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Ishtar Langbard (イシュタル・ランゴバルド, Ishutaru Rangobarudo?) is the Pope of the Holy Church, he is able to understand the Oracle and is the one who gave explanations to the heroes about their situation.


He is a man over seventy years old, wearing very brilliant clothes and a high hair about 30cm similar to that of the magicians and amenable to an authoritarian aura.

If it were not for her wrinkled face, one could say it was over fifty years.


He is a calm and religious fanatic of God Ehit, when when the students were in panic after they knew they could not go back home, He looked at the scene calmly and with a look of contempt as he considered it a true honor to be invoked by God Ehit in person. Besides this, Hajime notices how manipulative he is by leveraging Kouki's sense of justice by emphasizing on what happening to humanity in Tortus.


Ishtar greeted the students that were summoned from Earth. He explained that they were to be Tortus' heroes and that humanity would be doomed in their war against the demons without the heroes aid. This convinced Kouki Amanogawa, who was given the vocation "Hero", to agree to help and that also caused the other students to agree.

When Aiko was adducted by Noint for knowing the truth about Ehit and imprisoned inside the Holy Church’s main temple, Hajime arrived to rescue her. This lead to a battle between him and Noint. They were evenly matched until Ishtar and the other bishops of the church were using a powerful spell to weaken Hajime. Ishtar was killed soon after, however, when the temple was destroyed due to the combined effort of Aiko and Tio.



  • Hymn of Ruin - a powerful spell that dulls the target’s movements and saps their strength. Unlike most spells that required a magic circle, it could only be activated by multiple bishops singing in tandem.


  • Eliheid S. B. Heiligh - Eliheid treats Ishtar as if he were of a higher standing than him, despite being a king. He frequently does not take action unless he gains Ishtar's approval.
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