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Lyutilis Haltina (リューティリス・ハルツィナ, Ryūtirisu Harutsina?)  is a character who appears both in the main "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest" series as a minor character, and in the spin-off "Arifureta Zero" series as one of the main protagonists.

She is an Atavist, with the ability to use one of the Ancient Magic from the "Age of God". She is also the creator and caretaker of the Haltina Labyrinth in the Sea of Trees. She was also one of the leaders of the "Liberators".


Lyutillis is a beautiful young woman in her mid-twenties with long silver hair, jade-green eyes and light pink lips. Due to her status as an elf, she has long pointed ears.

She wears a white dress that is transparent along the clavicle and shoulders, as well as a crown made of flowers.


On the surface, Lyutillis appears as a wise queen with a noble and majestic presence surrounding her. In reality, she is secretly a hardcore masochist that enjoys being abused and insulted at every opportunity.

Due to her royal standing, Lyutillis is constantly lonely due to her inability to interact with anyone as equals. Her sheltered life has also made her naïve about the world. Even so, she would not change her circumstances and is proud to be able to serve her people as their queen. Lyutillis longs for a world where humans and beastmen can co-exist in peace.

Lyutillis loves insects due to them being her only real friends during her childhood.

Weapons & Equipment

File:Guardian Rod (LN).png

Guardian Rod (Light Novel)

  • Guardian Rod - A 30 cm long artifact that is a fusion of tree bark from the Grand Tree Uralt and various special crystals. It allows the user to freely control the Grand Tree, manipulate the forest’s mist, regenerate any damaged part of the forest, and create fertile soil that could bear crops regardless of the climate or season. The rod would choose its wielder, thus that person would become the leader of beastmen republic.

Powers & Abilities

Magical Abilities

  • Immense Mana - As a wielder of Ancient Magic, Lyutillis possesses a large about of mana. She is able manipulate the fog that protects the Pale Forest that ranges in kilometers.


  • Mana Manipulation - A skill to use magic without chants and magic circles.
  • Evolution Magic - One of the "Ancient Magics" originating from the "Age of God", which allows the user to enhance or evolve all other forms of power, be it strong or weak. It can work on even other "Ancient Magic" as well, boosting their power and scope. The true power of this magic is the ability to 'interfere with the information of existing thing'. This magic enhanced or evolved an ability or power by a stage of 1, by interfering with the targets information, and the increased it one-by-one stage.


  • Forest Revival - A spell that can only be used by the guardian of the Grand Tree. It allows the user to create a small replica of the Pale Forest wherever they are.

Evolution Magic

  • Limiter Removal - A spell that exponentially increases the user's strength, senses, and reflexes.
  • Unlimited Overdrive - A spell that focuses on empowering a single person.


  • (Lyutillis' recorded message): "First, allow me to congratulate you on making it this far. I am Lyutillis Haltina. You have done well to complete my trial, along with the trials of the other labyrinths. You have my respect for completing such a difficult gauntlet, and my apologies for forcing you through it. However, a trial of this nature was necessary. Since you have completed various other labyrinths, you have likely learned about the tragedies of the past, of our relationship with the gods, and of the tyranny our world currently lives under. It is for that reason that I wanted you to know both the strength that can be derived from unbreakable bonds and the ways in which they can be tested. Moreover, having come this far, I felt it necessary to teach you both the strength of a person’s heart, and its fragility. I pray this knowledge will aid you in the trials to come. I know not for what purpose you sought my magic, evolution magic, for. And now that it is yours, you are free to use it as you please. All I ask is that please, don’t allow this power to rule your thoughts. If ever there comes a time you feel yourself drowning in the power you’ve obtained, cling to the bonds that saw you through these trials. The power of my ancient magic, evolution magic, allows you to enhance all other forms of power, no matter how weak. You should already have been granted the knowledge of how to use it. But that’s not where the true worth of this magic lies. As its name suggests, evolution magic causes other power to evolve. Naturally, that includes other ancient magic. Creation magic, gravity magic, spirit magic, transformation magic, spatial magic, and restoration magic... These are all powerful branches of magic that manipulate the fundamental forces that govern this world. If you were to evolve them all and combine them, you would give birth to a magic that surpasses all others. Magic that could truly be considered godlike... Concept magic. You’ll need to acquire all the ancient magic the Liberators left behind in order to achieve your goal. Concept magic is exactly what it sounds like. It can bring forth any concept its user can imagine, granting them the powers of a god. However, even if you manage to collect all the ancient magic, mastering concept magic won’t be easy. For Concept magic operates not on theory, but on force of will. You will need an unbelievably powerful will to bend this magic to your desires. Even with our powers combined, us Liberators were only able to create three concept magic spells. They served our needs well enough, but... Regardless, as a gift, I shall pass on one of those to you. That object is called the Compass of Eternal Paths. The concept magic spell its imbued with— If you wish for something, the compass will show you where that something may be found. Whether that something is a missing person, a hidden object... or even a different world. So long as you obtain all the ancient magic and possess an unbreakable will, you will be able to go wherever your heart desires. I pray that you can live freely, in a world where you may choose your own future. May the path you walk be filled with blessings."[1]


  • Proof for conquering Lyutillis' Labyrinth is the "Compass of Eternal Paths".
  • It is possible that Lyutillis' Labyrinth is the second most difficult one to complete (the first being Oscar Orcus')[2] due to the prerequisite of needing to have completed four other Labyrinths.
  • Lyutillis is the last character from the Arifureta Zero series to debut in the Manga adaptation.