Humans (人間にんげん, Ningen?), also known by Gods as Mortals, are inhabitants from both Earth and Tortus.

Human Types Edit

Earth Humans Edit

They are the only sentient race that inhabit the planet of Earth. Unlike other humans from other worlds, they do not possess any unique abilities.

Mana Blessed Edit

Hero Party gathered

The Hero Party, the strongest group of Humans on Tortus and Earth.

The human race of Tortus is one of the most populous if not the most populous race on that inhabits Tortus. Unlike the humans of "Earth" or the "World of Sky", the humans of Tortus possess the ability to use magic due to possessing mana which allows them to cast spells with various effects. Unlike Demons or Vampires, Humans have a relative moderate understanding of magic.

There is a group of Earth Humans who were summoned by the so called "gods" and were blessed with Mana and forming the so-called "Hero Party". They were considered the strongest humans on the face of Tortus and Earth. Unfortunately, they've turned out to be the weakest due to their inferiority strengths of true Apostles, Demons, Vampires, Dragonmen and eventually hybrids of monsters such as Hajime.

Human/Monsters Hybrids Edit

Hajime (Anime Artwork-2)

Hajime Nagumo, the sole Human/Monster in existence, after his transformation

Human/Monster hybrids are rare species of humans who gained monstrous appearance and inhuman strength through mutations from consuming monsters' meat and drinking liquefied mana. Their original bodies changed into muscular and taller body. Their strength, speed, senses are stronger then beastmen and ordinary monsters. Their mana is even more powerful than normal mana blessed humans, and demons as their strength and abilties are completely inhuman and monstrous. Due to withstanding the fatal ingestion of monster flesh, they can further increase their stats and gain the special magic/skills of the monsters that they absorb. They have purple spiked bloods cells, red tattooed-like veins even both their hair turned from original to white and eyes turned to crimson red. Their mana turned from normal to crimson. They are not in fact, humans anymore. They can break bones and damage organs of humans (including those who are blessed with physical abilities). They are highly intelligent even more than normal intelligent humans. According to Cattleya, if the hybrids are anything like the ordinary monsters, both of their monstrous and inhuman strength were checked out. Only Restoration magic can recover a Human/Monster hybrid's full condition.

Zombies Edit

Zombies also known as the Undead, are deceased humans who are reanimated from the dead. For normal zombies, They are eater that eats living organisms. They don't have their human memories. They are infection and disease when bite or scratch turn them into zombies.

In Tortus, zombies who are reanimated by Eri Nakamura are not eaters but rather soldiers who are controlled by Eri as puppets. They're not in fact, infected or a disease either. Their souls were tormented and enslaved by Eri to force them to do her bidding. The only way to free the souls of the dead is to destroy the entire body or head.

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