Monsters (魔物まもの, Mamono?) are a variety of non-sentient beings from Tortus. They have a unique trait of being able to manipulate mana, without the need of any Magic Circle or Incantation, and each one of them has a unique racial Skill, ranging from ranged attacks to faster movement.

Monsters are created naturally when an animal has enough mana absorbed into their body that transforms them. As a result of this process, monsters have cores of crystallised mana in their bodies that can be of great value. They gain powers by eating the flesh of humans and other monsters.

Monsters can be artificially created by someone in possession of Metamorphosis Magic.

Monster meat is extremely poisonous and lethal to anyone human that consumes it, as doing so would destroy persons body from inside on a cellular level and tries to rebuild its structure, which a body won't be able to handle unless its able to rapidly regenerate and heal itself. The only way known to be able to survive after consume monster meat is through consuming Ambrosia, a drink formed of concentrated liquefied mana released from a legendary crystal known as the Divinity Stone when the latter eat the monster meat and drink the liquefied mana and turn into a human/monster hybrid but not considered as humans anymore as a cost for their mutations.

Monsters are normally non-sentient beings and the only way to gain true sentience, is by drinking Ambrosia.[1]

Sea-based monsters are more attuned to sensing sources of mana than other monsters due to using it as a way to navigate while their other senses are dulled underwater.[2]

List of Monsters[edit | edit source]

Great Orcus Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

Monsters in the Labyrinth are part of its eco-system, and have a mechanic built inside them which makes the re-spawn again after a certain time after they had been defeated.

Upper Levels[edit | edit source]

  • Ratman (ラットマン, Rattoman?)::
    Found on the 1st floor, it's a giant muscular rats that stand on two feet. Only the area around their corded chests was bereft of fur. It's quick on its feet, but not that strong.
  • Rockmount (ロックマウント, Rokkumaunto?)::
    Found on the 20th floor, it's a gorilla-like monster that can camouflage itself.
  • Traum Soldier (トラウムソルジャー, Toraumu Sorujā?)::
    Found on the 38th floor, it's a Skeleton Knight monster with red eyes and a darkish body and carries a sword and shield.
  • Behemoth (ベヒモス, Behimosu?):
    Found on the 65th floor, it's a powerful monster with a huge body of 10 meters length. Its shaped similar to a triceratops, with a head like that of a bull with two huge horns sprouting on its head, and has glowing red eyes.
  • Clay Golem (クレイゴーレム, Kureigōremu?):
    Found on the 78th floor, it's a mud doll in the shape of a person that can morph its appearance.

Lower Levels (Bottom of the Abyss)[edit | edit source]

  • Twin-tailed Wolf (おおかみ, Nibi Ōkami?)::
    Found on the 1st floor. It possesses the special magic "Lightning Field", which allows it to generate electricity around its body and fire it at its enemies.
  • Kickmaster Rabbit (けるりウサギ, Keri Usagi?):
    Found on the 1st floor. It possesses the special magic "Air Dance", which increases its base reaction speed, and the ability to move at high speed.
  • Claw Bear (つめくま, Tsume Kuma?):
    Found on the 1st floor. It possesses the special magic "Gale Claw", which allows it to fire streaks of sharp wind from its claws.
  • Basilisk (バジリスク, Bajirisuku?):
    Found on the 2nd floor. It possesses the special magic "Petrification", which allows it to turn anything it looks into stone.

Tar Shark (Manga)

  • Tar Shark (タールサメ, Tārusame?):
    Found on the 29th floor. It possesses the special magic "Hide Presence".
  • Sham Alraune (エセアルラウネ, Esearuraune?):
    A humanoid shaped monster, with the ability to physically control other creatures using its unique parasitic pollen spores which it scatters around the air. This monster is extremely cunning and protective of its lair, because it would do anything needed in order to protect itself. A creature controlled by its pollen spores grows a flower on its head to signify the effect, while simultaneously losing control of their own body, though they are conscious of their uncontrolled actions, and retain all of their memories.
    It was voiced by Emily Neves in the English dub of the Anime.
  • Hydra (ヒュドラ, Hyudora?):
    Found on the 100th and final floor of the Labyrinth, the "Hydra" is the last Final Boss and Guardian, that one has to defeat in order to complete the trial of the Labyrinth.
    Being the Final Boss of the Labyrinth, it is also the most powerful and strongest monster in the entire Labyrinth, having extremely high stats and unique skills to utilize.
    Physically, it looks like a huge serpentine creature, with a hard shell body and six-heads. Each of the heads of the Hydra are differently colored (in the LN and Manga, each one had a different-colored pattern engraved into its head instead) and a pair of dark red eyes. Each head has its own unique ability along with physical attacks, which compliments the other heads, thus being akin to a perfect balanced party.
    • "Red" Head - Fire
    • "Green" Head - Wind
    • "Blue" Head - Ice
    • "White" Head - Healing
    • "Yellow" Head - Defense, limited ability to morph surrounding terrain
    • "Black" Head - De-buffer/Illusion, inflicts Fear Status

Reisen Gorge[edit | edit source]

  • Diheadoar / Dihedwa (ダイヘドア, Daihedoa?):
    A giant two-headed monster that is similar in appearance to a tyrannosaurus from Earth.
  • Hyveria (ハイベリア, Haiberia?):
    A giant winged monster that is similar in appearance to a wyvern.

Great Gruen Dessert[edit | edit source]

  • Sand Bat (サンドバット, Sandobatto?):
    A winged monster that sleeps under the sand and uses that desert's sandy winds to travel and prey upon its target. It has special magic that lets it absorb the water in its prey’s body by biting them.

Sandworm (Manga)

  • Sandworm (サンドワーム, Sandōwāmu?):
    A large earthworm-like monster that only resides in the Gruen Dessert. They are 20 meters long on average, and some of the really large ones grow up to 100 meters. They normally live underground and only surface to swallow their prey with their triple-layered circular maws. They do not, however, possess good perception abilities, and would only attack if someone accidentally walks over their lairs.
  • Saw Fish (さかな, Sakana o Mita?):
    A small fish-like monster that swims in the sand and possession powerful jaws.
  • Magma Bat:
    A bat-like monster made out of magma.
  • Magma Ox:
    A bull-like monster made out of magma.
  • Magma Serpent:
    A snake-like monster made out of magma.

Frost Caverns of Schnee[edit | edit source]

  • Frost Eagle (フロストイーグル, Furosutoīguru?):
    An eagle-like monster made out of ice.
  • Frost Turtle (フロストタートル, Furosutotātoru?):
    A giant turtle-like monster made of ice and has six legs.
  • Frost Werewolf (フロストワーウルフ, Furosutowāurufu?):
    A wolf-like monster made of ice.

Monsters Created by Dienleed Galdea Vesperitio Avatarl[edit | edit source]

  • Cyclops (サイクロプス, Saikuropusu?):
    A pair of giant monsters found on the 50th floor of the Great Orcus Labyrinth. They serve as guardians for the entrance to the room that housed Dienleed's niece after he imprisonsed her there. Since these monsters aren't originally part of the Labyrinth's eco-system, they won't re-spawn after being defeated. They possess the special magic "Diamond Skin", which coats their users bodies in a hardened shell of mana, and increases their defenses and protects them from all attacks to a certain degree. The hardened shell of mana has of a diamond patterned structure, hence the name.
    In the English dub of the Anime, the blue cyclops is voiced by Bryan Massey, while the red cyclops is voiced by Kevin Thelwell.
  • Scorpion (サソリモドキ, Sasorimodoki'?):
    A giant monster found as the guardian inside the room on the 50th floor of the Great Orcus Labyrinth. It's shell is made of shtar ore that hardens whenever it is exposed to mana, and can also shoot out acid-filled needles. Since this monster isn't originally part of the Labyrinth's eco-system, it won't re-spawn after being defeated. It was created through a combination of both metamorphosis and creation magic.

Monsters Created by Freid Bagwa[edit | edit source]

  • Ahatod (アハトド, Ahatodo?):
    A humanoid horse-faced monster with four arms. It possesses the special magic "Mana Burst ", which allows it to convert mana into kinetic energy and unleash it as ripples of pure force.
  • Absod (アブソド, Abusodo?):
    A turtle-like monster. It possesses the special magic "Mana Absorption", which enables it absorb the mana of other people’s spells and store it in its shell. However, it couldn’t absorb multiple spells at once, nor could it transform the mana into anything else.
  • Black Cat (くろねこ, Kuro Neko?):
    A small monster that is incredibly agile. Its forefeet are very sharp and in the shape of sikles.
  • Chimera (キメラ, Kimera?):
    A monster with two heads, four limbs, and wings. It possesses the special magic "Camouflage", which enables it to blend into its surroundings, as well as anyone that touches it.
  • Cyuveria (サイヴェリア, Saivueria?):
    A butterfly-like monster that can fire heat rays.
  • Dryger (ドライヤー, Doraiyā?):
    A large beetle-like monster that was able to propel itself with special organs on each side of its wings that allowed it to jettison mana that is increased its speed, as well as control its direction.
  • Ozmuse (オズムセ, Ozumuse?):
    A flying leaf-insect-like monster.
  • Squier (スクワイア, Sukuwaia?):
    A giant bee-like monster. It has six pairs of thin wings.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Bachulum (バチュラム, Bachuramu?):
    A type of slime monster that possess the special magic "Mimicry", which allows it to morph its appearance to the extent of changing its colors or vaguely imitate the shape of something else.
  • Bahal (バハル, Baharu?):
    A bird-like monster. They are not strong, but they attack in flocks by raining down their razor sharp black feathers at their prey, while maintaining a safe distance from the ground.

Bulltaur (Anime)

  • Bulltaur (ブルタール, Burutāru?):
    A monster that lives in the northern mountains. They are a cross between orcs and ogres. They are a powerful race known for their high defensive capabilities, and possesses the special magic "Steel Skin", which is an inferior version of "Diamond Skin". They aren’t very intelligent, but they always roam in packs.
  • Cotriss (コートリス, Kōtorisu?):
    A large bird-like monster that can fire needles that petrify anything that comes into contact with it.
  • Delose (デロス, Derosu?):
    A wolf-like monster. They are nimble and hunt in packs.

Hell Eater (Manga)

  • Devourer/Hell Eater (悪食あくじき, Akujiki?):
    A giant gelatinous sea-based monster. It is able to constantly regenerate whenever it is injured, as well as excrete corrosive jelly that is even capable of dispersing magic. They are so dangerous that they are seen more as natural disasters than monsters. They were originally created by an ancient civilization in Tortus.
  • Fishman (リーマン, Rīman?):
    A fish monster with a human-shaped head. It is able to use the special magic "Telepathy" as a way of communicating. It is the only known monster that is sentient and not hostile towards humans.
  • Goblin (ゴブリン, Goburin?):
    A small monster with dark-green skin.

Leviathan (Manga)

  • Divine Beast Leviathan (しんじゅうリヴァイアサン, Shinjū Rivuaiasan?):
    A monstrously large sea-serpent that was sealed away by the gods of Tortus with the island Andika.
  • Treant (トレント, Torento?):
    A tree-like monster. It is able to convert sunlight into energy to enhance its mana, physical strength or other stats. It also possess special magic "Regrowth", which allows it to sprout as many trees as it wishes, and control them freely.

Human/Monster Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Hajime (Anime Artwork-2).png

Human/Monster hybrids are a rare and unique species of humans who have gained a monstrous appearance and inhuman strength through mutations from consuming monsters' meat and drinking liquefied mana. The changes the experience from consuming monster meat includes their original bodies becoming muscular and taller with purple spiked bloods cells, red tattooed-like veins even both their hair turned from original to white and eyes turned to crimson red, as well as their mana turned from normal to crimson. Their strength, speed, and senses are stronger then beastmen and ordinary monsters, and their mana is even more powerful than normal mana blessed humans and demons as their strength and abilities are completely inhuman and monstrous. Due to withstanding the fatal ingestion of monster flesh, they can further increase their stats and gain the special magic/skills of the monsters that they absorb.

References[edit | edit source]

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