Loa Bawavis (ロア・バワビス, Roa Bawabisu?) is a character from the Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō series.

He is the Horaud's Adventurer's Guild branch chief.


Loa is a grizzled old man with a large scar that runs over his eye.


Loa is a calm individual. Even after learning about the dire situation in the Great Orcus Labyrinth from Kousuke Endou, he is able to maintain a calm demeanor and does not get overcome by fear.


When the demon Cattleya attacked the hero's party in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Kousuke managed to escape and tried recruit people in Horaud's Adventurer's Guild to save them, but no one volunteered due to how dangerous it was. Kousuke was acting so hysterical that it prompted Loa to quietly escort him to his office in order to avoid a mass panic. So afterwards, Hajime and his companions arrived at Horaud's Adventurer's Guild building in order to deliver a letter of introduction from Fuhren's branch chief Ilwa Chang to Loa. He soon met both Loa and Kousuke and learned about what had happened in the labyrinth. After learning about Hajime's achievements through Ilwa's letter, Loa made a formal request for Hajime to rescue to hero's party in the labyrinth, to which Hajime eventually accepted.


  • Ilwa Chang - Loa appears to be well acquainted with Ilwa.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Communications Artifact - Loa, as well as all of the branch chiefs from all the big guilds, are in possession of an Artifact that allows them to communicate with one-and-other over great distances.


  • In the LN, Loa's scar is over his left eye. While in the Anime, it is over his right eye.


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