Family Members Edit

Diene Devault Edit

Meiru's half-sister. While Meiru had at first been angry that her mother had been forced to bear the child of the man that had taken her away from Meiru and resented her due to Diene's birth causing her mother to grow weak enough that she eventually died afterwards, Meiru soon came to care for her since her mother loved her as well. Meiru's main goal was to free her from her father so that they could live together by seizing control of Andika from Baharl. Meiru prioritizes Diene over everything as she declined joining the Liberators at first due to focusing on Diene's rescue and after Diene was freed and with her Diene's coaxing, joined the Liberators.

Reej Edit

Meiru's mother. Reej was forced to leave Meiru's father and came to live in Andika. After Baharl Devault took her away, Meiru swore that she would free her from him. Reej decided to stay with Baharl to keep Meiru's existence a secret as she did not want Meiru to be exploited due to the power of her Restoration Magic. It is due to her mother that Meiru came to adore her half-sister.

Baharl DevaultEdit

The former ruler of Andika and the person who took Meiru's mother from her. She hated him for a long period of time for that and his treatment of Diene, but eventually made peace with him after Andika's destruction.

Liberators Edit

Miledi Reisen Edit

The leader of the Liberators and Meiru's best friend. Meiru finds Miledi very interesting and views her as a little sister. She is grateful to Miledi for her assistance in helping her free Diene. Meiru loves teasing Miledi especially about her smaller breasts.

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