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Family Edit

Seiji Amanogawa Edit

Kouki's father. Kouki inherited his physical appearance from him. Kouki loves his father very much.

Miya Amanogawa Edit

Kouki's mother. Kouki inherited his wanderlust and troublemaking habits from her. It is due to her worrying that Kouki might inherit her troublemaking nature that she made him enroll as a student of the Yaegashi-Dojo. Kouki loves his mother very much.

Mitsuki Amanogawa Edit

Mistuki is Kouki's younger spoiled bratty sister and the head of the Soul Sisters. Mitsuki is disappointed at her brother for not able to make Shizuku his wife as a result for Mitsuki called Kouki an idiot due to Shizuku loving Hajime Nagumo for his misguided justice which almost broke his relationship with Shizuku. Kouki doesn't know about his sister's darker nature due to her hiding it from him and Shizuku.

Classmates Edit

Hajime Nagumo Edit

At first, Kouki hates Hajime and considered a bother, viewing him as constantly fawning over Kaori due to his convenient misinterpretation of her attitude towards him. However Kouki is so much ignorant about Hajime that he stupidly believed the latter was a nobody who was just a lazy otaku that doesn't study or do sports. He also thinks Hajime smiles like an idiot.

Likewise, Hajime also hates Kouki too for the most part as he views the latter as an annoyingly immature idiot with grand words lost in his delusions that he wants to avoid dealing with due to his naive mindset and troublesome habit of interpreting things to fit his worldview. It is due to these flaws that Hajime decided not to reveal to Kouki and his classmates that the god, Ehit, who had summoned them to be heroes was a twisted Evil God that viewed living beings as playthings or the fact that Daisuke Hiyama attempted to kill him, since Kouki's idiotic idealistic mindset would never allow him to doubt those who are praising him. Hajime also absolutely refuses to allow Kouki to take his harem through pointless and childish challenges when Hajime defeated him so easily twice, first in an unarmed duel and later fighting while merged with his Schnee doppleganger.  

Later, after their reunion in the Great Orcus Dungeon, upon seeing Hajime's newfound immense power as well as being dearly loved and adored by the extremely beautiful Yue, Shea and Tio along with Kaori, who eventually decided to follow Hajime, Kouki became extremely jealous of him. This is also coupled with fact that both of them have completely different ways of thinking as Kouki is a naive idealist obsessed with justice while Hajime is a disillusioned realist whose only concern is surviving and returning home. When Hajime disregarded his pleas and ruthlessly killed Cattleya even though she no longer can fight anymore, Kouki foolishly believed Hajime is just an uncaring murderer who doesn't treat his harem "nicely", despite the demon's previous attempt to kill him, his party, and the Heiligh knights. He also furiously questioned why Hajime is the only one who has a harem with him while he himself doesn't. However, Shizuku correctly countered Kouki's delusional thinking and told him that he doesn't know a single thing about how Hajime is before their summoning to Tortus such as his kindhearted personality and also despite his tremendous change in personality and attitude, Hajime still retain his kindness which earned him the love and affections of not only Kaori but also Yue, Shea and Tio who are always happy around Hajime. Shizuku also told Kouki that he is the only one whose ignoring reality by conveniently interpreting everything to his own convenience just to convince himself that Hajime is a demon who doesn't deserve Kaori.  

Unlike his other classmates who were praised and respected by Hajime for succeeding in conquering the Great Labyrinths after resolving themselves to defeat Ehit in order to return home, Kouki is the only one who was completely sidelined due to his lack of resolves that led to his failures as well as when he was continually trying to enforce his delusional habits of justice on him.  

At first after their reunion, Kouki believed he can still defeat Hajime in terms of hand to hand combat when he challenged him to an unarmed fight in order to have him leave Kaori and his harem behind if Kouki had won, not heeding Hajime's previous warning of how he will massacre even his classmates if they dare to cross him seriously even after being held at gunpoint by the latter. For his insolence, Hajime gripped Kouki and simply dropped him to a pitfall of non-lethal bombs to humiliate him following his first defeat. It was only during the demon invasion of the Heiligh Kingdom's capital that Kouki became gutless to go against Hajime due to having witnessed his true power when he destroyed all the undead Heiligh knights including the former captain, Meld Loggins, whom were the finest warriors of the Heiligh Kingdom thus showing his superiority to the "hero" in terms of physical strength alone. Kouki also finally understood in this moment the terrifying extents of Hajime's savage brutality towards enemies when he particularly demonstrated it by ruthlessly brutalizing the traitor, Hiyama who was one of the strongest among Kouki's fellow heroes with his bare hands effortlessly before throwing the latter to a horde of monsters for them to devour.

After being saved twice during the attack on the kingdom, rather than being grateful, Kouki became even more jealous of him. Following the demons' retreat, Kouki angrily blamed Hajime for indirectly causing the deaths of Meld, Kondou and the other Heiligh knights along with the near-destruction of the Kingdom by not telling him about Ehit's tyranny towards the Tortus inhabitants by manipulating them through religious worships and the evil god's schemes in using them as pawns such as sending Noint to assist Hiyama and Eri in betraying him and the party by brainwashing the nobles and King Eliheid himself, nearly leading to their deaths in Eri's death trap and also Kaori's temporary murder who nearly became Hiyama's undead sex slave. In response, Hajime simply told Kouki that even if he did decided to bother telling him about Ehit's true nature as an evil god, Kouki's idiotic naivety and delusional self-righteousness will just lead him to disregard Hajime's warning anyway by elaborately pointing out his habit of interpreting everything to his own convenience and his delusional pride in his efforts as Ehit's so called chosen hero, even correctly stating that just like the Holy Church and Heiligh Kingdom, Kouki will even get mad at Hajime for supposedly slandering Ehit instead of listening to his warning.

Despite being unable to deny this statement as Kouki is now fully aware of his complete confidence in his misguided justice which wouldn't allow him to believe Hajime even if he did revealed the truth about Ehit, Kouki still claimed that Hajime could have convinced him otherwise by thoroughly explaining it several times. This however simply caused an annoyed Hajime to sharply insult Kouki, scolding the latter that unlike Shizuku and Ryuutaro, he has no reason to specially put in any extra effort just to suit the convenience of Kouki's misguided delusional justice, reminding him that it is precisely his naive expectations that classmates are always obligated to help and protect each other just because they are classmates had allowed not just the intelligent Eri but also the treacherous idiot Hiyama to manipulate and then betray him without even noticing it until it was too late.

Though Kouki has finally been placed in front of the undeniable reality at how his ideals had only let those under his command to betray the party, he still condemned Hajime for murdering Hiyama despite the latter being a traitor who not only had helped Eri in massacring Heiligh knights, but also temporarily murdered one of his best friend, Kaori, before her revival. Kouki was further upset that despite his immense power, Hajime didn't believe he need to use his power for "justice" by saving Tortus from Ehit's tyrannical manipulation because that's not what he wants, as the reason why he risked his life attaining Age of God's Magic in the Great Labyrinths was simply to return home with his harem. Hajime retorted this empty complaint by criticizing Kouki's weak resolve and naivety which is what led to his own failures in the first place, especially during the important moments, despite having been blessed by Ehit as the strongest of his class at the beginning and also warned the "hero" that if he kept continuing to try enforcing his stupid justice upon him, it will be his turn to die a miserable death by Hajime's hand similar to Hiyama.

Hajime reluctantly agreed to Kouki's request to join him in conquering the last two Labyrinth, due to Shizuku's, Suzu's and Ryutarou's sincere pleas.

Despite Hajime saving his life twice and agreeing to his request in joining him to gain Age of God's Magic to defeat Ehit, Kouki still held immense resentment towards Hajime out of the belief that Hajime is a selfish and uncaring murderer. This is due to the fact that the latter had become extremely powerful yet refused to save the people of Tortus from Ehit's malicious manipulations along with refusing to comply with his delusional justice which is further worsened by his tremendous jealousy towards Hajime being absolutely adored by Yue, Shea, Tio and Kaori.

After Kouki and his party joined Hajime's journey to conquer the remaining Great Labyrinths, Kouki's idealistic worldview and his desire to save everyone clashed with Hajime's more realistic worldview and his desire to return home above all else. Kouki repeatedly attempts to impress his ideals onto Hajime or lecture him about saving the world, which Hajime tries to ignore, simply asking Shizuku to handle Kouki's tantrums and outbursts for him. It was only in Hoelscher Empire did Hajime nearly lose his patience with Kouki, angrily warning the latter that he doesn't care about his misguided justice and unlike Shizuku, Kaori and Ryutarou, they are not friends nor comrades and certainly do not believed in the same ideology of justice. He also outright told Kouki that since he had left his hero party after his fall into the abyss of the Great Orcus Dungeon and with the truth about Ehit being exposed, he is no longer obliged to obey him as Ehit's chosen hero, reminding Kouki of his original purpose in accompanying him to conquer the last remaining Great Labyrinths in which Hajime can reject at anytime if Kouki dares to anger him again.

Kouki also tends to try interfering in situations where it seems that Hajime is at first reluctant to act and tends to disapprove of Hajime's more ambiguous actions such as helping the Haulia Tribe to defeat the Empire. While Kouki is initially confident that he can easily clear a Great Labyrinth and quickly become as strong as Hajime, he discovers how wide the distance between their strength is. After his personal failure in conquering the Haltina Labyrinth, Kouki gave his equipment to Hajime to enhance despite of his their mutual dislike for each other along with the rest of their classmates in order to have a better chance to successfully conquer the last Great Labyrinth. However despite this, Kouki is reluctant to accept help from Hajime so much so that he initially refuses to use the new abilities of his Holy Sword that Hajime added due to the fact that he wants to prove he is stronger then Hajime in order to validate his righteousness. Though his attempts at this has only made things worse for himself when he failed to clear even a single one of the Great Labyrinth and Hajime had cleared all them, excluding the Great Orcus Dungeon, with ease meaning he failed to surpass Hajime and he is inferior to him in both willpower and body.

Due to Hajime's new appearance and atmosphere as well as being surrounded by a harem of beautiful girls which even included his childhood friend Kaori (who has a greatest love for Hajime since middle school), Kouki became jealous of his ability to attract beautiful girls and Shizuku (who also later fell in love with Hajime) claimed that Hajime has become more popular than Kouki as he's losing his popularity for girls.

He eventually snapped after seeing Shizuku with Hajime together and finally noticing her growing affection for the latter. During the final trial in the Frost Caverns of Schnee, he was forced to confront his worst personality traits in the form of a magic doppelgänger, who encouraged these self satisfactory delusions and taunted him further in his failures, shortcomings and his inability to see reality for what it truly is.

This eventually caused him to lash out instead of accepting and conquering these negative aspects of himself and acknowledging them, instead choosing to believe that Hajime was only a monster who "brainwashed" not only Shizuku, but all his other lovers to get what he wanted in order to better fit into his delusional worldview, and tried to kill Hajime to fulfill his misguided justice and claim Hajime's harem for himself in order to restore his personal pride and glory as Ehit's chosen hero whom he have absolute faith in before Hajime had exposed Ehit's true nature as an evil god . Kouki also furiously blame Hajime for his own failures and flaws, questioning why does his harem dearly loves him and is absolutely loyal to him even though he is an uncaring murderer who disregards justice and morality.

Hajime, finally at the end of his patience with Kouki's delusional justice, did not hesitate to retaliate back with brutal force, having no qualms in shooting his kneecaps and also ruthlessly thrashing him while sharply criticizing the latter that the reason why he ended up failing everything he did in Tortus up to his own trial in the Schnee Labyrinth is because of his own choice to prioritize his foolish pride and stubborn adherence in his childish misguided justice over the importance of realizing his own goals. Despite wanting to kill Kouki out of his ruthless pragmatism, Hajime ultimately chose to not to because it would have made Kaori and Shizuku sad.

Instead he simply used Grentzen to separate Kouki's fusion with his Schnee doppleganger and render him unconscious before allowing Kaori to heal Kouki, albeit only to a point where his life is not in danger. This is because Hajime knew that if Kouki were to immediately regain consciousness and learn of his failure in overcoming his Schnee trial and subsequently his second attempt to gain the Age of God's Magic, Kouki will simply vent his increased frustration by attacking Hajime again. After waking up and calming down, Kouki felt bad about how he attacked Hajime though he still couldn't accept Kaori or Shizuku's feelings for him.

While Hajime and Yue were creating the Crystal Key to bring them back to Japan, Kouki and the others experienced what Hajime went through when he fell into the abyss of the Great Orcus Dungeon. Witnessing the pain, suffering and loneliness Hajime experienced and his determination to return home, Kouki finally realized where Hajime's immense power came from as well how he turned into a ruthless mercenary and also understood why he couldn't match him; the difference in resolves between them. After seeing Hajime's memories, while he sympathizes with Hajime's desire to return home, Kouki still stubbornly believes that Hajime has stolen everything from him and thinks that he is not mistaken in this belief.

In the After Story, Kouki has trouble sorting out his feelings towards Hajime as due to his past actions, Kouki cannot bring himself to be angry at Hajime but rather disappointed at himself for being so indecisive and not strong enough to realize his ideals. When the "Dark Being" attacked, he thought about asking Hajime to transport the "Dark Beings" to another world, so that the people of Synclea Kingdom could be safe and the "Dark Beings" could survive without harming others. He was reminded of Hajime's way of prioritizing those close to him when he heard Koone's wish to save her sister above all. When Kouki was about to escape from Arquette that was attacked by the Dark "Beings", he thought how he wanted to meet Hajime again along with his family and friends.

After defeating the "Dark Beings" that were attacking Arquette, Kouki resolved himself to fight for the sake of what he believed while accepting everything in contrast to Hajime's view of dividing the world between enemy and ally. Kouki and Hajime finally reunited when Kouki was about to be attacked by a pack of "Dark Beings", as Hajime dispatched them. Hajime then asked Kouki to go back with but Kouki refused as he wanted to save Moana. Thinking that his hero complex has returned, Hajime said that he would call Shizuku to give him a lecture but Kouki resolved himself to stay to save Moana. After the rest of Kouki's friends left the decision of Kouki's retrieval to Hajime, he wanted to confirm if Kouki thought that his choice was correct to him, to which Kouki responded that such a thing didn't matter, an answer which impressed Hajime. Hajime went to defend Arquette so Kouki could save Moana as he sent Kouki off with the aid of griffon Grim Reapers. When asked by their friends why Hajime lent Kouki his aid instead of dragging him back, it is revealed that Hajime was curious as to where Kouki (who has obtained an answer which is the opposite of Hajime) is going to end up. After helping defeat the "Dark Beings", Hajime was willing to grant Kouki's request of taking Moana with him.

Ryutarou Sakagami Edit

Ryutarou is one of Kouki's closest friends. Kouki and Ryutarou have known each other for a long time and have a deep bond. Kouki knows that he can always count on Ryutarou to support him and Ryutaro will always try his hardest to stand by Kouki and his friends to try to help them. While the two have a good relationship, Ryutarou is secretly jealous of Kouki due to Ryutaro being weaker then Kouki and due to Kouki being percieved as a main character who gets all of the fame and women to fall for him compared to Ryutarou who is just there to support the main character. However, despite this jealousy, Ryutarou still cares for Kouki and genuinely sees him as his oldest dearest friend and desired to obtain enough strength and power "beat some sense back into him" when he began to lose his way.

Kaori Shirasaki Edit

Kaori is one of Kouki's closest friends. Kouki has always respected Kaori for being a kind person. But due to his denseness, he never notices that Kaori loves Hajime and thought she felt bad for Hajime who is always alone. More than once, he doesn't realize that what he says hurt Kaori more than help her, such as after Hajime falls into the abyss. When Kaori confesses to Hajime and declares that she would be going with him, Kouki couldn't accept it or believe that she really loved Hajime the whole time. But for Kaori is not wanted to be with Kouki as he is upsetting her and refused to return to him. Later upon mentally hitting his breaking point in the final trial of the Frost Caverns of Schnee battling his doppelganger, Kouki came to the delusional and convenient conclusion that Kaori did not truly love Hajime, but was instead "brainwashed" by Hajime into loving him. He later brazenly proclaimed that she along with Shizuku "belonged" to him due to their childhood friendship, that he interpreted as romantic love, causing him to try and kill Hajime to "free" her. However in the end Kouki only ended hurting Kaori's feelings when after his second defeat by Hajime, he wondered if it would have been better if he himself fell into the abyss instead so that way he would have Kaori causing her slap him in the face for casually disregarding how much emotional pain that event had caused her coupled with his so-called "righteousness" of failing to kill Hajime before begging him to stop his madness. After he gave up his attempts of defeating Hajime, Kouki gave up on his love for Kaori as he now fell in love with Queen Moana de Shelt Synclea as he finally accepted that Kaori was truly in love with Hajime and would not return his affections.

Shizuku Yaegashi Edit

Shizuku is one of Kouki's closest friends. They have known each other for around 10 years and are usually seen together. However, unlike Ryutarou who blindly supports Kouki for the most part, Shizuku usually tries to get Kouki to think before acting. At times, Kouki will open up about his feeling to Shizuku, but much to his dismay, she tends to point out where he's wrong rather than tell him what he wants to hear. After Kaori decided to travel together with Hajime, he pleaded with Shizuku not to leave him too, which she doesn't promise. Shizuku usually meditated the conflict between Kouki and Hajime as Kouki continuously clashed with Hajime's choices during their travels. Later upon realizing that Shizuku also bore romantic feelings for Hajime, Kouki could not believe or accept it, as he had believed that Shizuku promised to never leave him when she agreed to look after him and the rest of the hero party. This caused him to delude himself into thinking that Shizuku was in love with him, eventually causing him to conveniently interpret this situation as Hajime "brainwashing" her to love him, leading him to willingly attack and fight against Shizuku in order to "save" her and was even willing to resort to extreme and possibly fatal force to accomplish this. However, despite this violent behavior, Kouki still saw her as a friend and promised to help her recover after defeating Hajime and "freeing" her. Later upon being defeated by Hajime once again Shizuku clarified that she does indeed love him, but not in the sense as a lover, rather instead something akin to a troublesome younger brother for her to look after, thus repairing their friendship. However Shizuku also made it clear she wasn't asking for his blessing in regards to her feelings for Hajime and was simply telling him because he's her childhood friend. Following his defeat, Kouki gave up for his romantic feelings for Shizuku and let her be with Hajime as Kouki has a new lover Moana de Shelt Synclea. Unknown to Kouki, his spoiled bratty sister, Mitsuki tried to destroy Shizuku's wedding photoshoot with Hajime only for her to bullied by Hajime.

Enemies Edit

Eri Nakamura Edit

Eri see's Kouki as her savior and will do anything for him to be her's. Eri has harbored an obsession with Kouki ever since he saved her from commiting suicide to escape her abusive mother. She has harbored love for him ever since that moment and was thrilled to come to Tortus where she had the opportunity to make Kouki hers. During Cattleya ambush of the Hero party, Eri was willing to sacrifice all of her classmates if it meant that she and Kouki would be safe. She later betrayed the Heiligh Kingdom and her classmates to the demons if they promised to spare her and Kouki. Kouki was at first unwilling to believe that the kindhearted girl he knew would betray him and his classmates but was forced to accept reality after Eri revealed her schemes and was forced to accept the truth when Eri retreated with Freid and Aiko revealed Ehit's nature as Evil God. When Kouki snapped at the Frost Caverns of Schnee, he thought Hajime had "brainwashed" Eri as well, believing he was the reason why she betrayed them. 

Daisuke Hiyama Edit

Before being transported into Tortus, Kouki was bothered by Daisuke Hiyama's lust of Kaori. After the Hero Party escaped the Orcus trap that Daisuke accidentally activated due to his carelessness, Daisuke prostrated himself in front of the Hero Party and Kouki especially as he knew that due to Kouki's hero complex, Kouki would easily accept his apology and smooth things over with the rest of the party. Following Daisuke's betrayal by siding with Eri and Ehit to massacre him and his classmates and the Heligh Kingdom knights including personally killing one of his best friends Kaori to make her his undead sex slave before his eyes, Kouki holds a hostility on Daisuke for his treachery. However, Kouki was not pleased when Hajime brutalize Daisuke before tossing him to be devoured alive by the demonic monsters. Furthermore, when Kouki blamed Hajime for not warning them of Ehit's schemes earlier that allow Eri and Hiyama to betrayed them, Hajime coldly reminded Kouki it is his delusional idealism at fault he and his classmates had nearly died and it was precisely Kouki's naive expectations that fellow classmates must be obligated to help and protect each other that had allowed even an idiot like Daisuke to manipulate and betray him without ever realizing it, which Kouki bitterly acknowledged and could not deny. Hajime also warned Kouki if he intends to continue test his patience by trying to enforce his misguided justice onto him and his friends (harem), Kouki will meet a brutally painful and miserable death just like Daisuke did. Despite Daisuke's treachery, when Kouki became corrupted in the Frost Caverns, Kouki still condemned Hajime for murdering Daisuke.

Ehit Edit

Ehit had chosen Kouki to be a potential vessel thus blessed him to be the strongest out of his summoned Heroes by giving him the Job Class of Hero as well as having the highest stats and most amount of Skills out of his classmates. Kouki due to his misguided sense of justice and inability to differentiate between good and evil proved to be one of Ehit's easiest to manipulate pawns, having trained hard in preparation to participate in his war, even attempted to recruit Hajime's extremely powerful party members, Yue, Shea and Tio to joined him in fighting for Ehit. Hajime stated Kouki will never want to believed that Ehit whom the Humans had worshiped and had also specially chosen him to be the Hero is in reality an Evil God and all his efforts in fighting for Ehit are meaningless and would even get angry at Hajime for supposedly slandering Ehit, a fact which Kouki could not deny. However, after learning from Aiko of Ehit's true nature as an Evil God and his manipulative schemes of using him and his classmates as pawns for his game of death including the fact that Eri had personally exposed how Ehit had helped her in betraying them through sending Noint to abduct Aiko along with brainwashing both King Eliheid and his nobles during her death trap, Kouki was begrudgingly forced to accept the truth of Ehit's evil nature and thus lost any respects for the God due to his atrocities despite his misguided sense of justice.

After being told by Hajime that he has no desire to save the people of Tortus from Ehit's manipulations, Kouki affirmed that he would save Tortus by obtaining the power of Ancient Magic to defeat Ehit and demanded that Hajime take the Kouki and the rest of the Hero party with him to conquer the last remaining Great Labyrinths.

After Kouki became corrupted in Schnee Frost Caverns, he angrily blamed Hajime for his own failures by saying Hajime interfered with his heroic efforts as Ehit's chosen hero, claiming that he would have saved Tortus as Ehit's chosen hero had it not been for Hajime. This shows that deep down just as Hajime correctly stated, Kouki does not wish to believe that Ehit is an evil god and delusionally think that he himself is still a chosen savior of Tortus, angrily lashing out at Hajime for slandering Ehit and declaring that he will make Hajime's harem to join him in saving the world for Ehit's sake but ended up to yet another swift defeat by Hajime.

Ehit revealed that he summoned Kouki as a pawn in his game to balance the board by helping the Human side since Freid obtained the power of Ancient Magic. He also had plans of making Kouki his host body before he rediscovered Yue.

Close Associates Edit

Meld Loggins Edit

Meld pays special attention to Kouki due to the later's vocation of "Hero". He would begrudgingly prioritize his safety over the safety of the other students. After the fight against Cattleya in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Meld apologizes for not teaching Kouki that he will have to be ready to kill his enemies when the time comes, a mistake that almost cost Kouki and the others their lives because Kouki failed to bring himself to kill the demon when he had the chance. When Eri later uses Meld as one of her undead soldiers, Kouki was shocked and sadden to see what had happen to his mentor. Despite knowing Meld was already dead, Kouki couldn't bring himself to strike him down and end up hesitating too much. Kouki was saddened by his death as Meld was the person who helped Kouki the most in Tortus.

Moana de Shelt Synclea Edit

Moana is the Queen of Synclea Kingdom that Kouki is summoned to in order to save her people from a race of creatures called the "Dark Beings". Moana quickly establishes a friendly relationship with Kouki who is the hero that Foltina summoned even asking him to call her casually with him being reluctant to do so at first. Moana notices that Kouki is struggling with some internal conflict as they discuss what it means to be a hero as she later apologizes for forcing Kouki to kill for the first time, seeing as it traumatized him a bit. She acknowledged his kindness but Kouki vented his feelings self-loathing as he told her that he is scared of himself as he cannot trust his own judgement. When he heard how she risked her life in a climatic battle against the "Dark Beings" while straining her health to protect her kingdom, Kouki stated that he admires her. When they were staying the capital, they discussed their motivations and reasons for fighting, thus growing closer as Moana stated that the two of them are the same since they want to keep fighting for the sake of others no matter what happens to themselves. After Kouki stays behind to defend Arquette, Moana rallies reinforcements to support him as she would not let him die while he was fighting for her kingdom's sake. When she witnesses Kouki, who was nearly fatally wounded as had cut down several thousand Dark Beings for the sake of of protecting the people of Arquette, she became tearful and enamoured with him. As Kouki was recovering from his injuries, Moana hugged him as she was relieved that he survived. When Kouki told her that he had found his answer, Moana promised that she would support his choice no matter what it was as she wanted to become his strength, as Kouki started calling her by her name and talking to her casually. After witnessing Lillin kissing Kouki on the cheek, Moana momentarily wanted to push down Kouki, who still could not move. When Moana attempted to confront the "Dark King", Kouki was able to come to her side, rescuing her and defeating the "Dark King" thus ending the threat of the "Dark Beings".

Moana decided to accompany Kouki back to Tortus, where she adventures beside him while engaging in catfights with the Goddess that also fell in love with Kouki.

Former Goddess Edit

The former Goddess is one of Kouki's two companions and lovers. She fell in love with Kouki and had catfights with Moana which caused Kouki to be annoyed.

Others Edit

Hajime's Harem Edit

Aside from Kaori and Shizuku, Kouki also holds an immense lust for Yue, Tio and Shea due to their extremely rare and captivating beauty which are on par with Kaori and Shizuku. Along with his delusional pride and childish ideals, Kouki foolishly thinks Hajime mistreated them and offered them to leave Hajime and join him for "better treatment". However they are absolutely disgusted by Kouki's self righteous ignorance and bluntly rejected his idiotic offer immediately. Kouki then challenged Hajime into an unarmed duel to try taking Hajime's harem by force until the latter easily defeated and humiliated him when he simply dropped Kouki into a pitfall with non-lethal bombs. Their undying love and devotion for Hajime immensely increased Kouki's jealousy towards Hajime as he secretly believed that he himself is more fitted to be their lover due to his misguided justice and delusional pride in his status as Ehit's chosen hero compared to Hajime as pointed out by his Schnee doppelganger. In the Frost Caverns of Schnee when Kouki became corrupted, he delusionally believed Hajime has "brainwashed" his harem into loving him (which he never did) and decided to claimed them for himself under the pretext of "freeing" them by killing Hajime and forcing them to join him in saving the world for Ehit's sake, but ended at yet another stunning failure when he got easily defeated by Hajime once again and ultimately failing his designated trial to claim Ancient Magic. After his second another defeat by Hajime, Yue and Shea have shown their wrathful and sadistic sides as they were about to kill Kouki for attacking Hajime which terrified him only for the latter to order them to leave him be for the sake of Kaori and Shizuku.

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