Lanzwi Feuward Zengen (ランズィ・フォウワード・ゼンゲン, Ranzi Fouwādo Zengen?) is a character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He is the duke of Ankaji.



Lanzwi is loyal, compassionate and humble. He cares greatly for his citizens and will do anything he can to keep them safe. He will never betray those that help him (even at the cost of his life).

Lanzwi is very a shrewd individual. Having spent much of his life dealing in royal affairs has taught him in how diffuse a tense situation while trying to present himself in a favorable light to his people. Even so, his main concern is ensuring the well-being of his nation and its people.

Like most people of Tortus, Lanzwi is initially a loyal follower of the Holy Church, but he loses his faith after they declared Hajime Nagumo a heretic, despite him being his nation's savior.


When a mysterious illness spread throughout Ankaji's water supply that overloaded people's mana, Lanzwi, as well as most of the royal family, were infected almost immediately. Fortunately, they had managed to cure themselves using sillstone, but still needed time to heal. Lanzwi's son Bize left Ankaji get help since he was the only one that had not currently been afflicted by the illness. Bize returned soon after he met up with Hajime Nagumo and his companions, who had promised to save Ankaji. Lanzwi was very skeptical of Hajime's claims at first, but quickly changed his mind after witnessing them create an entirely new source of drinking water, as well as eliminate the monster that was the source of the illness at their oasis. Afterwords, Hajime made it clear to Lanzwi that he now owed him for what he did for his nation, much to the duke's shock at his lack of humility. Hajime then offered to procure enough sillstone for the people that were still sick from the Gruen Volcano. Lanzwi decided to tell the people that Hajime and his companions would be able to save them in order to subtly tell him that he would need to do what he promised. Hajime's companion Tio returned to Ankaji with the sillstone due to the rest of her party having been trapped in the volcano while confronting the demon Freid Bagwa, as well as revealing her as being a member of the dragonmen due to arriving in her dragon form, much to Lanzwi's shock. Even so, he was grateful for all that she and the rest of her party had did for his nation. After the people of Ankaji were cured, Tio Kaori and Myu left them in order to find Hajime (after reuniting Myu with her Remia). Lanzwi was reluctant to let them go after all the help they did, but still accepted it.

Lanzwi once again met up with Hajime and the others (excluding Myu) returned to Ankaji in order to use their newly aquired magic to remove the disease from their oasis and food supply. Before they could do anything, however, they were approached by Bishop Forbin from the Holy Church and 100 templar knights Forbin declared his intention to kill Hajime after claiming the latter was now a heretic, much to Lanzwi's surprise. The duke attempted to convince him to reconsider the church's decision since Hajime was his nation's savior (as well as learning about all of Hajime's other accomplishments throughout the Tortus), but Forbin refused to listen and threatened to brand him a heretic if he continued to get in his was. After witnessing Forbin's irrational and opportunistic attitude, Lanzwi decided to oppose Forbin and declared that he was the true heretic for wishing to kill Hajime. Forbin ordered his knights to kill both Lanzwi, but was stopped when several citizens began throwing stones at the bishop and his forces. After Forbin ordered them to stop (less they be declared heretics as well), Lanzwi explained the situation to them and told them to do what they felt was right before claiming that he would support Hajime. The citizens then continued their barrage of stones at Forbin until he and his knights were forced to retreat. Concerned that Lanzwi and the people of Ankaji had made themselves enemies of the church, Hajime told him that he could have easily dealt with those knights without their help, but Lanzwi didn't want to risk making him his enemy by turning his back on him after all that he did, no was he they type to act ungrateful to someone that essentially saved his life. Lanzwi then had Hajime and his companions stay in Ankaji in order to properly repay him for all that they did.


  • Hajime Nagumo - Lanzwi is extremely grateful to Hajime after he and his companions saved his homeland from the illness that was brought upon them by the demons. He is even willing to stand up against members of the Holy Church for him after they wished to kill him.


  • (To Ankaji's citizens regarding Hajime Nagumo): "My beloved citizens of Ankaji. Listen to me! These adventurers just now purified our oasis! It is thanks to them that the symbol of our great city is clean once more! They even promised to purify our soil and our crops! It is because of them that Ankaji is here today, and it is because of them that our great city will be restored to its former splendor! However, it is not for me to tell you what to do. Let your hearts decide whether our city’s saviors deserve our scorn, or our protection. I, at least, choose to stand with them!"[1]



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