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Myu (ミュウ, Myū?) is a main character from the "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest" series.

She is a young dagon girl who was saved by Hajime Nagumo and Shea Haulia after getting kidnapped when they came across her in Fuhren. Initially she had been calling Hajime as "Onii-chan", but later changed it to "Papa".


Myu is a young girl that has a long wavy blue hair and green eyes. Unlike humans, her ears are fan-like fins and has webbed hands and feet.

After arriving on Earth, Myu was given a pendant by Hajime that disguises her appearance similar to humans. Her emerald-green hair now appears as blonde with her fin ears now appearing as human ears.


Myu is a kind and obedient child. She is also quite brilliant, as stated by Hajime. Before meeting Hajime, Myu was spoiled and would constantly throw a tantrum. After being kidnapped and subsequently rescued, she has matured a lot and is much more compassionate, but would still be occasionally spoiled (particularly regarding Hajime).

Myu is very impressionable and has developed various traits, both good and bad, as a result of the time that she has spent with Hajime and his companions. One such example is Shea's reckless driving habits, which in Myu's case, revolves around using remote-controlled toy aircraft's to get into dogfights with the air force.

Due to her dagon lineage, Myu enjoys spending time in the water. One of her favorite pastimes is swimming in the ocean and allowing the current to carry her while floating on the water.

After arriving on Earth, Myu has developed militaristic traits and enjoys giving orders while acting like a drill sergeant. She is very eager to fight whenever she is confronted by an enemy and always follows Hajime's philosophy of showing no mercy to her enemies.

Myu is very charismatic, and can quickly befriend almost anyone she comes into contact with. However, her good nature combined with an eagerness to help those who are in trouble means that she will not think about the consequences of her actions, and can cause those she interacts with to misinterpret her intentions. On several occasions, it has even lead to confrontations between those who want Myu's attention.

Despite all of the training and artifacts that she has received from her family, Myu laments her own powerlessness and wishes to become stronger to protect what she cares about.

Weapons & Equipment

Until arriving on Earth, Myu doesn't own any weapons. She would later receive weapons that specially created for her by Hajime. These include the following:

  • Donneer & Schlaag - A pair of revolvers that are similar to Hajime's "Donner" and "Schlag".
  • Piko-Piko Hammer - A hammer that was designed to be similar to Shea's "Drucken", though it does not have a bombardment mode.
  • Black Whip This is Wepon Desu - A whip that is similar to Tio's, but was designed exclusively for combat.
  • Muramasa & Kotetsu - Twin kodachi that react to Myu’s imaging and can create high-speed vibration-slash wave-impact generation. They can also increase Myu’s perception and physical abilities.
  • Don’t Touch, You Pervert! - A series of crosses that can create a powerful barrier.
  • Demon Rangers - A group of seven multi-limbed golems that Hajime created for Myu's use during the final battle against Ehit and the Holy Church. They are outfitted with a wide array of weapons, and are capable of transforming. It is eventually discovered that they are possessed by the Seven Princes of Hell, and have sworn absolute loyalty to her.
  • Various Magic Spell Gems - Gems created by Yue that are imbued with her spells that can be only be used for one time.
  • Mini-Treasure Trove - A ring that uses spatial magic to store items.

Powers & Abilities

  • Expert Swimmer - As a dagon, Myu can breath underwater and is able to swim much faster than a human.
  • Expert Combatant - Sometime after arriving on Earth, Myu is taught different combat styles by Hajime and the others (Kaori, Shizuku, Shea & Tio) at her request, as well as receiving different weapons and items from them that were personalized for her.
  • Master Marksman - Myu is shown to be a gifted marksman. She is able to easily take out moving targets using a toy rifle that Hajime made for her in a very short amount of time.[2]
  • Supernatural Charisma - Myu has a strange ability to draw all kinds if unique beings to her and make them dote on her to the point where it can even be described as supernatural. Myu has a habit of meeting the various UMAs (Unidentified Mysterious Animals) from both Tortus and Earth's myths and legends, such as Kappas. According to Remia, it has been this way for Myu even since she was a baby. What's more stranger is that she can make friends with them, leading them to do whatever she asks of them without needing to force them or uses any form of magic on them. Examples included Hajime and his harem (who treat her like their own daughter) and the Seven Princes of Hell (who treat her as their princess). No one seem to be able to understand how she does this.


  • (To Hajime Nagumo): "I won’t lose to you when you’re like this. Right now, even I’m stronger than you, Daddy!"[3]


  • Myu often uses "Nano" (なの) as her copula.
  • Myu's favorite food is skewers due to it being the first thing she eats after Hajime and Shea rescue her.[4]
  • Myu has developed a following among her classmates after arriving on Earth, similar to Shizuku's "Soul Sisters". Unlike the Soul Sisters, however, they like Hajime and are supportive of Myu's desire to marry him one day.
  • Despite her hair color being described as "Emerald-Green" in the story, the Light Novel illustrations and Anime depict her hair as a light "Ocean-Blue" instead.


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