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This article is about the character Meiru. You may be looking for the Manga chapter from the "Zero" series.

Meiru Melusine (メイル・メルジーネ, Meiru Merujīne?) is a character who appears both in the main "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest" series as a minor character, and in the spin-off "Arifureta Zero" series as one of the main protagonists.

She is a Dagon-Vampire Mix-blood, and an Atavist, with the ability to use one of the Ancient Magics from the "Age of God". She is also the creator and caretaker of Melusine Labyrinth.


Meiru is a beautiful woman in her early twenties with wavy emerald-green hair and narrow jade-red eyes. She has a slender body along with very voluptuous breasts. Due to her dagon heritage, she has fin-shaped ears.

Meiru usually wears a blue and white bikini, a mini skirt in the same colors, and a large belt. She also wears a white jacket that is adorned on her like a cape, and a black and white tricorne cap.

On her belt, she carries a beautiful saber with an elaborate cross-guard design.


On the surface, Meiru is a kind a charming woman that is always smiling. In realty, however, she is mischievous and sadistic. She enjoys teasing others and would torment her enemies to the point that it would look like she is torturing them. Even so, Meiru cares greatly for her allies and would risk her life for them. She is charismatic enough that she manages to recruit hundreds of pirates that would gladly lay down their lives for her. She is also a good judge of character and can easily discern those that she can trust.

Meiru is greedy and will look for any opportunity to get rich, including stealing.

Despite her position as a pirate captain, Meiru does not like to think about anything too difficult and will immediately lose focus whenever a topic comes up that she is uninterested in. She is also very sloppy and is incapable of doing the most basic household chores, such as cooking and cleaning.

Due to being in possession of Ancient Magic, Meiru is somewhat arrogant in her abilities and believes herself to be practically invincible. This would later change, however, after her failed attempt to save Oscar Orcus's siblings with her magic, and later Miledi.

As being part dagon, Meiru loves being by the ocean and enjoys swimming.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Saber - An elegant cross-guarded blade that can transform into a long whip of metal mixed with water extending from the guard.
  • Limitless Whip Blade - A whip-sword created by Oscar Orcus. It can elongate its size to restrain enemies as well as unleash a powerful electric shock.
  • Treasure Trove - An artifact that was attached to her cutlass’ hilt. It was a ruby that was one centimter in diameter that artificially created dimensional space where things could be stored.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Master Swordswoman - Meiru is very capable of wielding her saber in battle.
  • Expert Swimmer - As a half-dagon, Meiru can breathe underwater and is able to swim much faster than a human. Since Meiru can control both the current and the surrounding water pressure with her magic, she is more mobile underwater than on land.

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - Unlike normal beastmen, Meiru possesses mana and the ability to manipulate it due to her half-vampire heritage and atavist nature, respectively. She is capable of utilizing her signature restoration magic in battle without too much fatigue, as well as casting a wide array of other magics.
  • Expert Magic User - Meiru is very skilled with magic, specifically excelling at water magic while having great affinity for all elements. She is capable of skillfully utilizing her signature restoration magic in creative ways to supplement her other spells. Even Miledi Reisen, a prodigy mage, has praised her magical ability.


  • All Elements Aptitude - A skill that increases the aptitude for all elemental spells and increases activation speed.
  • Recovery Magic Affinity - It allows the user to use healing magic at a capable rate.
  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • Restoration Magic - One of the "Ancient Magic" originating from the "Age of God", which allows the user to restore the state of anything to either its previous or original condition. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the time', meaning it has the ability to manipulate the time of anything, anyplace or anyone to a point the user desires to.


Water Magic

  • Torrential Burst - It creates a massive sphere of water.
  • Torrential Bulwark - It creates a large dome made of water.
  • Serpent’s Fangs— Infinity - Transforms a micro ocean into a multi-headed snake.

Ancient Magic Spells

  • Tetragrammaton - Restoration magic variant, a magic which restores all destruction regardless of whether it was organic or inorganic matter.
  • Transient Infinity - Restoration magic that can, regardless of the substance of the object, regenerate everything to the state one second ago every one second it is used.
  • Revival Reversal - Restoration magic that reproduces the wounds and destruction that an object once received in the past. Although not direct or indirect, if it’s not touched within a radius of less than 3 meters it wouldn’t work, the wounds that can be reproduced is proportional to amount the mana being used.


  • (Meiru's recorded message): "Please, don’t cling to the gods. Don’t rely on them. Don’t grow accustomed to what’s given to you. Struggle on, and grasp what you desire with your own two hands. Decide your own path in life, and walk down it with your own two feet. Remember, no matter how bleak things look, you’ll be able to find the answers inside of you. Only you have those answers. Don’t be deceived by the gods’ honeyed words. Only when you live by your own free will can you find true happiness. I pray the path you walk will be forever showered in fortune.[1]


File:Meiru Melusine Coin (Anime).png

Meiru's coin

  • Meiru is based off the French mythological mermaid, "Melusine", with her merfolk/dagon design being taken from the European folklore on the character.
  • Meiru is the first mix-blooded character to appear in the series (although she was not confirmed to be a mix-blood until she appeared in the "Zero" timeline).
  • Meiru is able to both sleep on command, as well as wake up whenever something she finds boring is over.[2]
  • Proof for conquering Meiru's labyrinth is a coin engraved with her crest.
  • Meiru and Laus Barn's Labyrinths are the only ones who's locations are completely unknown to the rest of Tortus by the time Ehit summons the Hero Party.[3]