties to minerals, creating a new ore with special traits. It is the only form of Magic which allows the creation of an "Artifact". Creation Magic requires one to have the transmutation magic to fully utilizes its true capabilities which is why Yue did not intend to learn it at first as it was useless for her. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with any inorganic material'.

Relationship Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (His recorded message): "I congratulate you on overcoming my trial. My name is Oscar Orcus. I am the man who created this labyrinth. I suppose to the world I’m known as a maverick. By the way, please spare me the questions. This is nothing more than a recording I left behind, so I unfortunately cannot answer any queries you may have. I wanted to tell those who made it this far why it was that we, who learned the truth of the world, chose to fight against the gods... so I decided to leave a message. And this was the simplest form to convey that message in. I want you to know... that though we were mavericks, we were not truly rebels.[1]

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References Edit

  1. Light Novel Volume 01
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