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This article is about the character Naiz. You may be looking for the manga chapter from the "Zero" series.

Naiz Gruen Caliente (ナイズ・グリューエン・カリエンテ, Naizu Guryūen Kariente?) is a character who appears both "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest" series as a minor character, and in the spin-off "Arifureta Zero" series as one of the main protagonists.

He is an Atavist, with the ability to use one of the Ancient Magic from the "Age of God". He is the creator of the Gruen Labyrinth in the Grand Gruen Volcano. He is one of the leaders of the "Liberators".


Naiz is man in his late 20's with a massive frame, standing at two meters tall. He has spiky rust-red hair and rust-red eyes that are sharp as a hawk.

Naiz usually wears a faded grey robe with a white sash over it.


Naiz is stoic and taciturn. He rarely lets his emotions show and does not talk too much. Despite his quiet demeanor, however, he carries a great sadness in his heart due to the trauma he suffered in his past. He feels that it was all due to him being in possession of Ancient Magic and considers it to be a curse, as a result. Even though he despises his magic, he continues to use it in order to help those that are in trouble. After meeting Oscar and Miledi, Naiz becomes more open and accepting of his powers.

Naiz has trouble dealing with women and gets nervous around any of them that tries to flirt with him (especially Susha Liv Doumibral).

Naiz is very fiscally responsible and good with numbers as a result of having once run his own business.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Twin Scimitars - Weapons made by Oscar in order to help Naiz improve his physical combats skills.
  • Treasure Trove - A ring-shaped artifact that has small one centimeter ruby set in its center. The ruby is actually an artificially created dimensional space where objects can be stored.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Due to his past as a soldier and training he received from his father, Naiz is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Master Swordsman - Due to being trained by his father in swordsmanship, Naiz possesses great skill in wielding swords and other bladed weapons as Vandre Schnee (a skilled combatant himself) praised his skill. As a result of Naiz focusing his efforts into mastering his Spatial magic, his blade skills have dulled a bit. During the battle against the Demon Lord, Naiz starts training with blades again, determined to restore his lost skill as was seen when he dispatched the Demon Lord's elite guard with his scimitars.

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - Being born an Atavist with the ability to directly manipulate his mana on top of being a proficient master of magic, Naiz has immense amount of mana being able to cast a wide number of spells rapidly without becoming fatigued. He is able to use his signature spatial magic numerous times in battle despite it being very taxing in terms of mana consumption.
  • Magic Master - Naiz is very skilled at using magic. Aside from his spatial magic, Naiz discovers he has an aptitude for all kinds of magic during his days training to be a soldier.


  • All Elements Aptitude - A skill that increases the aptitude for all elemental spells and increases activation speed.
  • Detect Magic - It allows the user to detect and perceive the flow of mana and activation of hidden or ranged spells and magic.
  • Body Strengthening - A skill to use magic to strengthen the body.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • Spatial Magic - One of the "Ancient Magics" originating from the "Age of God", it allows the user to manipulate the space around themselves, allowing them to either bend or expand the space near them or move themselves to another space or location. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the boundary'. Meaning it can allow the user to manipulate anything, like elimination of race-creature gap, or formulating new boundary to create spirit world; it's possible to achieve those kind of things.


Spatial Magic

  • Cosmic Rift - Spatial magic that connects two separate points in space and forms a gate.
  • Prismatic Haze - Spatial magic that warps the space around the caster and projects a field that refracts all incoming light, thus appearing invisible.
  • Spatial Anchoring - Spatial magic that holds its target in a specific point in space.
  • Void Fangs - It creates a pair of invisible beast jaws to attack the enemy.
  • Void Flash - It creates an invisible blade that shoots forward and cuts space along with any targets that it hits.
  • Void Fissure - Spatial magic that forcibly contracts, then rapidly expands space in a certain area. The resulting shockwaves cause explosions that can't be defended by regular means.
  • Void Shatter - Spatial magic that splits space along the lines that Naiz defines and cuts anything caught along them.
  • Void Cannon - Spatial magic so powerful that the tears in space can be seen.


  • (Naiz's recorded message): "I pray the day comes where people can be free."[2]


File:Naiz Gruen Caliente's Pendant (Anime).png

Naiz's pendant

  • Gruen may be based on the "Gruen transfer", which is a psychological phenomenon where a person may be susceptible to making impulse buys upon entering a store that is designed in an intentionally confusing layout, thus losing track of their original intentions. This may be an allusion to Naiz's use of spatial magic. In addition, caliente means "hot" in Spanish.
  • Proof for conquering Naiz' labyrinth is a pendant with a design of a woman holding up a lantern (which has been cut out in order for it serve as a guide for finding Meiru Melusine's Labyrinth).
  • It is implied that Simon Levellair and his granddaughter Sibyl are Naiz's descendants.


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