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Miledi encountered Hajime, Yue, and Shea inside her labyrinth. She fought against them by controlling a giant golem, but was defeated and revealed the location of the other remaining labyrinths they could challenge. She pretended that she was dying, but then spontaneously approached them in her true miniature golem body. She awarded them with gravity magic for successfully clearing her labyrinth. Hajime, however, was not satisfied with what she initially offered them and demanded that she give him proof of them completing her labyrinth and anything valuable she possessed. Miledi presented Hajime with a ring that had her emblem engraved on it and all of the rare ores she owned, but Hajime was still unsatisfied and demanded that she give him her Treasure Trove ring that she used to present him with the ores. Miledi refused his request and forced the three of them out of the labyrinth by filling the room with water and flushing them away. Just before that, however, Hajime threw a grenade at her that damaged her room and singed her robes.

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