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Kouki Amanogawa (あまがわこう, Amanogawa Kōki?) is a main character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He is one of the students from Japan who got involved in the Summoning Incident, and ended up in Tortus along with his other classmates. He is somewhat like the leader of the whole class, as students look up to him.


It is said in the story he is a perfect man. With Good looks, Athletic, Smart, and a good personality. He has silky brown hair and gentle eyes. His body was toned and slender at about 180cm. 


Kouki is a kind, fair, and overflowing with sense of justice. However since he never thinks he's wrong, he has a bad habit of interpreting adverse situations to his own convenience. This stems from his childhood. During his childhood he greatly admired his grandfather that would teach him his ideals of righteousness and justice. After his grandfathers death, Kouki held to his grandfathers teaching of ideal righteousness. Even so, the righteousness that his grandfather taught didn’t recognize good and evil at all. To further say it, Kouki came to think that what the majority of people thought as right was the absolute right. As he grows, he is capable of overcoming many problems while holding to his ideal. As a result, without realizing it, Kouki came to not doubt his own righteousness. Despite being cautioned by several people close to him, especially by his parents and Shizuku, he ignore it and simply believe in his righteousness.

Because of this, Kouki can't accept things when it doesn't go the way he wants. Such as when Kaori decide to follow Hajime on her on will, he cannot accept it as he always believe that they should be together forever and would rather believe that Hajime is the one that took her away.

He has a large amount of charisma but always charges straight forward without thinking of the consequences. He also has a naive, childish outlook on the topic of love and the topic of killing.


Kouki is your typical ikemen (handsome boy). On earth he is very popular but he doesn't notice it, even when he was summoned he was still dense. He first met Shizuku when he came to learn kendo in the Yaegashi dojo as a child. Kouki was very popular in school and thought to be attractive by many of the female students, but none of them approached him due to him always hanging around Shizuku. The two of them later met Kaori and she would hang out with them as well.

Kouki's skills in kendo earned him several interviews and magazine photoshoots.

When he first saw Hajime after he fell into the abyss he couldn't believe it was him.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Holy Sword - as a hero, Kouki has the Holy Sword - a divine artifact which is a legendary weapon used by various heroes in the past.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

Magical Abilities


  • All Elements Aptitude - an increased aptitude for all elements and increased activation speed.
    • Light Element Effectiveness Increase - increases the effects of light magic being cast.
    • Increase in Activation Speed - can cast magic at a fast rate.
  • All Elements Resistance - an increased resistance to all elements.
    • Light Element Effectiveness Increase - it increase resistance to light magic.
  • Physical Resistance - increased physical resistance and recovery rate. The degree of impact is reduced as well.
    • Increase Recovery - it further increases the recovery rate.
    • Impact Mitigation - it decrease impact effectiveness.
  • Swordsmanship - skilled in the art of sword-wielding.
    • Serene Mind - a skill in which the user swings their sword in the state of a complete trance. Because the sword is swung in a state of nothingness, the process of the sword being swung is remarkably difficult to perceive. If one didn’t have an extreme degree of sensory capabilities that could notice the sway of the grass below even while crossing sword in a battlefield, this sword strike would be extremely difficult to be evaded with how very naturally it was done.
  • Herculean Strength - increased strength
  • Ground Shrinker - makes the distance shorter a skill similar to a teleportation.
    • Explosive Ground Shrinker
  • Composite Magic - combined/joint magic.
  • High Magic Power Recovery - increased MP recovery rate.
  • Prediction - ability to predict anyone or anything's movement.
  • Sign Perception - ability to perceive presence
  • Magic Perception - ability to sense magic
  • Limit Break - to go over one's limits; amplifying their power by three times one's basic stats, but this power comes with a rebound - once used the user will be heavily fatigued. Using it for long periods of time will damage the user's body.
    • Overload - ability greater than limit break - it multiplies the abilities of the user by 5 times with more damage recoil to the user than the normal limit break.
    • War Demon - a derivative skill of Limit Break which reinforces his body using his magic power no matter how broken up his body is. As a result Kouki can continue fighting for multiple days without rest with numerous injuries.
  • Language Comprehension - a base skill granted to all those who got summoned. It gives the user the ability to understand any language and be proficient in it.


  • Soaring Severation - a spell that uses light attribute and accelerate his attack speed. “O light cutting through all creation, wind bring forth destruction, scatters and dances around like a whirlpool, and become the storm of light that cut my enemies! Soaring Severation"
  • Light Sword - a magic spell that imbues a holy sword with light attribute magic to deal extra damage. “O’ blade-like will, bear the light and tear my enemy, “Light Sword”!”
  • Wind Bomb - a wind magic spell that creates an explosive ball of wind.“Come, O’ wind! “Wind Bomb”!”
  • Soaring Four Wing Blades - draws a curve in the air, and four slashes of light appeared from the space
  • Divine Deluge - is an attack magic from the light element where it flies above enemies, targets several enemies, and attacked them simultaneously.
  • Holy Shooting Stars - countless points of light shoot out at once. It is also able to blind the targets.
  • Divine Wrath - trump card of Kouki.
  • Light Blade - it coats the sacred sword with light around 2 meters in length.
  • Heaven Might Infinite Change - a technique which makes it possible for Heaven Might that could only be activated as bombardment before to be continuously controlled in its activated state. Has a range of 1km.


Level Strength Vitality Defense Agility Magic Magic Defense "as per"
1 100 100 100 100 100 100 LN - Volume 01
10 200 200 200 200 200 200
46 560 560 560 560 560 560 WN - ch019
72 880 880 880 880 880 880 LN - Volume 04
83 1020 1020 1020 1020 1020 1020 WN - ch122
Note :-
  • The base stats given above aren't Kouki's current stats, as the last time the author provided stats for him in the Web Novel was before the Haltina's Labyrinth trial.
  • Kouki's base stats gets increased based on his usage of Skills "Limit Break" which triples his base stats, and "Overload" which quintuples his base stats.


  • Hajime Nagumo - at first, Kouki considers Hajime a bother, viewing him as constantly fawning over Kaori due to his convenient interpretation of her attitude towards him. Later, after their reunion in the Orcus dungeon, seeing him becoming stronger and surrounded by many girls along with Kaori eventually decided to follow Hajime, he became jealous of him. This also coupled with fact that both of them have different way of thinking. After being saved twice during the attack on the kingdom, rather than being grateful, he became even more jealous of him. He eventually snapped after seeing Shizuku with Hajime. Seeing him as a monster that would brainwash everyone to get what he want.
  • Ryutarou Sakagami - one of Kouki's closest friends.
  • Kaori Shirasaki - one of Kouki's closest friends.
  • Shizuku Yaegashi - one of Kouki's closest friends.
  • Moana de Shelt Synclea - the Queen of another world that Kouki is summoned to in order to save her people from a race of creatures called the "Dark Beings". The two of them develop a mutual attraction for each other, and she now accompanies Kouki on his journeys in Tortus.



  • The name Kouki means "light" (光) or "happiness, good luck" (幸) (kou) and "hope" (希) or "brightness" (輝) (ki).
  • Kouki's surname Amanogawa means "rain" (雨) (ama), "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "river, stream" (川) (gawa).
  • Ehit specifically gave Kouki the Hero vocation and summoned him due to his manipulability as a pawn and potential as an alternate vessel. The other members of the class were simply tag-alongss to the evil God's game board .
  • Ryo Shirakome based Kouki off of Saber from Fate/Prototype.[2]


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