Miledi Reisen (ミレディ・ライセン, Miredi Raisen?) is a character who appears both "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series as a minor character, and in the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series as one of the main protagonists.

She is an Atavist, with the ability to use one of the Ancient Magic from the "Age of God". She is also the creator and caretaker of the Great Reisen Labyrinth in the Reisen Gorge. She was also one of the leaders of the "Liberators". She assigned Oscar Orcus and the other Liberators who use Age of Gods's magic to help create trials to test those who are worthy enough to carry out their legacy and obtain their Ancient Magic to slay Ehit and destroy his game of death forever.


Initially, Miledi is a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a petite figure.

After the Liberators were defeated, Miledi had her soul transferred into the body of a small mechanical golem that had a smiley face and was dressed in bright robes.


When she was young, Miledi was an emotionless, expressionless, and a taciturn girl. She followed every order her father used to give her, and easily carried out the execution of countless convicts and heretics, by forcing them down the Reisen Gorge. She was nihilistic by believing that any actions that was in direct violation of the Holy Church's teachings was meaningless since all those who did so would all die.

Her personality slowly started to change, as she met a convict named Davy Consman, and then later Belta Lievre, who was a "Liberators", and had entered the Reisen Family as a maid using the name Belle, in order to rescue her comrades and other innocent convicts. Miledi's interaction with Belta slowly started to change her, and helped her push back against her restrictive family. Though Belta was eventually condemned and then later thrown into the Reisen Gorge for execution, Miledi went to rescue her but was too late. From that moment on, she decided to change herself and be free from any kind of bindings and restriction.

Later on, her personality as a teenager had developed to become quite similar to that of Belta, though more annoying. She even picked Belta's habit of nicknaming others she meets.

As Belta wished from her, Miledi kept on smiling through whatever trials and hardships she faced. While she might seem aloof on the outside, when needed she can be caring, charming and ruthless.

Miledi also had a very strong will that allowed her to push through any situation, and also gave her the drive to transfer her own soul to a Golem after the defeat of the "Liberators". With her new, ageless body she could wait for the right moment all alone, just for one last chance to fight back the God and save the world, even if she had to wait for thousands of years to do so.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Golems - Many human-sized golems which can regenerate.
  • Giant Golem - Made from azantium ore which is considered hardest ore on Tortus.
  • Giant Mace - A mace with spikes and is a size of wrecking ball.
  • Ring of Renewal - A ring enhanced with the Restoration magic spell "Transient Infinity", which preserved something in its current state by continually restoring it to the state it had been in a second before as each second passed.
  • Guardian Angel’s Raiment - A fluttering, translucent cloth that is attached to the shoulder. It is capable of cushioning the wearer against all sorts of impacts and magical attacks and so long as any part of the cloth touched an attack, it could freely control the mana contained within the attack to redirect it.
  • Treasure Trove - A ring-shaped artifact that has small 1 centimeter ruby set in its center. The ruby is actually an artificially created dimensional space where objects can be stored.

Powers & Abilities

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - Being born a Atavist with the ability to directly manipulate her mana on top of being a proficient master of magic, Miledi has immense amount of mana being able to cast a wide number of spells rapidly without becoming fatigued. She is able to use her signature Gravity Magic numerous times in battle despite it being very taxing in terms of mana consumption.
  • Magic Master - Miledi is a prodigy and a genius in magic due to her Atavist nature as well as being a descendant of the Reisen family who are reknown for producing powerful mages. She is skillful in using all sorts of elemental magic, even advanced and supreme level magic. Due to her prodigious talent, she was even capable of quickly deducing how Laus Barn's Spirit magic functioned and devise a way to counter it.Miledi is skilled enough to compete in magical duel against the Demon Lord Rasul Alva Igdol who was stated to the strongest of his race and a master of magic with immense mana. While originally inexperienced at using composition magic, she was later capable of combining various spells into composition spells, being capable of combining various spells even supreme level spells along with her signature Gravity magic.


  • Gravity Magic - One of the seven ancient magics from the "Age of Gods" that gives the user control over gravity. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the energy of stars and just not gravity. Theoretically, it could also interfere with things like earth vein or terrestrial heat, bedrock or magma; and it isn’t impossible to use this magic to purposefully generate earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • All Elements Aptitude - A skill that increases the aptitude for all elemental spells and increases activation speed.
  • Recovery Magic Affinity - It allows the user to use healing magic at a capable rate.
  • Composite Casting - Combined/joint magic. It allows the user to meld spells together to create a composite spell.
  • Farsight - A skill that allows an increased range of vision by focusing mana into the eyes.


Fire Magic

  • Flare Blitz - It summons a blade of fire to attack the enemy.
  • Hellfire Tsunami - An advanced level fire spell that summons a tsunami of fire.
  • Azure Blaze - A supreme rank magic that could summon a sphere of blue-white flames 6 to 7 meters in diameter, that would everything melt in it surrounding.

Water Magic

  • Aqua Slicer - It summons a blade of water to attack the enemy.
  • Micro Ocean - An advanced level water spell that summons a tsunami of water.

Ice Magic

  • Ice Fang - It summons a large icicle to attack the enemy.
  • Freezing Torrent - It summons a wave of cold to freeze enemies.
  • Ice Storm - It summons a pillars of ice to attack the enemy.

Wind Magic

  • Tornado - It summons a large tornado to attack enemies.
  • Starfall - It summons countless blades of wind to attack the enemy.
  • Godstorm - An advanced level wind spell. It unleashes a compressed storm of wind at lighting speed.

Lightning Magic

  • Lightning Spear - It summons a spear of lighting to electrify the enemy.
  • Spark Plasma - An advanced level lighting spells and one of the strongest lighting spells in existence. It shoots bolts of lighting to the user's enemies.
  • Thunderlord's Judgement - The most powerful lighting magic in existence. Creates six spheres of lighting that encircle a enemy then connect to each other to a ring of lighting then forming a larger sphere at the center of the ring, which electrifies the enemy while preventing them from escaping.

Earth Magic

  • Earth Shaker - An earth spell that sends a shockwave through the earth.
  • Pale Gaol - An advanced level earth spell. It releases a petrifying white smoke to restrain enemies.

Light Magic

  • Celestial Flash - An advance-rank light spell. It is so powerful that it can shatter through barriers of similar rank. Unleashes a blade of light to destroy the enemy.
  • Divine Wrath - The most powerful offensive light magic in existence that exemplified God's wrath and most powerful offensive spell in the world. It unleashes a bombardment of annihilating light to destroy the user's enemies.

Gravity Magic

  • Obsidian Vortex - A basic spell that uses gravity magic to create a gravitational field around either the caster or a nearby target by touching it. It alters gravity's hold on the target to make them lighter or heavier.
  • Inverse Square - A spell that causes the target to be unaffected by gravity and float mid-air.
  • Onyx Blast - It fires off a tiny cannonball of gravity, compressed to the point that it possessed the force of a charging battering ram.
  • Spatial Severance - A defensive gravity magic spell. It summons a black hole to absorb any incoming spells and attacks. It can be used to redirect any attacks it absorbs.
  • Heavensfall - Gravity magic which forms a black hole that is four meters in diameter.
  • Asura - Gravity magic that creates a black hole 500 meters in diameter, which can be smashed into the enemy.
  • Nether Burst- The most powerful form of gravity magic. It releases a powerful sphere of destructive energy.

Original Composite Spells

  • Whirling Sapphire - It releases a powerful sphere of gravity-compressed fire magic which explodes with the force of a small sun as it releases a enormous shockwave.
  • Graviton Burst - It compresses a multitude of lighting spheres with gravity magic into a single superdense orb. When the gravity field is released, it shoots out countless arcs of lighting.
  • Obstidian Vortex - Azure Burst - It compresses "Azure Blaze" into a minuscule sphere with Obsidian Vortex, which shoots out a pillar of fire.
  • Lighting Spear - Overload - A composition magic that combines three "Thunderlord's Judgements" into a single compressed spear which increases it's penetration power.
  • Azure Spear - Overloard - A composition magic that combines three "Azure Blazes" into a single compressed spear which increases its penetration power.
  • Blitz Blaze Javelin - Overload - A composition magic that shoots out a flaming spear covered in lighting.
  • Cosmos Crusher - It summons countless miniature suns that are made from a combination of Azure Blaze, "Thunderlord's Judgement" and "Divine Wrath" to attack the enemy.


  • (To her father): "I am Miledi Reisen. I am my own person. The only one who decides my life’s purpose is me."[2]


  • The word "Reisen" is German for "To travel". It also means "To fall", as well "To rise" in some cases, which may be based on Miledi's use of gravity magic.
  • Miledi has the same mana color as Shea Haulia and Hajime Nagumo (before his transformation).


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