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Mitsuki Amanogawa (あまがわつき?) is a character from "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō After Story".

She is Kouki's younger sister and the founder of the Soul Sisters.

Appearance Edit

Mitsuki is a beautiful young woman.She has big boobs.

Personality Edit

Mitsuki is strong-willed and rambunctious. She is mischievous and would often pull pranks on those that she holds a grudge over, such as Hajime and Ryutarou. She is considered to be a spoiled brat for interrupting people's business only for her to emerge defeated for her insolence such as when she attempted to stop Hajime and Shizuku's wedding photo shoot.

Like her brother, Mitsuki is childish, deluded and foolish who's obsession for Shizuku borders on attraction for her. She believes Shizuku "belongs" to Kouki and has the "right" to marry her brother.

Biography Edit

Mitsuki had known Shizuku Yaegashi since elementary school and was very fond of her. This eventually lead her to founding the Soul Sisters that was full of female students that also shared her fascination of Shizuku. Eventually, Shizuku and her brother Kouki, as well as their entire high school class, were summoned to the alternate world Tortus.

About a year after Shizuku and the other students returned to Japan, demon-worshipping cultists attacked the students, as well as anyone affiliated with them, including Kouki's family. They were able to keep the cultists at bay thanks to the barrier artifact that was provided to them by Shizuku's lover Hajime, but they still kept attacking their home. Mitsuki phoned Shizuku and asked for her help (as well as using the attack as an opportunity to see her again), but she was unable to come due to having to fend off cultists that were attacking her home as well. Mitsuki and her family were eventually saved by Kouki's best friend Ryutarou. Mitsuki then invited Ryutarou to the backyard in order to punish him for preventing Shizuku from visiting her due to his timely arrival. Ryutarou was aware of her intentions and fled her house as fast as possible.

When Shizuku and Hajime were on their way to do a wedding-themed photoshoot as a favor to Mitsuki's mother, they were suddenly approached by Mitsuki and the other Soul Sisters just as they arrived at the venue. They attempted to attack Hajime in order to make him unable to do the shoot. Hajime easily repel the Soul Sisters after he grabbed one of them and forced her to drink a laxative before tying her pigtails up and writing on her face with a permanent marker as an example of what would happen if they tried to challenge him. As the Souls Sisters were prepared to leave, Mitsuki suspected that the student actually liked being bullied by Hajime, much to her denial.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Kouki Amanogawa - Mitsuki is disappointed at her brother for not able to marry Shizuku, and becoming her future sister-in-law as a result for her to call him an idiot. Kouki doesn't know of his sister's dark nature.

Close Associates Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Hajime Nagumo - Like the rest of the Souls Sisters, Mitsuki hates Hajime and wants to break up him and Shizuku which ended into a failure as well as she and the "Soul Sisters" were completely humiliated by Hajime in public.
  • Ryutarou Sakagami - Mitsuki has known Ryutarou since she was born and would frequently torment him. Ryutarou could never go against Mitsuki due to how close he is with her family.
  • Shizuku Yaegashi - As the founder of the Soul Sisters, Mitsuki once idolizes Shizuku. Shizuku, however, only finds Mitsuki and the Soul Sisters to be annoying when they try break her and Hajime up.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mitsuki means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "moon" (月) (tsuki).
  • Mitsuki's surname Amanogawa means "rain" (雨) (ama), "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "river, stream" (川) (gawa).
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