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Kouki Amanogawa (あまがわこう, Amanogawa Kōki?) is a major character from the "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō" series.

He is one of the students from Japan who got involved in the Summoning Incident, and ended up in Tortus along with his other classmates. He is somewhat like the leader of the whole class, as most of the students look up to him. This is further enforced by him being blessed with the rare Job as the Hero.

After Hajime's survival and turned into a demonic monster as well Kaori travels with the latter, Kouki became a self-proclaimed rival to Hajime Nagumo when he thinks he can defeat him of trying to take his harems only to be bested by Hajime at everything.

in the After Story following his second easily defeat by Hajime Nagumo, Kouki was summoned by the Queen of the Synclea Kingdom, Moana de Shelt Synclea to fight against the "Dark Beings". Following defeating the Dark "Beings", He was summoned again to another world. He and his new two companions (harem) travel to Tortus, adventuring and exterminating monsters.


Kouki is a typical ikemen (good-looking man), with good looks, athletics, smarts, and a good personality. He has silky brown hair and gentle eyes. His body is toned and slender at about 180 centimeters. 


I’m going to fight. If we save everyone, then we can go home. So just you watch! I’m going to save everyone, including us!
— Kouki proclaiming his desire to save Tortus, Light Novel Volume 01

Kouki is kind, fair, and overflowing with a sense of justice. However, since he never thinks he's wrong, he has a bad habit of interpreting adverse situations to his convenience. This thinking stems from his childhood. During his childhood, he greatly admired his grandfather that would teach him his ideals of righteousness and justice. After his grandfather's death, Kouki held to his grandfather's teaching of ideal integrity. Even so, the virtues that his grandfather taught didn't recognize good and evil at all. To further say it, Kouki came to think that what the majority of people considered right was the absolute right. As he grows, he is capable of overcoming many problems while holding to his ideal.

As a result, without realizing it, Kouki came not to doubt his righteousness. Despite being cautioned by several people close to him, especially by his parents and Shizuku, he ignores it. He believes in his ideals, making him incredibly arrogant, foolish, and delusional about himself. This thought process only worsens after being summoned to Tortus, where the Holy Church and the Kingdom of Heiligh labeled Kouki (and his classmates) as their Hero, who was sent by their God to save them from the demons, something he took absolute pride in believing.

Hajime noted the reason why he didn't bother telling him and their classmates about Ehit's true nature was because Kouki wouldn't want to believe that Ehit, the revered god of Tortus who chose him to be the hero, is evil and that his useless heroism efforts were utterly meaningless. Hajime also knew that Kouki would get mad at him instead, even though he was simply stating the truth, something Kouki couldn't deny. As Hajime pointed out, Kouki is naive enough to believe that his classmates are always obligated to help and protect each other. After Hajime rescued them from Cattelya's ambush, Kouki mistook Hajime's cold refusal to rejoin them in the war against Demons despite having extremely powerful firearms and Artifacts as a sign of utter selfishness. In reality, Hajime refused to rejoin them due to having learned of Ehit's true nature and his schemes in using them as pawns in a twisted game of death, which Kouki would refuse to believe even if Hajime did warn Kouki about it.

Kouki even stated that Hajime could have convinced him of Ehit's true nature by thoroughly explaining it several times. Hajime mocked Kouki, saying that his convenient delusion of the fact that classmates must be obligated to help each other is what had allowed the intelligent, Eri, and the treacherous idiot, Hiyama, to betray him without even realizing it.

Due to always being successful in everything he did when he was on Earth and being summoned to Tortus as a Hero, Kouki has developed immense pride bordering on narcissistic arrogance on himself and his abilities. Having come to the belief that due to him being the Hero, others should follow his lead and that him and only him is the only one who can save everyone. Kouki displayed this mindset when Hajime killed the demon Cattleya over Kouki's protests despite her previous attempt to kill the Hero Party and the Kingdom knights as to him killing a person was wrong and thus condemned Hajime for not following his commands, still stubbornly holding onto this notion even after learning the truth about Ehit. Kouki seeks to enforce his morals and ideals onto others as he believes that he knows what is best as he often argued with Hajime over what actions to take, which Hajime refused to follow Kouki's ideals due to his pragmatic and realistic mindset. Unlike his classmates who were praised and respected by Hajime and his harem, Kouki is the only one who didn't receive any praise or respect from them at all when he was continually enforcing his delusional and naive ideals. Because of his self-righteousness, ignorance, and egotism, Kouki can't accept things when it doesn't go the way he wants, making him act spoiled, very rude, persistent, and idiotic. When Kaori decides to follow Hajime on her own free will, He couldn't accept it. He always believed that they should be together forever and would instead think that Hajime is the one that took her away. He further mistakes that Hajime was forcing Yue, Shea, and Tio into following him and tried to get them to come with him instead by saying he will treat them better than Hajime, which only greatly disturbed them and caused Myu to cry because of how far off the mark he was. Their reactions only upset him further, causing Kouki to recklessly challenge Hajime to a duel for them, which was no different from him trying to take them by force. This duel ended with Kouki's easy and humiliating defeat by Hajime as he tossed Kouki to a pitfall filled with non-lethal bombs.

Unlike most of his classmates who taken Hajime's warning seriously, Kouki initially doesn't take Hajime's warning seriously. He is exceptionally persistent in believing that he is stronger than Hajime due to being blessed as Ehit's chosen Hero, as well as his delusional pride in his misguided and childish righteousness, even foolishly challenged Hajime to claim his harem for himself. However, when Kouki nearly died in Eri's death trap during Fried's invasion and also witnessed Hajime's real power as Hajime quickly destroyed a zombified Meld and the other Heligh Kingdom Knights, his perspective changed. When Hajime brutally murdered Hiyama, one of the strongest of his fellow Heroes effortlessly with his bare hands, Kouki's pride in himself was further damaged which worsened when Aiko revealed about Ehit's true nature as an Evil God and his schemes in using him and his classmates as pawns in a mad game of death in which all the hero worship Kouki had received from the Holy Church was nothing more than a fabricated lie.

Unable to accept his failures and the truth about Ehit, Kouki even attempted to vent his frustration on Hajime, by blaming him for Ehit's schemes in helping Eri and Hiyama's betrayal that led to the Heligh Kingdom's invasion by Fried which Hajime had to point out Kouki's personality flaws that will still lead to Eri and Hiyama's betrayal anyway particularly his naivety which is the very weakness Eri and Hiyama exploited that nearly led to their deaths in Eri's death trap which Kouki could not deny. Unlike all of his classmates who had bitter memories of hating the traitor, Daisuke Hiyama as well as never forgiving him for what he had done, Kouki was the only one who condemned Hajime for murdering Hiyama despite the latter was a despicable traitor who killed Meld and the Heligh Kingdom Knights and also temporarily murdered Kaori Shirasaki and attempted to make her his undead sex slave.

Kouki also gets irritated and annoyed when he learns that Hajime had ended up saving more people for the sake of his lovers despite Hajime's disregard for heroism and morality by murdering people who go against him and Kouki's own desire to save everyone and pride in all his previous efforts as Ehit's chosen hero which was ultimately wasted upon accepting the truth of Ehit's true nature.

While his intellect is high enough to excel academically, Kouki's lack of emotional intelligence and understanding of people's personalities and society led him to continue enforcing his childish idealism even in inappropriate times and places such as Tortus, even lashing out at people for refusing to comply with his philosophy. People perceptive enough to see through his charisma (including Hajime, Shizuku and Cattleya) consider him an immature and foolish spoiled brat as well as being called a masochist hero when Hajime insulted him and Yue insulted him by considered him a worthless man. He is an idiot, an amateur and a fool as he doesn't know the true nature of wars to kill or be killed when literally couldn't kill his enemies which is one of his greatest weaknesses as Hajime proved his examples and viewed Kouki as an emotional incompetent weakling who can never defeat Hajime. According to Shizuku, Kouki doesn't know a single thing about Hajime's kindness and how his lovers are happy to be with Hajime due to his generosity. Kouki foolishly believed Hajime had mistreated Kaori and his harem and offer them to leave Hajime for "better treatment" which gravely annoyed them. When his doppelganger corrupted him, Kouki foolishly chosen to believe Hajime had brainwashed his harem into loving him (which he never did such as a thing). He even thought Hajime had brainwashed Eri as well, which is impossible as Hajime never had any interaction with Eri. Kouki can also be extremely reckless, such as when he twice challenges Hajime only for the latter to easily defeat the so-called "Hero" twice. The first time he tried to challenge Hajime to an unarmed duel for the latter's harem, and later at the Frost Cravens of Schnee, he even with merged with his doppelganger and still wasn't strong enough to kill Hajime. However, even in situations where this recklessness might've done more good than harm, his naive sense of justice can still disrupt his actions and leave him in just as bad a situation as before, such as when he spared Cattleya right as he'd beaten her only for her to defeat him in turn.

Despite Kouki insisting that Hajime take them along with him to gain Ancient Magic to defeat Ehit, Kouki doesn't wish to accept what he believes as charity from Hajime. He strives to prove his righteousness by showing he is stronger than Hajime due to assuming all of Hajime's great success, including earning the undying love, trust, and affections of his harem was due to his newfound immense power. The fact that Kouki is reluctant to use the upgrades to the Holy Sword that Hajime added demonstrates this.

His desire to prove himself stronger than Hajime got worse after Kouki failed to clear the Haltina Labyrinth as that failure made him more irritated and increased his resentment and hatred towards Hajime. According to Hajime, it was ultimately Kouki's choice to always prioritize his justice and ideals over the importance of realizing his goals that led to all of his failures in the first place as Kouki naively believed that great power must always be used for justice at all times regardless of a person's personal wishes and circumstances. This was proven when he learned about Ehit's true nature as an Evil God and presumed that Hajime is gathering the Age of God's Magic for the sake of defeating Ehit, but was frustrated when Hajime refused to help end Ehit's malice towards Tortus. Despite originally intending to attain Ancient Magic to defeat Ehit himself, Kouki ironically willingly gave in to the temptation of his designated Schnee doppleganger trial in favour of a temporary power up in order to fulfill his delusional justice by killing Hajime and forcing his lovers to join him in continuing his previous meaningless and pointless heroism crusade in fighting for Ehit, defeating his original purpose in joining Hajime's journey for Ancient Magic. Kouki did not have the conviction to be pragmatic by temporarily putting aside his idealistic righteousness when necessary, even in life or death situations that demanded it, as Hajime had to when he had to abandon his kindness and morality to survive the Orcus Dungeon. Kouki ended up being easily defeated by Hajime once again.

When Hajime had to search for the captured Haulia Tribe in Hoelscher Empire, Kouki was angry at Hajime for seemingly ignoring the plight of the enslaved Beastmen and nearly caused a commotion, after which Hajime had to threateningly remind Kouki his original purpose in accompanying his party for Age of God's Magic. Even when Hajime helped the Haulia Tribe to liberate the enslaved Beastmen, he was shocked by the methods they used to do so by assassinating the nobles and using threats to forced Gahard to agree in releasing the enslaved beastmen.

Kouki is easily swayed by his emotions, making him increasingly reckless as he tends to act without thinking about the present situation, as well as his weaknesses have made a fool of himself. Even though this has been pointed out by Shizuku several times and has also almost gotten him killed, he rarely reflects on this issue. This subjectiveness has proven to be his greatest weakness, as he will hesitate when he learns new information about his enemy and always ending up giving them an opening to defeat him. During his second battle against Cattleya, Kouki wavered when he was about to kill her due to the realization that he was able to kill a sentient being, something Cattleya scolded him for doing. Kouki was not prepared to take life as he considered and saw those of the demon race as "animals" or "monsters" and viewed the war against the Demon race as only "hunting." Eri also made uses of this weakness by making the undead Meld appear as if he was still alive, causing Kouki to stop his blade once again before he could finish his opponent, getting defeated as a result.

While foolishly believing what's right and wrong, his own self-righteousness of sparing his enemies only to defeat him remorselessly had only insulted him by calling him by others as an immature child and by Hajime as a masochist hero as well as an emotionally incompetent weakling while always projected his weaknesses to the demonic murderer as a prove example of Kouki can never defeat Hajime no matter what he tried to get stronger even through "limit break" and merging with his doppelganger for a pathetic measly power up due to his weak resolves and delusional habits of his empty ideals. As for Yue considered Kouki as a worthless and useless man while getting annoyed by the so-called "hero" of his delusional pride of his childish ideals and weak resolves as she viewed him as emotionally weak and useless man and deemed him to be worthless as a suitable lover to her and her fellow harems than Hajime which only disgusted her and the rest of Hajime's harems as well as Yue insulted him. Following his second defeat by Hajime, Ehit has now deemed Kouki to be useless to his uses against Hajime after revealed to Kouki as a valuable pawn and captured Yue.

He has a large amount of charisma but always charges straight forward without thinking of the consequences. He also has a naive, childish outlook on the topic of love and the subject of killing. Kouki is often too optimistic for his own good, usually failing to consider the possible dangers surrounding him at times. When the situation in the palace became suspicious, he was unable to consider the possibility that enemies were surrounding them. Kouki ends up also affecting most of his classmates as they all look up to him, so when he says there's nothing wrong, they believe it without considering whether it's true or not. 

Another noticeable trait about Kouki is his denseness. Despite used to be very popular with many different girls on both Earth and Tortus, he failed to notice this. Similar, he ultimately was unable to see that his childhood friend Kaori had feelings for Hajime back on Earth, and instead believed she only talked to Hajime because she felt terrible for him. Even when she confessed to Hajime right in front of him, he still couldn't believe it. It's because of his denseness that neither Shizuku or Kaori ever found themselves attracted to him, despite knowing him for so long. In truth, Kouki is a deluded and selfish pervert who is obsessive for extremely beautiful girl such as both Kaori and Shizuku due to their extraordinary idol like charm and beauty in school. He wanted them to be with him but failed as they are not interested in romance with him due to them already being in love with Hajime as well as they already understand Kouki's personality flaws. His lust also extends to other rare and exceptionally captivating beautiful girls such as Yue, Shea, and Tio who willingly became Hajime's lovers in his journey to return to Japan which is the main reason behind his immense resentment towards Hajime as Kouki is extremely jealous of Hajime for his capability of getting attractions from those gorgeous girls that eventually includes Kaori (who holds the greatest love for Hajime during middle school) and Shizuku (who also loves Hajime) as pointed out by his doppelganger. His pervert nature, combined with his self-righteous pride and delusional thinking, led Kouki to believed he is a more suitable lover than Hajime is as he thinks Hajime had mistreated his harem and offer them to join him to treat them "better," which deeply annoyed and disgusted them as well causing Myu to crying at the point. After Hajime's harems denied Kouki and hold a disgust on him, Kouki foolishly challenged Hajime into an unarmed duel for his harems which only got easily defeated and humiliated by Hajime when the latter simply dropped the masochist hero into a pitfall filled with non-lethal bombs to ended such a pointless duel. When Kouki became corrupted by his trial, Kouki chose to believe Hajime brainwashed Yue, Shea, and Tio alongside Kaori and Shizuku into becoming his lovers (which he never did). He sought to kill Hajime and claim Hajime's harem for himself by forcing them to join him in saving the world, but this only leads to his another ease defeated by Hajime yet again.

Kouki is envious who hold immense jealousy towards Hajime always succeeded in everything he did in Tortus from unintentional heroism in saving the people of Tortus to gaining the undying love of a harem of extremely beautiful women such as Kaori and Shizuku, Yue, Shea and Tio. While Kouki on the other hand, always failed in everything he did and ending up losing to Hajime at both strength and willpower. While he's being rejected and disgusted by Hajime's harems of his ignorance, his jealously has caused him to foolishly challenge Hajime into an unarmed duel only to be defeated so easily when Hajime simply dropped him into a non-lethal bombs filled pitfall and quickly ended such a worthless duel. No matter what he tried, he ended up failing due to his indecisiveness and stubborn adherance to his unrealistic and naive ideals of justice and his hatred toward Hajime increased further due to unwillingness to accept his own flaws, failures and mistakes such as not noticing Eri and Hiyama's betrayal due to his naivety as well as the fact he would not believed Hajime's warning about Ehit as an evil god due to his misguided justice and personality flaw of twisting and interpret everything to his own convenience, prefering to blame others for the problems that he himself had caused it due to his pride and arrogance in himself. While his best friends Ryuutarou, Shizuku and Suzu earned Hajime and his harems' respects for accomplished of acquiring "Age of Gods" magic while, Kouki himself was the only one who failed both attempts to gained ancient magic after he failed to defeat his doppelganger to acquire the ancient magic, foolishness of giving himself in to the temptation of a pathetic measly power-up of merging with his doppelganger to kill Hajime and take his harems for himself to "save the world" on behalf of Ehit only to be easily defeated by Hajime once more.

While traveling through the Frost Cravens of Schnee, Kouki showed signs of growing increasingly unstable. Despite repeating saying he would save and protect everybody, he continually failed at every turn, including failing to clear the Haltina Labyrinth. Worse for him, Kouki's teammates were doing a better job than him and were getting praised by Hajime and his party for it. While facing his copy during the final part of the trail, Kouki continues to deny everything his copy said, which only made his copy stronger as he wasn't accepting his negative qualities. Once he saw Shizuku sleeping peacefully on Hajime back, he snapped entirely, choosing to believe Hajime was an "absolutely evil villain" who has ruined his efforts as Ehit's chosen Hero by slandering Ehit. He further convinced himself that Hajime was brainwashing Yue, Shea, Tio, Kaori, and Shizuku into loving him, and everything would be returned to being "right" if he killed Hajime. His logic likewise grew increasingly erratic and delusional to the point that almost every assumption made by Kouki bared little to absolutely no relation or connection to the very situation. Even his closest friends Shizuku, Kaori, Ryuutaro, and Suzu, wondered how he had yet come up with these conclusions. Despite this, however, he still believed in whatever he made up due to refusing to accept his errors and flaws. However, Kouki became doubtful after he almost broke his relationships with Kaori and Shizuku due to his stubborn adherence to his misguided righteousness after his second ease defeat by his former classmate, Hajime, once again.

While his miserable failure attempted to kill Hajime only to be easily defeated yet again, Kouki became upset after he got slapped in the face by Kaori and told by Shizuku that she is in love with Hajime as well to stop bragging at them as she wants to be together with Hajime due to him hurting their feelings. Kouki became terrified when Yue and Shea shown their sadistic side and were attempting to kill him for attacking Hajime. After returned to Japan, Kouki has lost all of his popularity for high school girls from different class as they are flirting for Hajime. Despite lost his popularity to girls, Kouki finally found love for girls when he gotten newly lovers (Moana de Shelt Synclea and the former goddess).

In the After Story, due to his past failures and mistakes, he has lost much of his childishness and naivete, along with most of his confidence and pride, and he has also become far more insecure, miserable and guiltridden due to not trusting his own judgement after his failed attempted to kill Hajime which almost broke his relationship with his childhood friends, Kaori and Shizuku as well as Hajime's harem being willing to kill him over the incident when he was easily defeated by Hajime the second time. This is reflected by the fact that he is initially more reluctant to be enlisted to help others. After meeting Moana and the people of the Synclea Kingdom, Kouki was able to find his answer and not hesitate anymore, killing several thousands "Dark Beings" to save Arquette. Kouki's growth and his desire to save Moana impressed Hajime enough that Hajime lent his power to save the Synclea Kingdom, so Kouki could save the woman he fell for and finally found a newly romance after got kissed at cheek by Moana. Due to this, Kouki was able to make peace to Hajime as both acknowledged each other by hating the other, in contrast to Hajime's previous dismissal of him and Kouki affirming that despite his dislike of Hajime, he admires his resolve and his ability to push forward no matter what.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Holy Sword - As a hero, Kouki has the Holy Sword - a divine Artifact which is a legendary weapon used by various heroes in the past. It is a unique Artifact that possesses various abilities. The sword is blessed by the element of light and has the ability to weaken the enemies struck by its light while increasing the physical strength of the wielder. The sword can summoned to the user's hand and for some unknown reason, it also possess the ability to automatically return to its owner without their consent, when they move away from it for a certain distance or try to abandon it. It can change its shape into whatever type of sword its user wishes, for instance, changing from its western design into a katana.
  • Divine Armor - The strongest armor Artifact in Heiligh Kingdom. It is a set of nigh-impregnable western-style holy armor that increases the defensive capabilities of the wielder. It is later enhanced by Hajime after acquiring Evolution magic so that it can absorb mana from its surroundings and lessen Kouki's mana consumption, as well increase the duration of his "Limit Break". It is also upgraded with the ability to form a veil of light to be used as a barrier. However, his armor was damaged when Hajime bypassed his defense and instantly defeated him. The armor was later repaired by Hajime.
  • Aerodynamic-Enchanted Boots - They allow Kouki to walk mid-air.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Physical Abilities -Being both one of Ehit's summoned warriors and the Hero on top of it, Kouki gained all around superhuman physical abilities. His stats are among the highest in the Hero party only being surpassed in speed by Shizuku is speed and Ryutaro in strength after he powers up with magic. Despite being the strongest fighter of the Hero party, his abilities has inferiority to Hajime and his companions even with "Limit Break" and fused with his doppelganger which are still not enough to defeat Hajime as Kouki's abilities are 12 times weaker than Hajime as he was unable to touch Hajime during his second fight even Ehit now viewed Kouki to be useless for being far too weak. Failing to acquire "Age of Gods" magic, Kouki is currently weakest out of all of his classmates whom successfully obtained "Age of Gods" magic.
    • Enhanced Strength - Kouki possesses enhanced strength which is further enhanced by the power of his Holy Sword. Kouki's strength stats are the highest in the Hero Party, only being surpassed by Ryutarou when he enhances himself with body strengthening magic. When he enhances himself with "Overload", he was able overpower and bisect Cattleya's monster army and penetrate her earth shield with ease. However, in his second fight with Hajime even when merged with his doppelganger and used "Limit Break", his strength and power up were still not enough to match Hajime's immense strength as Kouki didn't even touch or hit Hajime.
    • Enhanced Speed - Kouki possesses enhanced speed, being the second fastest member of the Hero Party, only being surpassed by Shizuku, who is a speed based fighter. However, his speed is very sluggish as he was unable to catch up to Hajime's immense speed as Hajime was able to draw Donner faster then Kouki could perceive. Kouki cannot move his legs when his kneecaps were shot by Hajime leaving himself defenseless.
    • Enchanced Durability - Kouki has enhanced durability giving him the ability to witstand attacks such as Cattleya and her monsters' attacks with moderate injuries. He was able to withstand Ryutaro's gauntlet enhanced attacks and his Metamorphosis transformation as well Shizuku's Black Blade strikes. While he is very durable, his durability cannot withstand Hajime's strength as the latter breaks through Kouki's defensive abilities and severely damaging Kouki by sending him flying to a frozen wall even when using "Limit Break" and fused with his doppelganger. Both of his kneecaps and shoulders weren't durable after both of them gotten shot by Hajime's guns.
    • Enchanced Endurance - Kouki has an enhanced degree of endurance which he honed by fighting in the Great Orcus Labyrinth and other Labyrinths. After he obtained the skill "Limit Break- War Demon", his endurance was further increased as he was capable of fighting several thousand "Dark Beings" for several days without succumbing to his accumulated injuries. While his second fight with Hajime, Kouki coughed out blood when taking severe damaged from Hajime.
    • Enhanced Senses - Due to his "Sense Presence" and "Sense Magic", Kouki has good situational awareness as the Hero Party relied on him to detect oncoming threats. However his sense skills are inferior to Hajime's who has the same skills and several derivative skills with them which he continuously honed and Shea, who's enhanced hearing allowed her to detect threats a moment before Hajime.
  • Master Swordsman - Kouki has trained in Kendo and the Yaegashi dojo since a young age. After being summoned to Tortus and receiving further training by the likes of Meld Loggins, who was the best swordsman in the Heiligh Kingdom, Kouki skills with a sword have been further honed. By combining his swordsman capabilities with the skills "Serene Mind" and "War Demon", Kouki was able to kill several thousand "Dark Beings".

Magical Abilities

  • Enhanced Mana - Being the Hero, Kouki has higher mana than most humans. Among the Hero party, Kouki has the highest mana capacity with the exception of Kaori, who trained relentlessly and increased her mana capacity.
  • Expert Magic User - Thanks to his job as a Hero, Kouki is fairly skilled in magic, capable of using all elements magics specializing in offensive Light magic that is enhanced by the power of his Holy Sword. While he lacks the same level of mastery as those's who specialize in magic, Kouki has enough skills to uses high level spells in rapid success.

Combat Styles & Techniques

  • Yaegashi Style - A style of samurai martial arts has been developed by the "Yaegashi Dojo" that had been around for generations. Though its primarily focused on Kenjutsu, more suitable for weapons like a "katana", but it also has Iaijutsu techniques which utilizes the scabbard and also Taijutsu techniques which employed hand to hand combat. Kouki is very skilled in using this form, but lacks the talent and mastery that Shizuku displays with it.
    • Haze Pierce - By shifting the distance perception using the upper body’s back and forth movement and shoulder’s motion, dodging the enemies thrust while impaling them with a an attack that looks like three thrust unleashed at the same time.
    • Mirror Lightning - This technique throws the opponent into the air by using a Aikido move and then unleashes follow up attacks while the opponent was midair.
    • Flowing Sound Blade - A parrying technique that deflects ranged attacks while creating an opening to unleash a slashing counterattack.
    • Reverse Wave - parries the ranged enemy’s attack and counterattacks almost at the same time by redirecting them back at the enemies. 
  • Heiligh Kingdom Knight Sword Art - Kouki was given special training about how to utilize the sword techniques of the Heiligh Kingdom Knights by Meld Loggins, who was the best swordsman in the Heiligh Kingdom. These techniques are best suited in conjunction with a western sword or a broadsword and involve heavy sweeping attacks and protective stances to shield multiple people.
    • Rotation Blade - A technique where the sword that was swung horizontally with one hand would be handed over to the other hand behind the back and then it would slash horizontally again from exactly the same direction. The slash would reach to all directions like a whirlwind. 
    • Fortress Ring - A protection technique which involves the user rotating his sword. The rotation instantly produces a roaring gale that looks like a giant round shield if it was seen from the side, which is very effective at defending allies from ranged attacks. 


  • All Elements Aptitude - A skill that increases the aptitude for all elemental spells and increases activation speed.
    • Light Element Proficiency - It increases the effects of light magic being cast.
    • Speed Casting - Can cast magic at a fast rate.
  • All Elements Resistance - A skill that increases the resistance to all elemental attacks.
    • Increased Light Resistance - It increases resistance to light magic.
  • Physical Resistance - A skill that increases the physical resistance and recovery rate of the user. The degree of impact is reduced as well.
    • Advanced Healing - It further increases the recovery rate.
    • Shock Absorption - It decrease impact effectiveness.
  • Composite Casting - A skill to fuses any type of magic which allows the user to use combined/joint magic.
  • Sword Mastery - A skill that increases the user's proficiency in the art of sword-wielding.
    • Serene Mind - A skill in which the user swings their sword in the state of a complete trance. Because the sword is swung in a state of nothingness, the process of the sword being swung is remarkably difficult to perceive. If one didn’t have an extreme degree of sensory capabilities that could notice the sway of the grass below even while crossing sword in a battlefield, this sword strike would be extremely difficult to be evaded with how very naturally it was done.
  • Herculean Strength - A skill that increases the physical strength of the user.
  • Supersonic Step - A skill that makes the distance shorter, similar to teleportation.
    • Explosive Supersonic Step
  • Armor Proficiency - A skill that further increases the defensive rating of the user when he is wearing armor.
  • High Speed Mana Recovery - A skill that increases mana recovery rate of the user.
  • Foresight - A skill to predict anyone or anything's movement.
  • Sense Presence - A skill that allows the user to gain a better understanding of the surrounding and sense life signs along with being able to sense beings who can utilize basic camouflage abilities. Has a range about 10 meters radius.
  • Sense Magic - A skill that allows the user to detect and perceive the flow of mana and activation of hidden or ranged spells and magic.
  • Limit Break - A skill to go over one's limits; amplifying their power by three times one's basic stats, but this power comes with a rebound - once used the user will be heavily fatigued. Using it for long periods of time will damage the user's body.
    • Overload - A skill greater than "Limit Break" - it multiplies the abilities of the user by 5 times with more damage recoil to the user than the normal "Limit Break".
    • War Demon - A derivative skill of "Limit Break" which reinforces his body using his mana no matter how broken up his body is. As a result, Kouki can continue fighting for multiple days with numerous injuries without rest.
  • Language Comprehension - A base skill granted to all those who got summoned. It gives the user the ability to understand any language and be proficient in it.


Light Magic

  • Heavenrend - A spell that uses light attribute and accelerate his attack speed and unleashes countless blades of light. "Light that tears through all creation, Wind that erodes time itself, rage like a thousand flower petals and coalesce into a blinding storm— Heavenrend!"
  • Holy Blade - A magic spell that imbues a holy sword with light attribute magic to deal extra damage. "Light of judgment, smite mine enemies— Holy Blade!"
  • Radiant Slash - It coats the Holy Sword with light around 2 meters in length transforming the Holy Sword into a greatsword to increase the cutting power of the blade. "My will is a blade! Light, heed my call and sunder my foes!— Radiant Slash"
  • Divine Deluge - An attack magic from the light element where it flies above enemies, targets several enemies, and attacked them simultaneously.
  • Heavenstrum - A relatively weak spell that covers a large area. Unleashes a single stream of light over a large area.
    • Heavenstrum - Shatter - A upgraded version of "Heavenstrum" that Kouki can use due to Hajime upgrading his Holy Sword. It has increased power and unleashes shockwaves along with the stream of light.
  • Holy Shooting Stars - Countless points of light shoot out at once. It is also able to blind the targets.
  • Astral Unleash - It draws a curve in the air, and four slashes of light appeared from the space.
  • Dazzling Eruption - Gathers a vast amount of mana at the tip of the Holy Sword. It unleashes an explosion when the enemy is cut.
  • Light Explosion - A flash gushes out from the holy sword round shield like an explosion, and the shockwave blows away the targets.
  • Celestial Flash - An advance-rank light spell. It is so powerful that it can shatter through barriers of similar rank. Unleashes a blade of light to destroy the enemy. "Soar unto heaven, O divine wings— Celestial Flash!"
    • Celestial Flash - Shatter - An upgraded version of Kouki's "Celestial Flash" that Kouki can use due to Hajime upgrading the power of his Holy Sword. It is twice as large and powerful than his standard "Celestial Flash". Unleashes a blade of light that is accompanied by a tornado of shockwaves.
    • Celestial Flash - Eightfold Wings - It unleashes a barrage of light slashes from the Holy Sword.
    • Celestial Flash - Storm - A new version of "Celestial Flash" that Kouki can unleash due to Hajime upgrading his Holy Sword. It releases a "Celestial Flash" along with a storm of invisible wind blades. Due to Kouki's mana supply, he can unleash wind blades in the double digits.
  • Divine Wrath - The most powerful offensive light magic in existence that exemplified God's wrath and most powerful offensive spell in the world. This spell is Kouki's trump card. It unleashes a bombardment of annihilating light to destroy the user's enemies. However, despite it's immense power, it has a long chant which makes it difficult to use in battle. "O Holy spirit! Bring ruin to all that is evil with thine divine light! By the breath of God, may these clouds of darkness be swept clear, and the world bathed in sanctity! By the mercy of God, may this strike redeem the sins of man! — Divine Wrath!"
    • Divine Wrath Infinite Change - A spell which makes it possible for Divine Wrath to be activated as a bombardment before it can be continuously controlled in its activated state by shaping it into a form of a light dragon. The dragon possesses power equal to that of Divine Wrath and can shot out beams of light from its mouth like a dragon's breath which has power equivalent to that of "Divine Wrath" to attack enemies. The light can also change its shape into whatever its wielder wishes, such as a light shield to defend against attacks. Has a range of 1 kilometer.
      • Divine Wrath Infinite Change - Celestial Flash - Enhances the power of "Celestial Flash" with the power of "Divine Wrath". Unleashes a wide slash of bladed light that is similar to bombardment.
      • Divine Wrath Infinite Change - Holy Shooting Stars - Enhances the power of "Holy Shooting Stars" with the power of "Divine Wrath". Unleashes an intense light-based meteor shower to bombard a certain area. Due to each of the stars being created from the power of "Divine Wrath", they carry a tremendous amount of power.

Wind Magic

  • Wind Bomb - A wind magic spell that creates an explosive ball of wind. “Come, O’ wind— “Wind Bomb!
  • Wind Wall - A barrier comprised of wind the flows in all directions.
  • Air Hammer - Shockwave magic. Blows away the target with a blade of wind.

Barrier Magic

  • Holy Shield - A beginner level defense magic spell that summons a barrier of light attribute. “Guardian of light, lend us thy aid— Holy Shield!
  • Sacred Shields - An advanced version of the basic light spell, "Holy Shield", that allows the caster to deploy multiple Holy Shields at once. "Undying holy light, be my shield forevermore—Sacred Shields!”
  • Hallowed Ground - It creates an impenetrable barrier that can't be broken by normal means, but does have some limitations. It separates a particular area from other areas and not people from people, so enemies within the AOE would not be pushed away. It also consumes a lot of mana and can only be used for a minute. "Reject all malice and let this be a holy ground that denies thine enemies passage — Hallowed Ground!

Healing Magic

  • Divine Veil ― The effect ias low dependent on the amount of mana laced into it, but it is a magic that periodically invokes recovery magic. "Celestial ladder illuminating the land unceasingly. That is the light of protection and healing."
  • Vast Sky - Light element intermediate level recovery magic, a magic to recover from abnormal state. "Dissolve grief, clear away the dark clouds. That thing not stained is the light of all creation. The heaven light of salvation."
  • Aetherflow - The highest-ranked healing magic of light attribute. A super wide-ranged healing magic with effect of healing everyone inside its area. The range itself was depended on the amount of user’s magic power and proficiency, but at its worst, its effective range was 500 meters in radius. Moreover, if the user gave out the “sign” beforehand, it would be able to heal specific object. And normally this magic was used with tens of magician, and took a lot of time to chant along with its stupidly gigantic magic array. To be able to activate it in only one, two minutes alone was impossible unless one was a cheat-like character. “Divine Mother, smiling down from heaven, encompass all in thy heavenly embrace— Aetherflow!


Level Strength Vitality Defense Agility Magic Magic Defense "as per"
1 100 100 100 100 100 100 LN - Volume 01
10 200 200 200 200 200 200
46 560 560 560 560 560 560 WN - ch019
50 620 620 620 620 620 620 Anime - Episode 03
72 880 880 880 880 880 880 LN - Volume 04
83 1020 1020 1020 1020 1020 1020 WN - ch122

Note :-

  • The base stats given above aren't Kouki's current stats, as the last time the author provided stats for him in the Web Novel was before the Haltina's Labyrinth trial.
  • Kouki's base stats gets increased based on his usage of Skills "Limit Break" which triples his base stats, and "Overload" which quintuples his base stats.


  • (To Kaori Shirasaki): "This doesn’t make any sense. You’ve always been with me, Kaori... Why would you want to leave now? You’re my childhood friend... so... you have to stay with me. Isn’t that right?"[2]
  • (Kouki trying to convince Kaori to stay with him and the others): "Kaori. You can’t go with Nagumo. I’m saying this for your own good. Look at him. He has girls all around him, and he’s even got a daughter now... Worst of all, he’s put a slave collar on that rabbit girl. And that black-haired girl called Nagumo her master earlier. He’s probably forcing them to come with him. Nagumo probably thinks girls are nothing more than objects to add to his collection. He’s scum. Look at how easily he kills people. And even though he’s so strong, he’s refusing to help us, his comrades. Going with him will only bring you misfortune. It’s better if you stay with us. No, I’ll make sure you stay with us. Even if you hate me for it, it’s for your own good. I won’t let you go, no matter what!"[2]
  • (Kouki trying to get Yue and the others to leave Hajime): "You girls as well. You shouldn’t stay with him. Come with me! Our party would love to have people as strong as you. We can save the human race together. You said your name was Shea, right? Don’t worry. If you come with me, I’ll free you right away. We don’t keep slaves here. You too, Tio. You won’t have to call Nagumo your master any longer."[2]
  • (To Hajime Nagumo): “Hajime Nagumo! Duel me! No weapons! If I win, you have to promise to never get near Kaori again! And to release those girls you’re holding captive!"[2]
  • (Kouki lamenting his frustrations about Hajime): "Back when we were in Japan, he was a nobody. Just a lazy, unmotivated otaku who wasn’t even good at studying or sports. Always smiling like an idiot. He just did whatever it took to escape the situation he found himself in... He wasn’t even that nice to Kaori... Plus, he was an otaku... I’d never treat Kaori like that. I was always nice to her. I did everything I could for her... so how come Nagumo’s the one with the harem? He doesn’t even respect those girls! Besides, he’s a murderer! He killed that demon, even though she was helpless to resist. There’s something wrong with him! I knew it, it’s just too weird that Kaori likes him.[2]
  • (Kouki demanding that Hajime take his party to the Labyrinths): "There’s no way we can leave Liliana in the care of a guy who says he doesn’t care about this world. We’ll be her guards. Also, if you won’t do anything to save this world Nagumo, I will! But first, I need strength! I need the same ancient magic you have! If I travel with you, I’ll be able to obtain it too, right!?"[3]
  • (Corrupted Kouki to Hajime Nagumo): "Nagumo, even if you’re a former classmate, don’t think you can get away with hurting my friends. I’m gonna kill you and free Kaori and the other girls from your brainwashing! Then I’ll save the world together with them!"[4]
  • (Corrupted Kouki to Hajime Nagumo): "You—Guys like you always talk like they know everything! But I’m the one who truly understands Kaori and Shizuku! I’m the one who cares about them the most! I’m the one they should be together with! Not you! Not a shitty scumbag like you!"[4]
  • (Corrupted Kouki to Hajime Nagumo): "It’s all because of you! If you weren’t here, everything would be perfect! Kaori and Shizuku would have been mine! I would have saved the world! But you ruined everything! Even though you’re a murderer, even though you abandon people without a second thought, how come everyone likes YOU!? It doesn’t make sense!"[4]
  • (Corrupted Kouki to Hajime Nagumo): "Please, Nagumo. Give it all back to me. I’m begging you, please just die."[4]


  • The name "Kouki" means "light" (光) or "happiness, good luck" (幸) (kou) and "hope" (希) or "brightness" (輝) (ki).
  • Kouki's surname "Amanogawa" means "rain" (雨) (ama), "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "river, stream" (川) (gawa).
  • Ehit specifically summoned Kouki and gave him the "Hero" due to how easy it was to manipulate Kouki as a pawn and his potential as an alternate vessel for the god to inhabit. The other members of the class were simply tag-alongs to the evil God's game board.
  • Unlike the rest of his classmates, Kouki is the only known character to have failed at conquering a Labyrinth more than once to acquire "Age of Gods" magic (the Sea of Trees of Haltina and the Frost Caverns of Schnee).
  • Although he is not into manga and anime, Kouki is familiar with several popular series (such as Dragon Ball).[5]
  • Ryo Shirakome based Kouki off of Saber from Fate/Prototype.[6]


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