Kingdom of Velka (Manga)

The Kingdom of Velka (ヴェルカ王国おうこく, Veruka Ōkoku?) was a nation in Tortus that existed in the spin-off "Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō Zero" series.

Layout Edit

Velka sat in the southwestern portion of the Northern Continent. A vast network of tunnels ran directly beneath its capital city that was filled with abundant amounts of green glowstone, which had earned them the name “The Greenway.”

The outskirts of the capital, known as the slums, was a dangerous place and full of dilapidated and abandoned buildings.

Ideology Edit

Like most human nations of Tortus, Velka's primary religion was the Holy Church that worshipped Ehit.

History Edit

The kingdom had started out as a mining town that had sprouted up to harvest its ore. Merchants and craftsmen had then flocked to the town, which eventually grew into a flourishing city. That flourishing city then grew into a small country, until it eventually became a mighty kingdom.

The country manufactured all of its own weapons, its tools, and even magical artifacts. Velka became known as the kingdom of inventors and craftsmen. There were a few exceptionally talented craftsman guilds whose names had become famous, such as the Orcus Workshop.

Velka had been involved in small border skirmishes on almost a daily basis. The political instability within the human kingdoms exacerbated the problem further. The constant fighting had left the land full of orphans, and many new orphanages had popped up to care for them (many of them in the slums). It had reached the point where the kingdom wasn’t able to fund them all anymore.

Thousands of years later, Velka no longer existed. Its capital Velnika had been replaced by the outpost town Horaud, as well as The Greenway now known as the "Great Orcus Labyrinth".

Known Locations Edit

  • Velnika (Capital city)
    • Royal Palace
    • Orcus Workshop
    • Limster Workshop
    • Vagone Workshop
    • The Greenway
    • Holy Church
    • Moorin Orphanage
  • Prantz
    • Lumond Trading Firm

Notable People Edit

Holy Church Edit

Liberators Edit

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