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Mariabel (マリアベル, Mariaberu?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

Maribel was a former man who once confessed to Yue, and got his balls crushed, but later ends up becoming a disciple of Crystabel, and opens a branch clothing store in the Heiligh Kingdom.


Initially, this adventurer is of middling height with red hair.

After training under Crytabel, Mariabel is tall and muscular. Mariabel's hair is in twintails with cute ribbons tied at each end.


Af first, Mariabal is arrogant and believing himself to be deserving of any woman.

After his confrontation with Yue, Mariabel becomes more humble and respectful. Mariabel inherits many of Crystabel's personality traits after studying under the clothing merchant, such as being more flamboyant and flirtatious.



  • Crystabel - Mariabel is a disciple of Crystabel's as is also the one who gave the former adventurer the name "Mariabel".
  • Yue - Mariabel is enamored by Yue's looks at first and wishes for her to be his woman. After she refuses, he tries to take her by force and has his genitals mutilated as a result. Mariabel is now remorseful on how Yue was treated during their first encounter, and has since earned her forgiveness.
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