Ilwa Chang (イルワ・チャング, Iruwa Changu?) is the branch chief of the Adventurer's Guild in Fuhren.


Ilwa Chang (Manga-Young)

Ilwa in his younger days.

Ilwa is a man in his late thirties. He had a slicked back blond hair and discerning look in his eyes.


Ilwa is calm and calculating in his actions. He also has an adventurer's spirit and is excited to see the possibility for change in the world after meeting Hajime.




  • Catherine - Ilwa greatly respects her as she is the one who trained him during his younger adventurer days.
  • Dott Clowe - his assistant.
  • Will Cudeta - Ilwa knows Will and his family well and feels a strong sense of guilt when Will and his party are missing.
  • Hajime Nagumo - Ilwa sees something special in Hajime and believes that he has the power to change the world. Hajime respects Ilwa for his position as the the Fuhren branch chief of the adventurer's guild.



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