Monsters (魔物まもの, Mamono?) are a variety of non-sentient beings from Tortus. They have a unique trait of being able to manipulate mana, without the need of any Magic Circle or Incantation, and each one of them have unique racial Skills, ranging from ranged attacks to faster movement skills.

Monsters are created naturally when an animal has enough mana absorbed into their body that transforms them. As a result of this process, monsters have cores of crystallised mana in their bodies that can be of great value. They gain powers by eating meats of humans and other monsters.

Monsters can be artificially created by someone in possession of Metamorphosis Magic.

Monster meat is extremely poisonous and lethal to anyone who consumes them as consuming it destroys a persons body from inside on a cellular level and tries to rebuild its structure, which a body won't be able to handle unless its able to rapidly regenerate and heal itself. The only way known to be able to survive after consume monster meat is through consuming Ambrosia, a drink formed of concentrated liquefied mana released from a legendary crystal known as the Divinity Stone when the latter eat the monster meat and drink the liquefied mana and turn into a human/monster hybrid but not considered as humans anymore as a cost for their mutations.

Sea-based monsters are more attuned to sensing sources of mana than other monsters due to using it as a way to navigate while their other senses are dulled while they are underwater.[1]

Monster hybrids has appetite for ordinary monsters by devouring them into their body to absorbed their mana and might. They are immune to the poisonous effects from their meats. Their strengths and abilities are even more powerful than normal monsters, mana blessed humans, beastmen and demons due to their strength are monstrous and inhuman.

List of Monsters Edit

Great Orcus Labyrinth Edit

Monster in the Labyrinth are part of its eco-system, and have a mechanic built inside them which makes the re-spawn again after a certain time after they had been defeated.

Upper Levels Edit

Traum Solider (Anime)
  • Traum Soldier (トラウムソルジャー, Toraumu Sorujā?): Found on the 38th floor, it's a Skeleton Knight monster with red eyes and a darkish body and carries a sword and shield.
Behemoth (Anime)
  • Behemoth (ベヒモス, Behimosu?): Found on the 65th floor, it's a powerful monster with a huge body of 10 meters length. Its shaped similar to a triceratops, with a head like that of a bull with two huge horns sprouting on its head, and has glowing red eyes.

Lower Levels (Bottom of the Abyss) Edit

Twin-tailed Wolf (Anime)
  • Twin-tailed Wolf (二尾狼, Nibi Ōkami?): Found on the 1st floor,
Kickmaster Rabbit (Anime)
  • Kickmaster Rabbit (蹴りウサギ, Keri Usagi?): Found on the 1st floor,
Claw Bear (Anime)
  • Claw Bear (爪熊, Tsume Kuma?): Found on the 1st floor,
Basilisk (Anime)
  • Basilisk (バジリスク, Bajirisuku?): Found on the 2nd floor,
Cyclops (Anime)
  • Cyclops (サイクロプス, Saikuropusu?): Found as the gate guardian for the room on the 50th floor, these monsters aren't actually part of the eco-system of the Labyrinth, so won't re-spawn after being defeated.
Scorpion (Anime)
  • Scorpion (サソリモドキ, Sasorimodoki?): Found as the guardian inside the room on the 50th floor, this monster isn't actually part of the eco-system of the Labyrinth, so won't re-spawn after being defeated.
Sham Alraune (Anime)
  • Sham Alraune (エセアルラウネ, Esearuraune?): A humanoid shaped monster, with the ability to physically control other creatures using its unique parasitic pollen spores which it scatters around the air. This monster is extremely cunning and protective of its layer, because it would do anything needed to protect itself. A creature controlled by its pollen spores, grows a flower on its head to signify the effect, and can't control their own body, though they are conscious of their uncontrolled action, and retain all their memories.
Hydra (Anime)
  • Hydra (ヒュドラ, Hyudora?): Found on the 100th and final floor of the Labyrinth, the "Hydra" is the last Final Boss and Guardian, that one has to defeat in order to complete the trial of the Labyrinth.
    Being the Final Boss of the Labyrinth, it is also the most powerful and strongest monster in the entire Labyrinth, having extremely high stats and unique skills to utilize.
    Physically, it looks like a huge serpentine creature, with a hard shell body and six-heads. Each of the heads of the Hydra are differently colored (in the LN and Manga, each one had a different-colored pattern engraved into its head instead) and a pair of dark red eyes. Each head has its own unique ability along with physical attacks, which compliments the other heads, thus being akin to a perfect balanced party.
    • "Red" Head - Fire
    • "Green" Head - Wind
    • "Blue" Head - Ice
    • "White" Head - Healing
    • "Yellow" Head - Defense, limited ability to morph surrounding terrain
    • "Black" Head - De-buffer/Illusion, inflicts Fear Status
Hydra - 7th Head (Anime)
Once all the Six-head's have been defeated, the last 7th "Silver" Head comes out, which is the most powerful of them all, being able to physically exert force equal to the combined power of the previous six-heads and also able to utilise a powerful beam of aurora which can tear-through almost any kind of defence, and has the extra effect of slowing down and reducing the effects of healing and natural recovery.

Reisen Gorge Edit

Diheadoar (Anime)
  • Diheadoar / Dihedwa (ダイヘドア, Daihedoa?): A giant two-headed monster that is similar in appearance to a tyrannosaurus from Earth.
Hyveria (Anime)
  • Hyveria (ハイベリア, Haiberia?): A giant winged monster that is similar in appearance to a wyvern.

Others Edit

Riiman (Anime)
  • Fishman (リーマン, Rīman?): A fish monster with a human-shaped head. It is able to use the skill "Telepathy" as a way of communicating. It is the only known monster that is sentient and not hostile towards humans.

Human/Monster Hybrids Edit

Hajime (Anime Artwork-2)

Human/Monster hybrids are rare species of humans who gained monstrous appearance and inhuman strength through mutations from consuming monsters' meat and drinking liquefied mana. Their original bodies changed into muscular and taller body. Their strength, speed, senses are stronger then beastmen and ordinary monsters and their mana is even more powerful than normal mana blessed humans, and demons as their strength and abilities are completely inhuman and monstrous. Due to withstanding the fatal ingestion of monster flesh, they can further increase their stats and gain the special magic/skills of the monsters that they absorb. They have purple spiked bloods cells, red tattooed-like veins even both their hair turned from original to white and eyes turned to crimson red. Their mana turned from normal to crimson. They are not, in fact, humans anymore. According to Cattleya, if the hybrids are anything like the ordinary monsters, both of the monstrous and inhuman strength were checked out. Only Restoration magic can recover a Human/Monster hybrid's full condition.

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