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Mikaela Eifield (ミカエラ・アイフィールド, Mikaera Aifīrudo?) is a character from the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

She is an Atavist and a member of the Liberators.

Appearance Edit

Mikaela is a beautiful young woman in her mid-twenties with a slender frame and long white hair.

Mikaela is blind and would mostly keep her eyes closed.

Mikaela usually wears a white robe that is based on her people's religion.

Personality Edit

Mikaela is a kind woman, but has a gluttonous streak. She likes to eat lots of food, but will deny that she eats too much.

Mikaela is a bit of a closet pervert due to her constantly spying on her commander and love interest Marshal Diamond.

Biography Edit

Mikaela was born into a group of pagans that had lived in the northern mountains, but they were branded heretics by the Holy Church after discovering them and forced to flee for their lives. Mikaela would eventually come into contact with the Liberators and ended up joining them.

Relationships Edit

  • Marshal Diamond - Mikaela has a secret crush on Marshal, but is too shy to confess. Marshal is a bit disturbed with Mikaela after finding out that she has been constantly staking him. Even so, the two of them has a positive relationship.
  • Susha & Yunfa Liv Doumibral - Mikaela becomes their teacher after the two girls join the Liberators.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • Soul Sight - A skill that enhances a person's perception far beyond conventional eyesight.

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