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More Nos (モットー・ユンケル, Motto Yunkeru?, Literally meaning "Motto Yunker") is a character from the “Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō“ series.

He is a traveling merchant that is constantly looking for ways to make money.


More is an older gentleman.


More has a merchant's soul. He is always looking for potentials business opportunities. He may at times get carried away when discovers new ventures but he won't compromise his values. He believes that the greatest commodity is trust. He is willing to forgo obtaining short term profits if it means that the can build trust with others in order to build better business relations in the future.

While More's primary motivation is business, he also considers himself to be a true patriot of the Heiligh Kingdom.


More met Hajime Nagumo after he accepted the merchant's job posting at the Adventurer's Guild that was looking to hire guards to act as escorts for him and his caravan while traveling from Brooke Town to Fuhren. More was immediately drawn to Hajime's companion Shea and wished to buy her from him due to believing that she was a slave, but Hajime rejected his offer and claimed that he would not relinquish her to even the gods. More realized how serious Hajime was after he made such a bold declaration and decided to proceed with the task at hand. Throughout the course of their journey, More and is party witnessed how powerful Hajime and companions were, as well as seeing their incredible Artifacts, and made repeated attempts to buy them from Hajime (particularly his Treasure Trove ring), to which Hajime rejected his offers each time. When they finally arrived at Fuhren, More made one more attempt to buy Hajime's Artifacts off of him, while also vaguely threatening him by claiming that he would get into trouble if he was in possession of such powerful items. Hajime immediately responded by threatening to kill More with his handgun Donner if he was attempting to get in his way, to which More nervously retracted his statement and claimed that he was just advising Hajime to be more prudent when using his Artifacts in public. Hajime decided to accept More's explantation and ceased his hostility, but warned him of what would happen to anyone that would get in his way. More apologized to Hajime for his earlier behavior and offered him some friendly advice about keeping his and his companion's powers hidden in order to not drawn any unwanted attention from the Holy Church. He then parted ways with Hajime, but not before making one final pitch for Hajime to consider looking to use his services in the future.

When a plague had struck the Dukedom of Ankaji, More was one of the many merchants that was selling food and other provisions to their people. During one of his trips for this endeavor, he was hired by Princess Liliana to transport her clandestinely to Annkaji as well, with the hopes of finding Hajime and his companion Kaori Shirasaki. While they were traveling, they were attacked by bandits in the Gruen Desert. More, Liliana and their escorts were on the verge of being killed, but were saved by Hajime and his companions after they spotted their battle while traveling through the desert as well. After being saved by Hajime, Liliana decided to have Hajime escort her for the rest of the trip, but still offered to pay More the full amount for his services. More, however, kindly refused to be paid and explained that he helped her out of his duty of being a citizen of the kingdom, as well as hoping to establish good will between his company and the royal family. More and his merchants then parted ways once more with Hajime.

After Hajime returned to Earth, More was subcontracted by him to distribute various merchandise in Tortus from his new business known as the “South Cloud Company“.


  • Hajime Nagumo - More is very impressed with Hajime's Artifacts (particularly his Treasure Trove) and has made multiple attempts to buy them. He is always eager to do business with Hajime as he sees something special in him. Hajime, in turn, is annoyed by More's eagerness to obtain his Artifacts, but has great respect for More as a businessman. More and Hajime later become business partners after Hajime returns to Earth.
  • Samaire Yunker - Samaire shares the same merchant's spirit with her grandfather. More wishes to marry her to Hajime in order to have a familiar connection with him due to his power and fame throughout Tortus. Despite wishing to use his granddaughter as a potential wife for Hajime as a way to strengthen his relationship with him, Samaire does not see herself as a political tool and is just as eager to be one of Hajime's future wives as her grandfather.


  • (To Hajime Nagumo): “I believe in God, not the people who wield authority by claiming to speak for him. People are customers, nothing more.[1]


  • His Japanese-translated surname “Yunker“ is a parody on the Japanese health tonic “Yunker“ by "Sato Pharmaceutical Corporation".
    • Keeping in line with that, the official English translation is using the surname “Nos“, which is a parody on the energy drink "NOS Energy Drink“ by “Monster Energy“.


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