The "Liberators" (かいほうしゃ, Kaihōsha?) was an organization in Tortus which existed during the events of the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series. It was an organization comprising of people who were willing to fight against the unfair world and the God who created it. It is said that the organization comprised around 3,000 members, who were scattered around Tortus in small hidden settlements.

Their goal was to slay the evil god, Ehit and put an end to his influences in Tortus. Although they failed and died (except Miledi Reisen), they created a trial to test someone worthy and obtain their ancient magic to carry on their goal to kill Ehit which ended into a success.

Structure Edit

The Liberators were roughly split into three categories. The first of them was the fighters. The group consisted of all members of the Liberators with sufficient fighting strength. Their primary goal was to protect their hidden basses, rescue people who’d been branded as heretics, and recruit allies. They travelled all across the world, usually in small teams.

The second category was the villagers. It consisted of those who had no fighting ability or were too injured to fight. Most of them were civilians who’d been persecuted by the church, or children who were too young to fight.

The third category was the support team. They took care of the villagers, relayed information to the various bases the Liberators had, and helped with discovering and developing new bases. There were also a few spies in the support team who lived in large cities across the continent and kept an eye on world events. Some posed as merchants while others pretended to be adventurers. Some had more mundane covers, like doctor, butler, or farmer. They simply lived their day-to-day lives and gathered what information they could. As a result, they were in no danger, but the information they gathered was quite useful, such as rumours, major events within cities, the prices of goods, and the flow of people in those cities.

History Edit

The organization had been said to have been created by Belta Lievre, who after her close encounter with death because of learning about the truth of the world and their God, went into hiding and started to gather comrades who had suffered and decided to fight the world itself. Though she eventually ends up losing her life, her mantle of leadership was taken up by Miledi Reisen, who also continued the work of gathering comrades to fight against the gods.


Despite their efforts, however, their fight against the gods resulted in the death of almost all of their members over the course of years. The defeated seven core most powerful members of the organization decided to seclude themselves into self-made Labyrinths around the world, where they could pass on their "special skills" to those people who in the future might want to renew their fight against the unfair world and would need the strength to do so.

In order to wait for that one chance to fight back and save the world; Miledi Reisen, the last surviving member of the Liberators, had decided to transfer her soul from her physical body to a Golem, and waited thousands of years until the heroes of Earth were summoned to Tortus.

When the heroes of Earth were summoned to Tortus by Ehit, the Liberators were regarded as "mavericks".

Their legacy was passed down to Hajime Nagumo, as he successfully killed Ehit.

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Ancient Magic Users

Other Members

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