Noboru Aikawa (あいかわのぼる, Aikawa Noboru?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He is one of the students from Japan who got involved in the Summoning Incident, and ended up in Tortus along with his other classmates. He is part of "Aiko-chan's bodyguards" meant to protect her from danger of any kind including the honey-traps of the Kingdom.


Norboru is a young man.



During his second year of high school, Noboru and his entire class was summoned to Tortus by the god Ehit in order to help humanity's war against the demons. He and his classmates trained in the Great Orcus Labyrinth by fighting the monsters that dwelled inside it until they were strong enough to fight the demons. When Noboru's classmate Hajime Nagumo was believed to have been killed in the labyrinth, Noboru and many of the students became too traumatized to resume their training and confined themselves to the Heiligh Kingdom's palace.

When Noboru and some of the students were trying to figure out what to do from now on, Nia, one of the palace maids, tried to comfort them with a brief comment. Noboru's friend Atsushi thought Nia was calling them cowards and started yelling at her, but soon apologized after Noboru and Akito criticized him for his attitude. The topic soon changed to their teacher Aiko and her kingdom-wide tour in order to aid with their crops due to her job as "Farmer". Noboru's classmate Yuka Sonobe decided to accompany Aiko in order to do some good for the people of Tortus. This inspired several other students, including Noboru, to go with her to help Aiko as well.

Noboru and the other students accompanied Aiko as her bodyguards to protect her from any danger, including the advances made by the templar knights from the Holy Church that were escorting her as well. After visiting several villages, they made their way to the lakeshore town Ur. It was then that another of Aiko's students, Yukitoshi Shimizu, disappeared without a trace. One night, Aiko and her escorts were having dinner at the Water Sprite Inn and learned from the innkeeper that an increase in monster activity in the northern mountains prevented Ur from obtaining the spices needed for their dishes, and Adventurer's Guild sent a party of adventurers to investigates, but had never return. As a result, a new party was sent to find the missing adventurers as the request of branch chief Ilwa Chang. It was then that they discovered that they rescue party was actually Hajime after overhearing him talk with his companions Yue and Shea. Noboru and the others where shocked to see that they classmate they thought had died was still alive. During dinner, they grew even more shocked over how much Hajime had changed since they last saw him. They were especially scared after Hajime injured David, one of the templar knights, while he was harassing Shea due to his discrimination to beastmen, and had followed up by threatening to kill his classmates if they made him his enemy. Noboru's fear soon turned into jealousy, however, after witnessing Yue and Shea flirt with Hajime.

Noboru, Aiko, and the rest of the students met up with Hajime the next morning and convinced him to let them accompany him to they mountains in their effort to find Yukitoshi. Hajime reluctantly agreed and drove everyone to the mountains is his hummer "Brise". After a full day of exploring, Hajime and the other found one of the missing adventures Will Cudeta, who was unconscious behind a waterfall. They learned from Will that a black dragon killed they rest of his party. It was then that the dragon appeared and began to attack everyone, which prompted Hajime to fight it. Noboru tried to help Hajime, but his attacks had no effect on the dragon. Hajime and his companions eventually beat the dragon into submission and he proceeded to finish it off by driving one of his pile bunkers stakes up its ass. That caused the dragon to scream in pain while speaking using a form of telepathy. It was revealed that the dragon was sentient and was actually a member of the dragonman species named Tio Klarus. She explained that a young man in black took control of her mind and ordered her to attack anyone in the mountains while he was gathering an army of monsters in preparation to attack Ur. Noboru and the others returned back to Ur and managed to help evacuate the townspeople, while Hajime was preparing to fight the approaching monster army after Aiko convinced him to help. Everyone could only watch in awe as Hajime and his party effortlessly obliterated an army of 60,000 monsters. Hajime managed to capture the person responsible for assembling the monster army, who turned out to be Yukitoshi, much to everyone's horror. Yukitoshi revealed that he had been in contact with a demon that wanted him to destroy Ur and kill Aiko in exchange for being treated like a hero among the demons. Hajime soon killed Yukitoshi after the later was mortally wounded by his demon co-conspirator and once again left his classmates.

Noboru and the others eventually returned to the Heiligh Kingdom capital and learned that Hajime rescued the hero's party after his time in Ur. One night, the kingdom was suddenly invaded by and army of demons and monsters. As Noboru and the others were prepared to fight, they were ambushed by many of the kingdom's knights. It was then revealed that they were under the control of Eri Nakamura by using her necromancy magic on them after she had killed them. They were eventually freed and the kingdom had been saved after Hajime had arrived.


  • Atsushi Tamai - One of Noboru's best friends.
  • Akito Nimura - One of Noboru's best friends.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Like many of his males classmates, Noboru is jealous of Hajime of his popularity for harem. However, like most of his classmates, he is afraid of Hajime's monstrous appearance and inhuman strength. He takes Hajime's warning seriously as he doesn't want to be slaughtered by Hajime's hand when he witnessed Hajime murder Daisuke Hiyama.

Weapons & Equipment

Powers & Abilities


  • Language Comprehension - a base skill granted to all those who got summoned. It gives the user the ability to understand any language and be proficient in it.



  • Noboru likes motorcycles.[1]
  • Noboru is the only member of his classmates that has been identified who's Job has not been revealed.



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